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Use daunting in a sentence

Daunting Definition

discouraging through fear

Sentence Examples

The adventure was daunting, but Jimmy resolved to try it.

And he found it singularly daunting.

He was warm and the daunting sense of loneliness had gone.

All was quiet and the quiet was daunting.

The situation was clear to Andrew, and it was daunting.

He was a sergeant whose aspect could be very daunting.

The ferocity of its attack on the bathyscaphe was daunting.

There was a confusing flash of steel and a daunting uproar.

She felt the daunting loneliness, the quiet jarred her nerve.

The danger of the wolves was more terrible and more daunting.

There was something insidious and daunting about the African coast.

He could not hear his engines; one heard nothing but the daunting uproar.

Moreover, Jimmy was in front, and Deering thought Jimmy ran a daunting risk.

All was dead, and but for the noise of falling water the silence was daunting.

Perhaps the risk was not very daunting, but he knew he must not roll down far.

It was very cold and the darkness was daunting, but she tried to brace herself.

Under this daunting blend of rebuke and raillery, Robert fell into a deeper confusion.

The packer's mood was daunting and it was obvious they would not get much help from him.

She did not know how dignified she looked, and how she was daunting his insolence.  

He felt the wilds were daunting and to see the flame leap about the branches was some comfort.

These disadvantages, instead of daunting the young pastor, seemed only to stimulate his ardor.

She thought something that had hit him hard had happened, and his cold-blooded calm was daunting.

The factory was rather a daunting spot; reeking with foul smells and haunted by a sense of gloom.

Still, if her fears were justified, the situation was daunting and she might need all her courage.

This unwelcome advice while daunting all mercenary promoters gave spur to strong-hearted patriots.

They had run daunting risks and borne all flesh and blood could bear, but the strain was done with.

He had engaged to go where the other went and must try to make good, although the road was daunting.

He pointed with sudden forefinger to the door, and his gesture was unspeakably daunting and wounding.

It indicated careful scrubbing, and was somehow more daunting than a sign of what had happened there.

It brought him into touch with his fellow men in a spot where the strife of wind and sea was daunting.

Somehow the quiet and gloom were daunting, but to hesitate was ridiculous and Jimmy went off with Bob.

The strain of this surprise and anxiety was a hundredfold as trying as the most daunting beast-catching.

The handful of men had undertaken a big thing; there was much against them, and daunting risks must be run.

The "close of the Mishna," that is, its reduction to writing, had no daunting effect upon the zeal for research.

It was daunting, to have to work back and forth between production sound tracks and loop tracks, blending alternate takes.

Perhaps it was strange, but of all the animals, civilized man alone was willing to front the cold on the daunting heights.

Before the daunting focus of those frigid blue eyes his speech, carefully rehearsed beforehand, was slipping away from him.

There was, so far as he could see, no change in Blake, and he was stirred by a deep pity and a daunting sense of loneliness.

What is daunting about the Internet is that so many are willing to do the dirty work for free, as sort of an initiation rite.

Our appearance, however, instead of daunting her increased her rage, and with a savage roar she began to waddle towards Short.

He could see about a quarter of a mile across the open, but the darkness of the wood was impenetrable and its silence daunting.

The sun was on the rocks and some shone like polished steel, but the gully was in shadow and Jimmy had felt the gloom daunting.

There was a pantherlike quickness in the pounce that was somehow daunting from an individual of this man’s size and impassivity.

His sledge-hammer logic and array of excellent if rather limited illustrations are capable of daunting the most doughty opponent.

It was rather daunting work and one could not make much speed, but when a faint, muffled throbbing reached them they began to run.

Yet from the daunting gully they had looked down across the vast white slope and the picture that melted like the mist led them on.

He had undertaken a daunting job and was bothered about Jimmy, but in the meantime he owed something to his hosts and he played up.

Then, as if to end his doubts by either drawing or daunting off the unknown enemy, he opened his grotesquely awful mouth and roared.

Yet muscular strength was obviously not all one needed; to front and remove daunting obstacles, one must have pluck and imagination.

A biting wind wailed among them, and he could hear the harsh rustle of the needles, but except for this there was a daunting silence.

Some fear of an investigation if he struck the old man, something daunting, too, that he saw in the mountaineer's eyes, restrained him.

This sound, arising from what appeared to be a quite deserted coast, was really very daunting, and the men in the boat held water instantly.

She found its gloomy nineteenth-century facade, black with the smuts of ninety years, a little daunting, and mounted its broad steps in some trepidation.

None of them wished to linger in the North, and Harding least of all, but it was daunting to contemplate the distance that lay between them and the settlements.

His steps echoed hollowly along the top landing and there was something daunting in the gloom, for the gas had not yet been lighted and the building was very quiet.

After thus daunting him, she added, more mildly, "Tell the Prince I am somewhat indisposed, and also that some friends are with me, and I cannot well leave them now."

Maggie did not follow this reasoning, but she received a disagreeable, rather daunting impression from the eyes which looked at her so hard, from the stern, quivering voice.

They were ordered to be executed at Linlithgow bridge, near the very spot where their band had their principal rendezvous, with the apparent object of daunting their incorrigible race.

It was plain that she was running before the wind, but Jake felt that he must pull himself together when he looked aft, for there is something strangely daunting in a big following sea.

After that I must go back, because the weather in this high place while it is changing from the calms of autumn to the calms of the exquisite alpine winter is a disagreeable, daunting thing.