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Derogatory Definition

expressive of low opinion;
synonyms:derogative, disparaging

Sentence Examples

It sounded to me like a derogatory sentence.

Helen was very glad there was nothing derogatory in the story.

Other derogatory remarks were hurled at him.

They regarded such a settlement as derogatory to their country.

I know it has been said that arbitration is derogatory to sovereignty.

Analysis destroys the appearance upon which this derogatory judgment is based.

The derogatory reception of my friend's work had made a deep impression upon me.

He makes remarks about miracles, quite derogatory remarks, and not always in French.

You do not imagine that I regard a nurse's daily work as hard or derogatory, do you?

We say of the League of Nations that it is ideal, and we use the term in a derogatory sense.

And if he were vindictive, I do not see anything strange, or much that is derogatory in that.

Trade etiquette permits shopkeepers to shout out the most derogatory things about their rivals.

Last, but not least, was the law, that made it sacrilege to speak in terms derogatory to the emperor.

It is not well to put into a letter any derogatory or subversive statement that cannot be fully proved.

The kings and nobles did not consider it derogatory to their dignity to acquire skill in the manual arts.

Mingled with this explanation were derogatory opinions of some one, delivered with extraordinary bitterness.

He had said purple on the spur of the moment, chiefly because it sounded derogatory and went well with prince.

What I say is that it is derogatory to national dignity to think of permanence of British connection at any cost.

On the walls and barriers of Paris being referred to, these were denounced as enclosures for deer and derogatory to man

The reparations demanded, or, at least, some among them, unquestionably were derogatory to the rights of a sovereign nation.

And simple and even derogatory as it appears to be, nothing is more certainly efficacious in soothing grief, than hard physical labor.

The other men in the shop left their tasks and gathered around; there was much laughter and unmistakably ribald and derogatory remarks.

He spoke in a loud and rumbling voice, and made derogatory remarks about the other passengers as they passed to their respective tables.

Customs that have the other requisite conditions begin to be obligatory or derogatory as soon as the approval of competent authority is had.

If this is true of the individual, as nobody denies, why should we consider it derogatory to human dignity to admit a similar development for the species?

In addition, there were many references in the Whig press denigrating L'Estrange and his pamphlet; derogatory remarks appeared in newspapers, ballads, and poems.

References to persons have been confined to mere statements of facts and have been free from undue flattery on the one hand and from anything derogatory on the other.

It has already been mentioned that the Kaiser did not like to be contradicted in the presence of others, because he considered it derogatory to his sovereign position.

All at once Gore's careless and derogatory progress was halted, and he stared with terrifying intentness at the girl who had until that day managed to escape his notice.

In setting down these derogatory comments I do not wish to imply that I was positively detested but that I was not a beloved county institution was soon evident to my wife.

That at his back, when he had passed on, these immaculately clad gentlemen muttered derogatory oaths only flattered him further; their hate, too, was a tribute to his power.

The incongruous sanctity with which his commonplace utterances and petty actions were invested would have caused fear lest it became derogatory to his creed of divine unity.

Nor is it, in the slightest degree, derogatory to an author’s talent to say that he has failed, comparatively, on that subject of which he must have known comparatively little.

This was looked upon by us as a bore; but the famous guests were rather amusing, because when they had gone, the director used to relate all kinds of derogatory stories about them.

In the friendly rivalries of sport, it was possible to forget woman complications; even to feel it a trifle derogatory that one should be so ignominiously at the mercy of the thing.

Those who have seen and heard it performed will, I trust, bear witness that the harnessing of Indian melodic modes to the service of the drama has proved neither derogatory nor futile.

He used all his well-known skill as a politician to forward his campaign, though nothing derogatory is to be inferred from these words concerning his methods, which were entirely honorable.

He had never for a moment thought she would mind; but he vowed that what she was pleased to consider offensive and derogatory to the reputation of herself and the shop should never occur again.

The British Consul-General had ordered chairs for us in which to be carried through the city, as it would be derogatory to the dignity of a European to be seen walking on foot in a Chinese town.

I hold that it is not only derogatory to national dignity but it actually impedes national progress superstitiously to believe that our progress towards our goal is impossible without British connection.

While the men who denied Transubstantiation were burned as heretics at Smithfield, their opponents, who dared to express views derogatory to royal supremacy, were hanged, drawn, and quartered as traitors.

In this case he conceived the idea of invading Mecca, and, although minor incidents justify his decision to a slight degree, his breach of the treaty adds to the evidence that is derogatory to his character.

They made all manner of fun of Herbert's boat, and called it such derogatory names as "The Tub" and "The Ark"; but all the same, when hurry was not an object, those aboard certainly had the best of the controversy.

In its economic bearing, and particularly in its immediate bearing on the material well-being of the community at large, the leadership of the leisure class can scarcely be called by a less derogatory epithet than "untoward."