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Use demarcate in a sentence

Definition of demarcate:

  • (verb) separate clearly and as if by boundaries
  • (verb) set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something

Sentence Examples:

The pathological changes associated with the arteriosclerotic psychoses are quite clearly demarcated.

No man properly demarcated as I am will have much to do with them.

The ocean, away out to this line demarcating sea and sky, was perfectly flat.

Religion, therefore, from this point of view, becomes clearly demarcated from theology.

Let us next consider how the area is demarcated from the surrounding regions.

Often the two processes were side by side, but sharply demarcated, in the same section.

Such laxity of international usage made it easy to cross the line which demarcates privateering from piracy.

In sharpening men's lust for gold, it has demarcated our frontiers with a bitterness hitherto unknown.

Wallace (q.v.) as representing the so-called Wallace's Line, whereby he demarcated the Asiatic from the Australian fauna.

Along the lines demarcating these scales the pile has been crushed and fixed down by heat.

These were demarcated by various landmarks, crosses, holy images, etc.; and "the bounds" were beaten every year.

The distribution of the Shoshone of the Sawtooth Mountains demarcates the northern limits of the Shoshone range.

There is no difference in principle between the two, and in practice only what demarcates retailing and jobbing.

Finally demarcated in 1923, they were confirmed by the Paris Agreement of 1926 and were essentially unchanged in 1970.

Those physiological functions of the human body that appear to be clearly marked off are really not completely demarcated.

It is not likely that new difficulties will arise on this side, although the boundary has not been demarcated.

The boundaries of the state were demarcated, disarmament was carried out, and the construction of roads was pushed forward.

And first as to that early savage level of thought where the ideas of life and death are very ill demarcated.

In the first place, it is unscientific to try to restrict original activities to a definite number of sharply demarcated classes of instincts.

To be sure, it is difficult to tell simulation from suggested phenomena, for there are no objective characters that demarcate the two.

The phenomena gradually lost their distinctive features, the characters which were at first well demarcated became by degrees inextricably mixed.

It seems likely that just this deliberate practice may serve to more clearly demarcate truth from falsehood in the individual's mind.

When the exercise or exorcism was completed it allowed for domestic life there in its small space demarcated within drab walls.

Beyond this point the Anglo-Russian Commission of 1895 demarcated a line to the snowfields and glaciers which overlook the Chinese border.

Scripts could also be obtained of the plant's spontaneous movements; and a recording arm demarcated the line of life from that of death.

There is a critical point, which demarcates the sub-minimal stimulus with its expansive reaction from the minimal with its responsive contraction.

He gave the German Empire a sharply demarcated tribal frontier; he purposely surrounded his country with a ring of animosity, true to his tribal instincts.

The apparent exception, which after all exhibits the rule, is the case of great reforming heroes who demarcate epochs of history even in customary societies.

"You bring glorious weather," he said, contemplating the demarcated area through rapt, narrowed lashes, and sensing its beneficence with the uplifted nostrils of zest.

Indeed, only when such a state of things has begun to be realized, can Civilization, as sharply demarcated from Barbarism, be said to have fairly begun.

And first let us observe how, before the advent of man upon the scene, the shire was already strictly demarcated by its natural boundaries.

The outline of the hairy part of the scalp in front is very clearly demarcated by shaving back about a half to an inch and a half.

Sometimes the section is demarcated on the axis of the flower-spike by a brownish or reddish color, sharply contrasting with the green hue of the remaining parts.

Yet the boundaries of this period are naturally much less clearly defined, or sharply demarcated as to beginning and end, than are those of the preceding primitive age.

I have already dimly demarcated a line between ferocity and greed, and a thing which has yet no name, but which will in future ages be called Love.

The successful issue of this enterprise led, in 1895, to the appointment of a mixed commission to demarcate the spheres of English and Russian influence on the Pamirs.

There are few literary enterprises more arduous than the task of following and demarcating from the written record of a period the general course of political and philosophic movements.

She told herself that she would rake only in her own confined space clearly demarcated by a wooden fence and that such action would involve just a little imitation.

French stamps provide a very interesting record of the political changes in the country, and provide one of the best illustrations of how stamps demarcate the periods of a nation's history.

The curve thus crosses the zero line of the abscissa twice; the first crossing takes places upwards at the critical point of stimulation which demarcates the sub-minimal from the minimal.

When elections are lacking in a civilized society, fighting power demarcates an electorate of force, as it were; the distribution of power determines the center of political gravity as located in the society.

