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Use dicey in a sentence

Dicey Definition

of uncertain outcome; especially fraught with risk;

Sentence Examples

‘A dicey situation’.

He had to hire a new lawyer amid increasingly dicey legal issues.

"This deal looks a little dicey to me."

"Damn, this is going to be big-time dicey."

He operated off and on as Applecore's "banker" when cash flow got dicey and real banks got nervous.

In recently tilled earth, successfully sprouting small seeds in warm weather is dicey without frequent watering.

"Your idea of software, as compared to the existing technologies, seems dicey."

Its fracture would be called dicey by some geologists, because it breaks readily into small cubes, even smaller than dice.

Besides, drip tube systems are not trouble free: having the beds covered with fragile pipes makes hoeing dicey, while every emitter must be periodically checked against blockage.