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Use dangle in a sentence

Definition of dangle:

  • (verb) To hang loosely with the ability to swing.

Sentence Examples:

From the center of this beam dangled a rope that swung gently to and fro when the wind moved.

A red and yellow handkerchief was knotted round the brows, and dangling sequins added to its barbaric appearance.

He sat near her, astride the parapet, with one foot in the loggia and the other dangling into the view.

The handcuffs which had chafed Martin's wrists for so many hours were still dangling from his left arm.

That lolling clown, with legs dangling over the tawny sheared sides of a diminutive donkey, is a study in himself.

Dan Fitzgerald, dangling his long legs disconsolately from Lewis Gordon's office-table two days after, said as much himself.

The stout, beady-eyed man, in perfect-fitting clothes and a dangling monocle, crossed the carpet, smiling, with hand outstretched.

As the yarn was spun, it was gathered on a top-like distaff dangling at the end of the woolen thread.

The passer-by in the street below could behold it, dangling from its string, a melancholy and fragrant codfish.

Dull like pebbles, sharp like knives, Glances strike and glare, Fingers tangle, Bluebeard's wives Dangle by the hair.

Loosening his snow-shoes, he flung them on the step and came in, a foxtail dangling from his fur cap.

And so, you see, you are talking childishly when you dangle these threats and preliminaries to immediate execution before my eyes.

He was a forward young piece, she decided, some uppish bit thing that was dangling after Stella, most likely.

Then it rose and limped painfully toward the edge of the field, its left foreleg dangling shattered and useless.

A little mandolin hung round his neck, and at the pommel of his saddle dangled an old rusty rapier.

A double eyeglass dangled at his waistcoat; and on his head he wore a very low-crowned hat with a broad brim.

The sugar-maples were beginning to unfold their leaves and to dangle their emerald gold flowers from long, drooping pedicles.

Face downward with one limp arm dangling to the floor, she bemoaned her loss: such love-blank, and aching void!

His hands dangled no longer; he sat upright, his hands clasped, yet with a curious look of stiffness and unnaturalness.

"You certainly are a little sunfish in the water," panted Charlie, as they sat with feet dangling off the pier.

Those damsons which Ruth had seen dangling for at least three years in the cottage orchards were ripe at last.

Clinging to it was part of a Turkish uniform, from which dangled and rattled the dried-up bones of a skeleton.

The sycamore, blotched with white on trunk and limb, also carries a load of dangling seed balls throughout the winter.

Over this precipice the headless bodies dangled, swaying to and fro in the March wind, a hideous and revolting sight.

As I sat with my feet dangling over the washboard, I reflected, once or twice, that we were engaged in a race.

And he gazed at the little locket, at the worn, dangling chain, as a man sleepwalking or entranced might gaze.

He dangled down from the ceiling, by the cordage of his web, and positively seemed to look into my face.

I dangled the piglet before her, and she only smelt it and kept on grunting, with no sign of wrath.

It was the same piece upon which the vulture had dangled; for Ben had unloosed it before pitching away his bird.

An East Indian coolie was mounted on his back, or rather just back of his ears, with his legs dangling loose.

Suddenly the Russian officers pushed the girl over the edge of the box, and she dangled by her wrists.

He soon had the few young women of our neighborhood dangling after him, like captured fish on a blade of palmetto.

My rough life does not fit me for playing the part of a dangling fop, or uttering canting lies about religion.

He was elegantly dressed in broadcloth, and he wore a gold chain, and he dangled his chain from time to time.

Overhead, the larch-boughs dangled green tresses, or a grove of beech shook sunlight through branches decked with translucent gold.

Ned, horrified, saw him hurled into the air, up, up, twenty feet, his legs dangling and his ears flopping.

"I wish you wouldn't dangle grapes out of my reach," said his wife, pettishly; "you know it's not to be done."

In some cases it is easy to provide a dangling plug for connecting such electric equipment as a toaster, percolator, or candlesticks.

A wisp of a flag, upside down, still floated in her slackened rigging; swinging falls dangled from her empty davits.

Beside his hips, his hands dangled limply, showing a stretch of unclothed wrist sticking out below the shrunken coat sleeves.

The improvised covering would pass without question as one of the untanned hides the barbarians wore dangling from their waists.

The reef or gasket-ends carelessly left dangling under the yard when the sail is furled, instead of being tucked in.

He jerked his leg out and was free, but the dangling web of a broken snowshoe hung about his ankle.

Big Tent draws a large teepee, with a buffalo tail dangling from the projecting poles, to show dignity and importance.

We'll put a little white suit on him with red hearts dangling all over him, and curl his hair angelically.

There he stood, staring bewildered round the room; but with a fish of a silvery hue dangling from his hand.

One could see his fingers absently feeling for the monocle which ought to have been dangling against his waistcoat button.

Huck was sitting on the gunwale of a flatboat, listlessly dangling his feet in the water and looking very melancholy.

In the teeth of Harold's remonstrance I persisted in dangling over the boat-side to dabble in the clear, deep, running water.

At each intersection of streets a white arc-light dangled, hissing and spreading its radiance to the very stoops of adjoining houses.

Begged Dick of his pet, who swung to and fro, dangling like some grotesque pendulum over the side of the airship.

