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Use deplete in a sentence

Deplete Definition

use up (resources or materials);
synonyms:eat up, exhaust, eat, consume, run through, use up, wipe out

Sentence Examples

—The natural resources of forest, mines, and agriculture are gradually being depleted.

How can you get income taxes from depleted incomes?

They could have depleted their stock of ammunition.

Every failure depleted the resources of other concerns.

The country depleted GDP is collapsing.

Judith gave to the last ounce of her depleted strength.

From his depleted roll he laid down forty ten-dollar bills.

By mid-summer their food supply was becoming seriously depleted.

And he had no more bombs; his ammunition belts were nearly depleted.

Her will was not yet depleted so much that she could not fight back.

In certain abnormal conditions, the body’s water supply is depleted.

Tight had personally depleted its funds to the tune of over a million.

The return of peace has left them with depleted purses and empty stores.

It is also possible, of course, that trapping has depleted the populations.

Upon emergence from hibernation this fat supply is not noticeably depleted.

His depleted body reached eagerly for the sweet energy that filled his mouth.

Exiting the building, he felt euphoric yet depleted, as if he'd just run a marathon.

The meeting forthwith went into executive session, depleted gold sacks slowly appearing.

He laughed as he looked at his depleted cigarette-box, and then seated himself at his desk.

As she closed it, she saw dishes of salad, chicken, pickles and tomatoes in a depleted state.

Here was a company to pick and choose from and so fill the depleted berth-deck of the Revenge.

No wonder he brought his first edition home, not seriously depleted, and made his library of it!

He would have preferred champagne, but his depleted finances forbade the more discriminate taste.

Only after, and if, these reserves are significantly depleted does the gardener have to irrigate.

As their soil became depleted, the hold of their state on preeminence in everything was weakening.

It was found that these depleted fields were still capable of producing satisfactory crops of grain.

"Didn't hardly hope to get 'em here," he confessed as he swung back and replaced the depleted bottle.

During the forenoon he let the sorrel go, riding the gray with the depleted corn sack tied to the pommel.

It continued to grow its antlers and, by doing so, to deplete its own reserves of calcium and phosphorus.

Of these animals, seven had large amounts of fat, but five were almost depleted of fat from these stores.

This river wing was now depleted of some excellent troops and again divided into quite separate commands.

The depleted fields were abandoned and the task of restoring their productivity was usually left to nature.

After little more than a decade the sandalwood supply was depleted to the point where trade virtually ceased.

Our army had been depleted of its strength by a forced march from Spring Hill, and stragglers lined the road.

The liver is the storehouse of iron, its reserve being depleted when there is an extraordinary demand for iron.

The treasury of the union was depleted, winter was coming, and it was finally decided to consider the battle lost.

They were loaded with ore that would be smelted into metal for depleted Earth, or for other colonies short of minerals.

Fields newly sown to oats provided a major supply of food in the early spring when other food supplies had been depleted.

Several hours later he threw the still further depleted sack on the roan, changed horses again and turned the gray loose.

Their sharply angled bodies whisking back toward the depleted uranium cells, four cats appeared with shocking suddenness.

My thin American blood was so depleted that when I was pronounced convalescent it was long before I could stand upon my feet.

Sweet clover replaces nitrogen and other essential elements in soil which has been badly depleted by overproduction of wheat.

It was formerly exceedingly abundant, but its numbers have been sadly depleted during the past 50 years by excessive shooting.

None of the farms were producing more than a quarter of the potential yield per acre, and all depleting the soil outrageously.

It is only when the body is depleted in vitality that its defenses come down and germs find a ready soil in which to propagate.

The reverses affected the buoyancy of his troops, disease decimated their ranks, and desertions further depleted their numbers.

It wasn't an inexhaustible larder at all, but just a place that could be depleted by always thoughtless and often vicious greed.

Stores are reluctant to stock new styles in response to consumer demands until their old stocks have been almost completely depleted.

Poor management and erosion soon depleted the supply of top soil and many areas were abandoned to broom sedge, blackberries and gullies.

Generals were dismissed, new generals appointed; until at last, under Sherman and Grant, came victory over the ragged and depleted South.

If for the next year or more the family exchequer has been sorely depleted, still "it is the custom," and every one expects to follow it.

So much of the energy of pioneers is spent in combating hostile criticism and indifference, that their fund of creative force is depleted.

