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Use delightful in a sentence

Definition of delightful:

  • (adjective) greatly pleasing or entertaining; "a delightful surprise"; "the comedy was delightful"; "a delicious joke"

Sentence Examples:

There are theaters and good restaurants, and no matter what you may say about her winters, the Canadian summers are delightful.

Russell expresses the wish that 'all good things may attend' the islanders among whom he spent three delightful years.

In those two delightful hours he had been just a boy, paddling about an enchanted marsh in twilight and gathering darkness.

Genuine new fairy stories of the old type, some of them as delightful as the best of Grimm's 'German Popular Stories

Your acute ears waste not a moment in conveying the delightful intelligence to your parched tongue, empty stomach, and languid limbs.

Her mother needed one child to help her down the declivity of life, and it was delightful to see them together.

It was a delightful little bird, very tame and might constantly be seen crossing the open spaces with an undulating flight.

Alas, can she have reached that delightful country only to know pain and to be exposed to dangers which I dread!

It was a delightful exit; the brewery was behind me, a rookery before me in the beech trees of the outskirts.

The display in this case adds to the delightful transformation of the clown a touch of the bombast of the mountebank.

To work may be beneath him, to beg is a different matter, and there is frequently a delightful hauteur about his mendicancy.

How delightful, indeed, it would be, could some university scholar really converse with a living Greek of the old days!

A rocking chair was to her a delightful novelty, and she had already bought six large rocking chairs of wickerwork.

It is a most delicate and most delightful form of humor; but it is very apt to be misconstrued by the dull.

The Polynesians, he explained, were delightful people, and their "primitively romantic" women shared their intimate favors with one and all.

Again with dejected hearts they proceeded, the sea, as before, tranquil, the breeze propitious, and the weather mild and delightful.

To a northern eye, there is nothing so delightful as this luxuriance of vegetation, which rises amidst the warmth of southern climates.

The climate at this elevation was delightful, cool, and invigorating, and it was possible to follow English hours and habits.

Hazlitt's papers are graphic pictures of these delightful Wednesdays and the Wednesday men, and admirable notes of several choice conversations.

There are hundreds of such books, perennially delightful, novels just now submerged under the continually rising tide of new fiction.

The nonsense which he thought delightful in the mouth of Madame de Marelle would have exasperated him in that of Madame Walter.

What a delightful understanding must exist between servants and guests when a complete stranger was received with this gratuitous officiousness!

Her low, contralto tones, quite impersonal, were yet delightful; I could have stood there talking burglars with her till dawn.

Providence has liberally endowed the larger portion of Brazil with a fertile soil, an unrivaled flora, and a delightful climate.

Rhoda had enjoyed the pleasures of tobogganing before, but to Mildred and Kitty it was a new and delightful experience.

In the early morn the thrashers delight in perching on a tree-top and filling the surrounding glen with delightful melodies.

It was exhilarating, blood-stirring work, all the more keenly delightful from the sense of adventure with which it was spiced.

The delightful irregularity of lessons, the enchanting confusion of rehearsals, the costumes, program, and decorations were food for endless chatter.

The water is strongly impregnated with salts, but is delightful to the taste, and somewhat similar to the Congress water.

Those sad and pensive adagios, passing imperceptibly into the light gaiety of a festival, never seemed so delightful as at that moment.

This was indeed a delightful prospect; we accepted with great joy, and so, with protestations of service, his lordship departed.

The correspondence thus commenced rapidly developed into the most engrossing, enthralling, and delightful feature in the existence of these two.

In some places, the path was overarched by trees, and the branches formed a delightful screen on that hot day.

"He is delightful; I never met a man so enamored of his art and so interesting when he holds forth on it."

No neighboring dwelling obstructed the view of Nature, and it lay some distance even from a bypath road, in a delightful solitude.

The shape of the house was delightful, it was low, wide, two-storied, with jutting stone balconies on the second floor.

The water is strongly impregnated with salts, but is delightful to the taste and somewhat similar to the Congress water.

Here I had an opportunity of seeing the Portuguese troops in a large body; and they afforded me subject for delightful reflection.

The situation of the house is really delightful, and may be considered as one of the most enchanting spots in the kingdom.

His humor is infectious, his voice boisterous, but delightful, and his uproarious laugh just such as one delights to listen to.

It was very delightful and rare sport, and it is not surprising that it entirely engrossed the attention of the Prince.

Her delightful naturalness, her pleasure, her almost boyish gaiety, her simplicity, her humor took him captive for the moment.

The streets were gay with little pushcarts, laden with chrysanthemums and attended by the most delightful looking old women.

There is nothing like absinthe to sharpen one's wits, and I see that you and I are going to have a delightful game.

Then he reveled in the delightful anticipation of what was to occur out under the old cottonwood along the river bank.

I found their scarlet woolen caps while my friend expatiated upon the delightful privilege of having two such fine little chaps.

The Judge proved to be a delightful old man and all of us were charmed with his courtly manners and compliments.

If variety is the desideratum, why not attempt it in the direction in which variety is spontaneous, resultant, and always delightful?

A man of unusual culture, no one who knew him could forget the charm of his courtly manners and delightful conversation.