The fine gold chain, like a rope of gold sand, trickled between his fingers and dangled, swinging from side to side.

Finn sank back upon his haunches, gasping, with a length of scarlet, foam-streaked tongue dangling from one side of his jaws.

A wee crab, a green crab, waddled crookedly forth to examine with interest the thirty toes dangling into his private pool.

Clinging to it was a part of a Turkish uniform, from which dangled and rattled the dried-up bones of a skeleton.

He gravely walks on, and quite suddenly he comes upon a youthful Briton smoking a cigar and dangling a thick stick.

It appeared to be a region of washerwomen, and lines were stretched about the little square, on which clothes were dangling to dry.

An unlucky shot had cut the foremast (already wounded) in two, and all forward was a mass of dangling wreck.

This absurd figure, with dangling silk suspenders, lathered chin, and tearful eyes, seemed to be suddenly invested with true nobility.

Then he allowed the machine to sink gently until the grapnel dangled within reach of the man at the top.

Ted was gone, and presently it was time to turn out the big bulb light that dangled from the rafters.

Attach them to the dynamo, let them dangle down from the airship, and then sail over the mass of serpents.

The Mexican saddle was a bright, deep yellow, covered with silver ornaments, and a bright sword dangled at the side.

When they awoke next morning, they were horrified to see dangling from a tree outside what seemed the body of their companion.

Asserted Tom, grieved, and gazing with regretful eyes at the worthless shank dangling where the pickerel ought to have been.

Folly Fullerton, fair, sylph-like, languid, and insolent, dressed in flowery, diaphanous robes, with a gold cigarette-case dangling at her side.

And no honest old servitor who dangled me on his knee as a baby to come along and offer me his savings!

The affair is no easy one, for any minute the ox may bolt, perhaps with the yoke dangling down over its forelegs.

Yet nine days more and the darling of the army, the youthful hero of the hour, had dangled from a gibbet.

An unshaded light, dangling from the ceiling, revealed the furnace in one corner of the big basement, laundry equipment in another.

Am I a painted pampered doll that I must be approached with gifts and sweets and dangled before the highest bidder?

Tied about him was a piece of tarred rope, from which there dangled the luckless victims of his skill, three pickerel.

They rested upon a high, ebony stand with a belfry from which dangled a gilt spring suspending an ornate bird cage.

With Louise holding to her, she jack-knifed over the edge, clutching at the bundle which dangled an inch above the water.

At his side hung an Italian rapier, and from his waistcoat pocket dangled a watch-chain laden with all kinds of trinkets.

A similar fish, impaled on a two-inch hook, is then offered him, dangling on the surface, and will probably be seized.

It should be installed in a dry place and care should be taken to avoid dangling wires near the tube to prevent puncturing.

The young man shifted the crossing of his feet and put up an eyeglass that had been dangling on his waistcoat.

A short, stout man, from whose ample belt dangled a small cannon of a revolver, waddled forth to stand before him.

Every man wore on the bosom of his coat about half a dozen little aluminum medals dangling from bows of tricolor ribbon.

Glory settled to a long lope and kept steadily on, gleefully rattling the broken bit which dangled beneath his jaws.

At the termination of the hempen cord dangled the key, and the silk end was wound around the philosopher's hand.

There was a decorated pen, wreathed with a cord of crimson and gold twist, and supplemented with two dangling tassels.

Clothes ripped in shreds, mud and blood bespattered, one arm dangling, tangled hair that looked unreal as if sewed to his scalp.

He was folding up the afghan as he spoke, and he stopped in the act, leaving one end dangling on the floor.

The slackly gathered reins were held in the left hand, while from the right wrist dangled a thick stock whip.

His trousers sagged dismally about his hips, and his suspenders dangled down behind him like two feeble and insensate tails.

It's like leading a double existence or artificially constructing a puppet to dangle before the crowd while I fulminate behind the scenes.

Limber saw a weather-beaten saddle and new saddlebags on Fox's back, while a broken halter-rope dangled from the animal's neck.

An incongruous touch was lent by an ornate scarab watch fob which dangled from his belt between the ivory-mounted pistols.

He was sleeping, his flushed face and tousled yellow hair against her breast, his legs dangling limply from her lap.

No cricket chirped under the hearth, no fly buzzed on the window-pane, no spiders came forth from the dilapidated, dangling webs.

Riding rapidly along the ranks, the Eunuch dangled before the eyes of his barbarian auxiliaries golden armlets, golden collars, golden bridles.

And Frank looked up at her, soulful and uncomprehending, and a bit cross-eyed, for the curl dangling down over her nose.

The priest comes along dangling his charge as if it were a lachrymose infant he was endeavoring to put into a good humor.

They were abreast, ten feet apart, but the oddest thing was a lariat that dangled between them, from saddle-horn to saddle-horn.

She had an odd feeling that she could not do her subject justice sitting on a woodpile, with her feet dangling.

The mugger stood for a moment, the cape dangling from his hand, blinking at the place a man should have been.

Then, forcing farther off the dangling board, Tom crawled out in the snow, putting on his mackinaw when he was outside.

Inquired the brakeman, pausing in his task of knotting the dangling bell-cord, and glancing down at the uniformed figure below him.