After several days of rowing, the food and water supply was almost half depleted and still no evidence of either past or present habitation.

Never give Epsom salts unless copious watery stools are desired to deplete effusion into the serous cavities or into the subcutaneous tissue.

Races with three other groups gave us two hundred feet more, and as the gasoline in our tank was alarmingly depleted we turned back toward camp.

There's also a couple of extra bare feet along the outside because the neighboring grasses will deplete soil moisture along the edge of the garden.

Yet it is well known that evaporation from the soil surface may continue until the soil-moisture to a depth of eight or ten feet or more is depleted.

It was a common rumor, too, that although the Williams’ chests of gold were greatly depleted, there was still much treasure of silver left in the home.

Because of the spur of competition in them, sports and games, as now rendered, act as powerful nerve-stimulants that deplete and waste the vital powers.

If the toilet articles are so located that I am compelled to do consciously what I might have done subconsciously, I get down to breakfast irritated and nervously

Later, as the snow fountains of the high places are gradually depleted, they take on a more filmy gracefulness but are lacking in exuberant impressiveness.

They wanted to keep people out in the Belt, since the mines on Earth were not only rapidly being depleted, but the mining sites were needed for living space.

The addition of lime when the soil is acid and of organic matter when humus becomes depleted will aid in better soil aeration and an increased moisture supply.

Vespasian assumed the censorship and took a census of the empire in addition to filling the ranks of the Senate which had been depleted by the late civil wars.

In any case my cadres will be so depleted as a result of action that I shall need large reinforcements to enable me to bring the operations to a happy conclusion.

Rehabilitation of a depleted range after severe drought and consequent close grazing and trampling is retarded by the heavy toll of seed taken by the kangaroo rats.

Century after century, millennium after millennium, they followed the game-herds from birth to death, and birth replenished their numbers faster than death depleted.

Making it a rule to utilize thus all specimens which come to hand would also deter much thoughtless killing in the ranks of the country's already depleted wild life.

The coming of the grass had not depleted nor unbalanced the country's resources beyond readjustment, but it had upset the sensitive workings of the national economy.

Persons who have accustomed themselves to stimulants of any sort are completely depleted if they are unable to get the special form to which they have been accustomed.

Then the rich arable tracts thus depleted were gradually occupied by agricultural settlers from the south, with the result that the Manchu race has nearly disappeared.

When larger quantities are ingested such is not the case and the fluid so high in nutrient qualities is utilized by the body for the building up of the depleted tissues.

Two of three yearlings, and both fawns intact enough for examination during this period lacked back fat, and the marrow in one of six fawn femurs was partly fat depleted.

Of course, such reductions mean that the assortments will quickly be depleted, and we urge you to act promptly in order to secure the full benefit of the available selections.

The ideal of course is for the friends to obtain work before they go to new places, if at all possible, and in this way not deplete their resources or be a burden on the Fund.

The military nobles who rallied about the king, enriched by the spoils of war, enslaved their fellow-countrymen whose fortunes had been depleted by the disastrous Aramean wars.

Then allow for two extra people so that the occasional guest, whose knowledge of water systems begins and ends with the turning of a faucet, will not unduly deplete the supply.

Retail outlets are either unwilling or unable to replenish their supplies of missing sizes until the overall stock of the item is almost depleted, regardless of consumer demand.

The Southern cities were thus considerably depleted of their Calvinist element, and the peasants and the bourgeois outnumbered them far more than in any other part of the country.

So he strove to do his impossible duty till the middle of July, when his punishment for Shiloh was completed by his promotion to command a depleted remnant of Halleck's Grand Army.

Viewing sleep as a time when broken-down bodily cells are restored, we see that we tax the energies of the body less if we go to sleep each day before the cells are entirely depleted.

As a consequence, the fertility of the soils has been so far depleted that at present it is difficult to obtain paying crops without irrigation on soils that formerly yielded bountifully.

He maintained an extravagant court and an elaborate etiquette, so extravagant that it depleted the rural districts of money, and drew the most powerful families to revolve around the king.

Brooding females in the latter part of the incubation period have the supply of caudal fat most noticeably depleted, and their tails may appear emaciated, with kinks on the terminal portion.

Everywhere throughout the North the colleges were depleted of instructors and students who had entered the ranks, and in the South nearly all the colleges were compelled to close their doors.