It was all most delightful and pleasant, and Ned was glad that the amazons did not attempt this task.

Of all the European voices the French is perhaps the most unpleasant in its quality, and the Italian the most delightful.

You cannot fancy how delightful, how perfectly beautiful it is to me to be in such society as this after the Australian bush.

In the country the days have broad spaces, and the very stillness seems to give a delightful roominess to the hours.

When the plants and small bushes are cut down, we have an airy, sylvan, and cool temple, delightful for a dwelling.

The educated Swede of Stockholm is a very different person: he is a gentleman, and one of the most delightful gentlemen in Europe.

Part of it I spent foolishly in bed, but now I am in a delightful atmosphere and have been thoroughly enjoying your Hobbes.

There is the delightful spacious porch, the dormer sheltered windows in the sloping roof, the wide eaves that secure graceful lines.

The melody created in the mind of Greenwood an anxious desire to behold those unseen choristers whose voices were so harmonious, so delightful.

A delightful talker was this great mathematician, also a pugilistic person, and on occasion not above using his fists with effect.

How delightful for two misanthropes to communicate their discoveries, and to make a joint war of sarcasm upon the human race!

It had been so delightful sitting there with that enchanting romance, the window open to the bright night and balmy air.

A very handsome volume, and a delightful one to lovers of Heraldry, as it is the earliest blazon of arms known to exist.

To read her is like being in the room with an unscrupulously witty woman; it is delightful, but more than a trifle dangerous.

We have produced a doll for her, and it is delightful to see her mothering it and wrapping it up in her pinafore.

This demoralization worked in her to rebellion against just all that which, in her happier moods, rendered Iglesias delightful to her.

A more delightful summer abode cannot be conceived, for it has the advantage of mountain air, and the view from it is unsurpassable.

It consists of a number of thin stalactites of varying powers of reverberation, and these play delightful tunes or at least tones.

Such a first attempt may be kept as a reminder of pleasant hours spent in learning the rudiments of a delightful study.

Mollusks, not so delicate or so decorative as the shells we had brought with us from the Southern Seas, but still delightful.

She served strongly, volleyed beautifully, and darted across the court with a fleetness and a surety both delightful to observe.

And didn't you have a long, delightful tour with us through the most sublime scenery in the most salubrious climates on earth?

She spent a delightful two hours in the great park, losing herself in its farthest, shadiest, and most unfrequented corners.

We do by no means undervalue this noble and most delightful art, to which Socrates applied himself even in his old age.

The novelty, the continued round of pleasure, the excitement and gaiety, were bewildering and delightful to the simple country girl.

It has delightful possibilities, however, if the plentiful data on the subject, given in scientific books, were to be condensed and simplified.

It had been charmingly situated near the outskirts of the town, and by all accounts must have been a delightful little place.

He had thought her fairest and most delightful among women, and he had left the Abbey House dejected and undone.

With all this, the History of the World is a charming and delightful miscellany, if we do not accept it too seriously.

He felt that marriage with her would not be an uninviting conclusion to another year or two of his present delightful existence.

And you have no idea how delightful hibernating is, nor how excruciatingly stiff we are when we wake up, and how hungry!

The views already alluded to of the American and Canadian rapids to be gained from this delightful vantage point are probably unparalleled.

The racecourse gave opportunities for the exhibition of life and character of which the great artist took advantage in numberless delightful examples.

This delightful little story introduces to us a family dwelling upon the outskirts of a vast and mysterious pine forest in France.

All which traits are delightful to the preternaturally sharp Londoner, whose nerves occupy the most important place in his being.

It was, however, a very delightful table with its undulating front, its many elegant spade-footed legs and its delicate carving.

The part is, however, interspersed with such delightful ornaments, and such immutable principles, that the path does not become tedious.

I should still have talked about love, and of all it can do to make this weary workaday world sweet and delightful.

The ragamuffin felt a warm and delightful current run through his whole body while hot vapors rose to his head.

She was sweet, with a delightful unexpectedness which fascinated him, as did her varying good looks, her firm, lithe body.

A living testimony to the success of his own theory, he was the most genial and delightful shipmate I have ever met.

When tossed from a height these paper swallows fly and skim through the air in the most delightful birdlike fashion.

It is so delightful to find a lawyer who can make things so beautifully simple to a poor ignoramus of a girl like me.

She again had to wait for the ladies in the furnishing materials department, where a delightful cretonne had caught Madame Marty's eye.

He gave them a capital meal, undeniable wine, and as all three men were good conversationalists, they had a very delightful dinner.

Dotted here and there were charming villas with delightful gardens, intoxicating the senses with the perfume of lemon and orange.

It was delightful to see one of our soldiers with a piece of cold bacon, slicing it over his bread like an English haymaker.

It would be delightful to be treated as if I were a girl again, instead of the mother of a grown-up son and daughter.

The woods on the mainland look delightful in this pleasant air, but the stiff lines of their planting is rather an eyesore.

The day remained sunshiny and pleasant, and the easy canter of the mustangs caused just enough breeze to make the riding delightful.

It carries with it a modest honorarium and attractive quarters at the college, a delightful place for a distinguished scholar to retire.