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Dichotomy Definition

being twofold; a classification into two opposed parts or sub-classes; "the dichotomy between eastern and western culture"

Sentence Examples

By dichotomy is meant a division into two classes by a pair of contradictory terms, e. g. a division of the class, man, into white and not-white.

Any correct logical division always admits of being arrived at by the longer process of division and subdivision by dichotomy.

Another dichotomy that the media pose as a continuing theme is that of religion versus socialism.

Hence division by dichotomy comes strictly within the province of formal logic.

Dichotomy also appears, mercury and sulfur, which can then generally be rendered soul and body.

This dichotomy is perpetuated by agreements, laws and constitutions which guarantee the property rights and social privileges by which the rich and powerful safeguard and increase their wealth and power.

The very phrase, 'Men and other animals, ' or even, as it is often expressed, 'Men and animals, ' based as it is on the superiority which civilized man feels over other animals, expresses a dichotomy.

Proceed by Dichotomy; that is, cut the given class into two, one having the selected attribute (say, B), the other not having it (B).

The first dichotomy passes into a second.

It also illustrates Division by Dichotomy.

This spiritual dichotomy is not absent in his poetry.

Suicides generally possess the power of mental dichotomy.

The same dichotomy is visible in the colonial judicature.

This Dichotomy, so far as I can see, applies only to man.

Most of the examples of division which Plato gives are divisions by dichotomy.

Another point of difference from Catenicella is the non-gemination of the cell at the dichotomy of a branch.

Therefore, discovery of an early dichotomy from the common ancestral stock of the tribe would come as no surprise.

Every definition suggests a division by dichotomy, and every division supplies us at once with a complete definition of all its members.

This again is secured by dichotomy, according to the principle of Contradiction, provided the division be made upon one attribute at a time.

—A teratoma is believed to result from partial dichotomy or cleavage of the trunk axis of the embryo, and is found exclusively in connection with the skull and vertebral column.

What we call a division on a single basis is in reality the compressed result of a scheme of division and subdivision by dichotomy, in which a fresh principle has been introduced at every step.

As in Gymnosperms, branching is monopodial; dichotomy or the forking of the growing point into two equivalent branches which replace the main stem, is absent both in the case of the stem and the root.

The division of the Critique is by dichotomy into doctrine of elements and doctrine of methods, the former including the Aesthetic and Logic, and the Logic being again divided into Analytic and Dialectic.

As a rule they go in pairs, in antithetic couples, every analysis being dichotomy, since the discernment of one path of abstraction determines in contrast, as a complementary remainder, the opposite path of direction.

We must not draw too hard a line between these two types; for instance, we could not reasonably insist that the turf maze at Wing is multicursal simply on account of the dichotomy of its path to form the central loop.

A curious dichotomy has formed between the part of the ideology, which dealt with the historical process – and the other part, which elucidated the methods to be employed to facilitate the transfer of wealth and its redistribution.

Besides, we are not yet certain, but that there may be somewhat about the Moon analogus to the Air about the Earth, which may cause a refraction of the light of the Sun, and consequently make a great difference in the apparent dichotomy of the Moon.

Bacon is hardly just or consistent in his censure of Ramus; the end of whose dichotomy was only to render reasoning by dilemma, and crucial instances, more certain in their results, by reducing the divisions which composed their parts to two sets of contradictory propositions.

As I have elsewhere said, "We must remember that classifications are but a means to an end—appliances to facilitate our thought and study—and that, to use Spencer's words, ‘we cannot, by any logical dichotomies, actually express relations which in nature graduate into each other insensibly. ’"

Definition itself, so far as concerns its content, is, as we have already seen, extraneous to formal logic: but when once we have elicited a genus and difference out of the material elements of thought, we are enabled, without any further appeal to experience, to base thereon a division by dichotomy.

That old dichotomy of the psychologists which divides all men, according to their habits of thought, into Platonists and Aristotelians (or, to substitute a modern nomenclature, into Cartesians and Baconians) is merely an assertion that every man, in the prevailing direction of his thinking, is either deductive or inductive.

There may be a deep dichotomy in attitudes of Friends here such as reported by one couple: "vivid impressions of honest encounters between those who regard the worship of God as a private affair, and those who feel the need to reach out to their Meeting community for personal support and a sense of communion which includes closer relationships with other Friends."