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Dilemma Definition

state of uncertainty or perplexity especially as requiring a choice between equally unfavorable options

Sentence Examples

Man's dilemma is that he is neither saint nor devil.

So ideologies arose to try to solve the dilemma of a basically static society, and they fought wars.

Christy Graham is faced with the dilemma of fighting either his father or his brother-in-arms.

A choice always involves a dilemma.

Many times, one was confronted with existentialist dilemmas — whether or not to continue to invest money without any signs of returns.

The day came, and before noon we were caught in the same dilemma as we were on the Fourth of July; the Museum was jammed, and the sale of tickets was stopped.

Every organism, mechanism or social construct reaches a point in its life cycle at which its existing apparatus must be repaired, renovated and updated or scrapped, redesigned and replaced. Today western civilization in its totality faces that dilemma.

The dilemma was unavoidable.

I am in a very grievous dilemma.

You have me in a horrible dilemma.

I have been puzzling over a dilemma

This presents a paradoxical dilemma.

I have not much patience with your dilemma.

He felt himself to be in a ridiculous dilemma.

Choices are our conscious experience of moral or other dilemmas.

From this painful dilemma, he was saved by his foreign residence.

Perhaps, he thought, moral dilemmas were not on moral grounds at all.

dilemmas are painful, unnecessary, destructive, or at best disruptive.

My educational dilemma was plainly a matter for the Infinite Ingenuity.

He sought an escape from the dilemma, and this led him into a heinous crime.

It was an insoluble dilemma that frustrated his ability to live with himself.

It was the job of the cops to take care of whatever dilemma that ship might be in.

The opposition party seem therefore to have put him in a dilemma at these meetings.

In his dilemma, he called his foremen together and explained the situation to them.

This apparently innocuous exchange disguises a few very unsettling ethical dilemmas.

General war presented twentieth century man with a dilemma, an opportunity and a choice.

Earth's dilemma was therefore a partial solution to one of the problems of his own planet.

He approached his task with "great doubtfulness," fully conscious of the dilemma involved.

We will propose a very plain dilemma: either physical pain is an evil, or it is not an evil.

For in the context and the sense in which it was proposed the question involved a vicious dilemma.

That the dilemma should have been totally unforeseen was characteristic of the men and their capacity.

Man in humanistic nursing practice theory is viewed as a conflictual, contradictory, inconsistent dilemma.

He could understand how he had been responsible for part of his dilemma but the rest seemed far-fetched, absurd.

She thanked him with another of her comfortable, sensible smiles--a smile that took all embarrassment out of the dilemma, as balm will take irritation from a wound.

There exists the possibility that our humanness may include the dilemma of our not being able to perceive the messages of our data, that we will not be able to merge with it and become more.