If all organisms have arisen by Evolution, it is of course not to be expected that such several modes of development can be absolutely demarcated: we are sure to find them united by transitional modes.

The most distinguishing quality of the Schumann music, and the one which perhaps demarcates it from other music most strikingly, is its hearty quality, its spontaneity, its headlong driving speed.

These patches of lighter coloration, clearly demarcated from each other and from the surrounding coloration, are frequently visible simultaneously with the dorsal fin as the animals roll at the surface to breathe.

That ideal is firstly, Provincial Autonomy viz., that the Government of India must have its sphere demarcated, its functions defined; all other functions should belong to the Provincial governments of the particular province.

In the existing state of geographical theory it may be supposed that a satisfactory delimitation was no easy matter to obtain, and, indeed, the line which was chosen was found, in fact, impossible to demarcate.

All knowledge is now brought within the sphere of Natural Philosophy; and the provisional distinction by which, since Aristotle and Plato, it has been so sharply demarcated from Moral Philosophy, ceases to exist.

The demarcation may call for the most careful of research; but it will be there, and it will demarcate, if only by shading so slight as to escape other than the truly expert examiner.

Beneath the quaking silver blue of the ether rust-colored canvasses were spread in front of the beach bathing houses, and the afternoons were spent in the sharply demarcated spots of shade which they cast.

Essentially different characteristics and conditions of origin demarcate them from one another, even though there are certain hybrid forms, representing primarily a partial survival of older tribal customs within the newly established political society.

From a sense of scientific accuracy no attempts have been made to demarcate, rigidly, abnormality from disease, or atavism from arrested development, except as may be done by the features of the cases in which the terms are used.

Even in the cases of hunger and sex, where the channels of action are fairly demarcated by antecedent conditions (or "nature"), the actual content and feel of hunger and sex, are indefinitely varied according to their social contexts.

In the main, however, the last forty years of the seventeenth century constitute the period of literary activity represented, and will be found to be demarcated with unusual precision from both the preceding and the ensuing era.

A frontier is not merely a line drawn on a map or demarcated on the ground; a frontier means a nexus of customs, of laws, of traditions and of innumerable other things that directly affect the daily life and conduct of every inhabitant.

The Siamese replied by suggesting that the disputed territory be regarded as neutral until such time as the frontier could be properly demarcated and this was agreed upon but merely led to further trouble, each side accusing the other of violating the compact.

This being a time of huge growth, water was sapped up beyond the limits of the local ecology and the coastal regulation zone (the area demarcated on the beach up to where the hotels could be built) was debated and apparently ignored in many instances.

For a single family to develop so enormous a variety of separate forms, all presumably derived from a single common ancestor, argues, of course, an immense success in life; and it also argues a vast lapse of time during which the different species were gradually demarcated from one another.

Where the cold, the endless marching over inhospitable ground, and starvation do not show the frontier, the sparse population, the unknown tongue, and the bullet of the raider will indicate it sufficiently, without adding to the number of generals or knights for demarcating impossible boundaries.

Within this maximum width the surveyors appointed under Article I. shall demarcate and map the limits of jurisdiction which may be decided on by the Commissioners as most suitable, including grazing grounds; and the jurisdiction of the Commissioners shall not extend beyond the limits so demarcated.

He held that the earth had been repeatedly devastated by great cataclysms, which destroyed every living thing, necessitating an entirely new creation, thus regarding the geological periods as sharply demarcated and strictly contemporaneous for the whole earth, and each species of animal and plant as confined to a single period.

In reality, the places were as far apart in miles as they were in years, but here in the country of his mind they existed side by side, surrounded by heterogeneous landscapes from all over the civilized sector of the galaxy and by the sharply demarcated spectra of a hundred different suns.

They form a group to themselves, sharply demarcated from the other elements, and it is my belief that by following the study of them to the utmost limits, we may arrive at the explanation of what the chemical elements really are and how they originated, and discover the reasons for their properties and mutual relations.

It fails to occur to those holding this view, that a man may recognize possible gold-bearing country without finding gold, or to read the journals of these early travelers, in which they would see that the Desert is plainly demarcated, and the change in the nature of the country, the occurrence of quartz, and so forth, always recorded.

That before land is sold it be properly surveyed and demarcated; and what might so easily have been done, and which alone would have compensated for much of bad procedure in other respects, that the simple and obvious plan before the sale, of sending a European official to show the neighboring villagers and intending purchasers the boundaries of the land to be sold, be resorted to.