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Use defile in a sentence

Definition of defile:

  • (noun) a narrow pass (especially one between mountains)
  • (verb) place under suspicion or cast doubt upon;
  • (verb) make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically;

Sentence Examples:

Defile not your tongues with cursing or execrating anyone, and guard your eyes from that which is not worthy.

I believe, indeed, he made use of still more opprobrious epithets, with which I do not wish to defile my pages.

Had he been so, the cradle of the world might not have been defiled with the blood of fratricide.

"If a man touches pitch he must expect to be defiled," said Lady Parker, gyrating coquettishly in the Lobby.

They were entangled in the miry defiles of the mountains or fretted impatiently on the banks of impassable floods.

He has been dabbling up to the elbows in boiling pitch, and is neither scorched, nor blistered, nor defiled.

We approached the defile which I mentioned before, at the moment when a flash of lightning illumined the scene.

These he placed at the head of the declivity, blocking up the defile, until the pile was breast high.

Earth, fire, water, he said, ought never, under any circumstances, to be defiled by contact with putrefying flesh.

She has desecrated the sanctity of an immortal soul, and she has defiled the temple of her body.

Several defiles and a large swamp occasioned our Brigade to encamp about three miles in the rear of the army.

Your sewerage systems, remember, are forgotten abominations, and nothing that can defile is allowed to reach sea or river nowadays.

These being stationed on the declivity of the mountain, left only two or three thousand in the defile below.

The idea that the soul is defiled and depraved by what is unclean has long prevailed in all ages.

These are the symbols of the tyranny that degrades and crushes, and the corruption that defiles and infests.

The hand may be defiled by a touch of pitch; swine that have been wallowing in the mud are befouled.

And yet they defile our minds more than our bodies, and make the possessor fouler than the artificer of them.

After about four miles, Jean led the way up a rocky defile, and they struck an irregular ridge of tableland.

They were obliged to retreat, leaving the dead, the dying, and the wounded horses, who encumbered the defile.

I credited the calumny with which the good fame of the angelically pure wife of an honorable man had been defiled.

The French defiled round the fort, while some of their grenadiers carried on a pretended conference with the fort.

And now the foot of the sierra was reached, and the trail plunged abruptly into broken and rugged defiles.

The remainder made its way through a defile, all the while under fire, to a junction with Servant's riflemen.

They will not defile the earth by being buried in it, and it is an honor to have a living sepulcher.

Here, amidst the pathless defiles of the mountains, he rallied his surviving troops around him, and made another stand.

A consular army was surprised and surrounded by the Carthaginians in a defile, from which there was no escape.

For instance, I once noticed how you enjoyed the defiling gaze of a strange man, and I accused you of unfaithfulness.

We had found them distracted by internal commotions, disgraced by ignorance, debased by superstition, and defiled by slavery.

This notion of the destructibility of Mind implies the possibility of its defilement; but how can infinite Mind be defiled?

The defiles continue for about a mile; when a bridge across a rivulet conducts the traveler to the next caravansary.

The landscape background, the rocky defile, the wooded declivity, and the trees laden with fruit, are all eminently beautiful.

The men looked in splendid form as they defiled into the main hall and took up the positions allotted to them.

Naturally fastidious, he felt himself defiled, much as if he were constrained continually to dabble those well-manicured hands in a kennel.

Even supposing we could pass out of the valley unmolested, there were the forests and defiles, filled with natural ambuscades.

A dozen cavalrymen were wounded, and the Confederates fell back to a point midway between the defile and the highway.

She had sat and listened for two mortal hours while her idol defiled himself and sneered away his godhead.

The upper stream has never been defiled by sawdust; and no lout in shining boots ever went up to its head.

The bailiffs and the burgesses heading the procession, they then defiled over the bridge, and passed into the town.

At intervals of ten minutes the batteries withdrew in beautiful order and ceremony and defiled across the second pontoon bridge.

Borne up by this high idea, he will not defile his body by sensuality, nor his mind by servile thoughts.

They have been attacked at the lower end of the defile, some four miles above, by a very strong body of tribesmen.

I know him to be superior to chicanery, and am sure he will not defile his mind by attempting any dirty thing.

He despised the churches, and rejected priests as well as their functions, under pretext that they were defiled with simony.

Completely worsted, soiled, defiled, and debased in my own estimation, I rose mechanically and commenced to turn my steps homewards.

Bewildered in the intricacies of the defiles, without guides or provisions, and in small parties, they were dispatched, for days after.

He had been found wandering alone on horseback among the defiles of an untraveled region, sick and almost incoherent from fever.

For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity, your lips speak lies, and your tongue meditates perverseness.

Wonderful as is his talent, and admirable as his wit, these are dreadfully defiled by his coarseness and filthiness of ideas.

Under this deception he ordered a Russian division to pass the bridge, defile through the town, and march to the assault.

Whenever she could, she secretly defiled herself with pitch, with dung; she sniffed at foulness and was not repelled.

They had been harassed and perplexed in rugged mountain defiles, where their progress was continually impeded by rocks and precipices.

His affection for him, however, was only such as could proceed from the dregs of a defiled and perverted heart.

