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Disciplinary Definition

relating to discipline in behavior; "disciplinary problems in the classroom"

Sentence Examples

Even in the case of "disciplinary" subjects, there is no gain in concealing the human bearings.

A number of disciplinary rules prescribe a high standard for daily life.

Prisoners are segregated by age, sex, and disciplinary regime.

The Order concluded with the usual warning of disciplinary action.

Some of the best public school teachers in the last century were hot-tempered men whose disciplinary performances were ludicrous.

We emphasized the manual of formal guard mount as a disciplinary exercise.

We have seen that man will not really fight except under disciplinary pressure.

They are devised for disciplinary, postural, developmental, and health purposes.

Failure thereof to take up disciplinary stitches in time, is what ultimately works mob mischief.

Well, then, what are the corporal and semi-corporal disciplinary tools to be employed on the job?

Old Manhattan was as strictly run as disciplinary measures and rules could contrive and guarantee.

The disciplinary value of a subject depends on the amount of mental training that subject affords.

The formation in rank is a disciplinary measure against the weakness of man in the face of danger.

The disciplinary values are recognized when studies cease to have the practical and cultural values.

Military politics may dictate a perversion of the facts for disciplinary, moral or political reasons.

It was a major cause of the poor performance and the disciplinary problems that plagued so many units.

Elvin spent the rest of the weekend planning his revenge. He didn't think of it as that, but rather disciplinary action.

True, there come times when the persistently refractory course of the unit leaves him beyond the pale of disciplinary choice.

On the whole, the disciplinary value of the history of education is attained as an incident of its cultural and practical values.

For New Thought suffering is at least disciplinary and instructive: it compels reflection: it brings us to a knowledge of the law.

I could readily understand how his innate poetic delicacy had been affronted by the dreary, disciplinary atmosphere of a schoolroom.

Where that cannot be done, the State should assume full educative and disciplinary direction, and do it at the earliest possible moment.

"The proper response to police misconduct is disciplinary action against the police, not punishing all of society for one cop's mistake."

The introduction of these courses means that the merely disciplinary aim of education is fast giving way to that of adjustment and utility.

Mechanical drawing disciplinary as well as practical in value Engineering drawing demands intellectual power quite as much as it does skill of hand.

The disciplinary value of having to hunt out facts and uncover sources is second only to the value of accurate observation and effective presentation.

The disciplinary powers of the budget have yet to be more fully developed to cope successfully with the officially reported shortcomings in the economy.

It is the fashion of educational thinking in our day to put greatest stress on the practical values, less on the cultural, and least on the disciplinary.

It is true that the mental disciplinary value of mathematics was emphasized by many, but this supposed value did not put any real life into mathematical work.

The result in some cases has been a curious aberration in disciplinary methods—a freakishness that is inseparable from any sudden advance such as we are making.

On this basis I should say that the aim of the history of education, at least as recorded in existing texts, is first cultural, then practical, and last disciplinary.

In the way of general suggestion, I would say, exclude children from formal disciplinary life, such as that of all industry and most schools, up to the age of eighteen.

The development now in process is bringing about changes which will greatly enhance not only the usefulness but in a large measure the disciplinary value of the subject.

When his pattern of conduct has become apparent over a period of time and it appears appropriate, a prisoner may be moved into a lighter or more severe disciplinary regime.

"I will not tolerate anything less, and if I'm forced to resort to extreme disciplinary action to get what I demand, then you can expect to receive every demerit in the book!"

"The parent at home fails to understand disciplinary methods, and so we have the picture of the father obeying the son instead of the son the father; and the mother obeys the daughter."

"It's Board policy not to discuss employee matters with anyone except the employee and the disciplinary committee," he said, without even bothering to hide how much he enjoyed saying it.

An analysis of these two answers would show a combination of the cultural and practical values and, by implication at least, since they were able to say these things, a disciplinary value.

With the idea of improving the system of management, the directors at this stage abolished the Board of Control and the President was made Managing-Director with supervisory and disciplinary powers.

It revived the atmosphere of the Bachelor's Walk incident; and there was only too much justification for holding that the military authorities were indisposed to take the proper disciplinary action.

All communication with the enemy, both before and after the termination of hostilities, is absolutely forbidden. In case of violation of this order severest disciplinary measures will be immediately taken.

According to the seriousness of the offense and other factors, a prisoner may be confined in light, general, strict, or enforced strict disciplinary regimes, one of which is specified in his court sentence.

This first stage was succeeded by a disciplinary period, in which earnest attempts were made to enact laws that would punish the deserter and aid in his extradition whenever he took refuge across a state line.

Those who do not enter the engineering field through the drafting office will find the cultural and disciplinary training and the habits of precision and neatness instilled by a good course in drawing of great value.

The leaders understood, too, that disciplinary powers peculiar to the services enabled them to make changes that might not be possible for other organizations; the armed forces could command where others could only persuade.

And those who had come as players, wrestlers, were welcomed joyously, for, there being no immediate matter of a raid and throat-cutting, and little of disciplinary duties, time hung heavy on the hands of these grown-up children.

Its cultural and disciplinary values are not such as to make its pursuit a requisite for a liberal education, and its practical value for prospective teachers, as it has been commonly taught, is not such as to warrant its prescription.

When I wrote some pages back about the disciplinary value of the daily cold bath, I could hardly forbear stopping at that point to comment on the fact that that primary condition for bodily and moral health is beyond the reach of millions.

As I have said above, we allow the authority of the judge only when we have actual guarantees of his capacity and independence, and always within the limits of the general precepts of the law, and under the control of a superior disciplinary power.