And worse than all, you tamely submit, while your lords tear your wives from your embraces, and defile them before your eyes.

On the other hand, those who have sought to achieve the future, as Napoleon did, failed because they defiled and flouted womanhood.

Some praised him for suppressing theft and oppression; others dispraised him for the defiling of men's wives and of virgins.

Whipping off his dungaree jacket, he started to swab up the defiling tar before it could soak well into the deck planks.

The loungers on the Boulevards stopped to gaze on the long defiles of troops and cannons, commissariat conveyances, and, saddening accompaniments!

Pell-mell, in awful confusion, they turned, and struggling against their own numbers, rushed, as best they could, from the defile.

This intimacy bore no resemblance to the corresponding intimacy among common people where purity is defiled, homes ruined and good names besmeared.

Forewarned of his approach Morgan posted a hundred picked men in a narrow defile through which lay the route of the Spaniards.

Whatsoever is fair there have they defiled and deflowered, and they wallow in our fair halls as swine strayed from the dunghill.

While a hunting party were once threading the defiles of the mountain, they espied below them in the valley certain suspicious signs.

Up to the Belgian frontier roads had been cratered and bridges blown down, and these caused defiles and impeded the march.

A German general and his smartly uniformed staff came clattering up the slippery street and halted to watch the prisoners defile.

It was a war of surprises and defenses of castles or towns, of skirmishes, and of ambuscades in the defiles of the mountains.

The head of the serried column had arrived now directly under the hanging "avalanche" in the middle of the gloomy defile.

Already had the grenadiers climbed the summit of the defile, and the cavalry was debouching in their train upon the plateau.

It was vigorously defended by three hundred Spaniards entrenched in the defiles, but the French succeeded in gaining possession of it.

Defile not your tongues with the cursing and reviling of any soul, and guard your eyes against that which is not seemly.

Not external contacts, or ceremonial "uncleanness," on which earlier ritual had insisted, defile the man, but rather what proceeds from the heart.

On quitting the defile, he struck across a stretch of open moorland, over which the rising night-wind fitfully sighed among the furze.

If they should enter a heathen house that Passover morning, they would become ceremonially defiled and unfit to partake of the sacrament.

The defiles and fastnesses of the Caucasus have been time out of mind harbors of refuge for the defeated tribes of the neighboring regions.

In this defile he concealed ten battalions and twenty squadrons, under whose fire the Austrians were drawn by a few flying skirmishers.

Coal merchants, coal heavers, and coal whippers may defile our fields with coal dust and smoke, but they can not defile our honor.

The picture next to the last described is more pleasing; it represents the troop of holy anchorites passing out of a rocky defile.

Never among civilized nations are they profaned for the purposes of cruelty, never defiled by murder under the mask of philanthropy.

To begin with it defies description, and next, could I even hint at its surpassing beauty, the globetrotter would come and defile it.

These would suggest the University-bred German officers who defiled with their own filth the French houses in which they were billeted.

Scott would have recoiled from the blood as well as from the ordure, he would have allowed neither to defile his noble page.

Neither of us believe that a priest can hallow marriage; but once I felt that the touch of a certain one could defile it.

The narrow defile through which she had passed had led out of the ring of peaks and now abruptly debouched into nothingness.

"The first duty of salvation is to preserve our vigor and to guard against the defiling of our life in consequence of maddening desires."

At the close of the absolution, all the assistants defiled close beside Julien, who was now standing in front of the catafalque.

I have come in order to make this rarefied air possible to breathe by defiling it, since the young man cannot bear it, pure.

The earl and his visitor watched the troop defiling round the base of a low acclivity that soon hid them from sight.

To defile yourselves with the sins of uncleanness is, then, to desecrate those bodies which the Holy Ghost sanctifies by his presence.

Grass and pebbles were torn from the soil by hands and feet; clothing, hair, faces inexpressibly defiled with dust and blood.

The speedy return of these men, with report of having been ambuscaded at the defile, filled him with as much uneasiness as dismay.

When Tim saw the troops charging up the defile, he set off to join them, leaving the Japanese in charge of the guns.

The water in which those who are confined, and those who are in their menses bathe, is considered to be defiled beyond remedy.

We were on the eastern descent of the mountain, and soon came to a rough and difficult defile, leading down a very steep declivity.

The Armenians now break into our harems, steal our wives and slaves from before our faces, and invite men to defile our fathers' graves.

Rather than allow the German armies to defile along the Boulevards, they would give up Alsace, Lorraine, and half a dozen other provinces.

Herds of wild goats dashed by us also, and ran bleating down into the rugged defiles, where they looked like so many insects.

The principal houses, those of the kings and grandees, are called "the defiled," because their roofs especially have been polluted with idolatrous rites.

Married women and girls were defiled, against the sacred law, and some were married by force, and are still detained in Turkish houses.

Here as in so many cases persons ceremonially unclean are forbidden to touch food with defiled hands until their uncleanness has been purged away.

I see an elephant yonder; chain him to its foot, and let him be dragged to and fro before the place he has defiled.

They drew near the gulch, and could hear the mellow sound of bells as the town herd defiled slowly down it toward town.