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Disclosure Definition

the speech act of making something evident
synonyms:revelation, revealing

Sentence Examples

This unexpected disclosure shocked and grieved me as well as everyone present.

He claims such transactions do not require disclosure.

"To me, it was a heart breaking disclosure."

Some very undignified disclosures.

Riddell's disclosures were perfectly timed.

Muriel looked rather blank at this disclosure.

I dreaded the impending disclosure exceedingly.

He was provoked into disclosures by sudden resentment.

Business men and bankers frequently shock their friends and the community by suicide, on disclosures showing they have embezzled money to use on some financial venture that came to a disastrous end.

The disclosure threw her into a quite unusual agitation.

Case was rocked back on his heels by Cranly's disclosure.

He followed it with a disclosure which he uttered gravely.

Master interrupted himself one afternoon with this disclosure.

"Your disclosures disturbed me more than you may have realized."

Certain disclosures of the evening stood out with startling clarity.

Mary felt suddenly weak, but she fought to avoid disclosure of the fact.

Kerk and Meta stood white-faced as the impact of the disclosure sunk in.

Why, of all people on earth, had he alone been singled out for this disclosure?

With what art he had prepared the way for the final disclosure of his effrontery!

He had died as though struck by lightning, at just the right time to save disclosure.

We know little about business men except the noisy disclosures of their press agents.

Crucial decisions can hardly be more than a disclosure of the cumulative force of trivial choices.

In practice, the disclosure is of limited value, since the operation of the program is often self-evident.

In regard to the insured, his basic obligation is to make an honest and complete disclosure of the risk involved.

Mary was too deeply interested in these disclosures to pay any attention to this reference to her present costume.

The captain vaguely remembered Kent's disclosure to him concerning his appointment as administrator of his aunt's estate.

He is only writing about himself. But the disclosure is not complete. He remains to a certain extent a figure behind the veil.

His marriage with Dorise, indeed his whole future, depended upon the disclosure of the clever plot whereby Louise Lambert was to become his wife.

The more insulting, the more ruthless, the more one-sided the disclosure of their irremediable faults and meannesses, the more voluptuous the pleasure.

In theory, this allows the patent-holder to trade off disclosure of their invention for a limited monopoly of a minimum of 20 years after the patent filing.

One of the most startling and disquieting of these disclosures was that of hundreds of thousands of our men, between the ages of 18 and 43, dying of tuberculosis.

This dispersion of knowledge, then, requires not only responsible being in the nursing situation but also mulling, pondering, assessing, and judging prior to disclosure.

She abstained, however, for his own sake, from making any painful disclosures to her husband; and the daily and hourly expiation brought no peace with it; for she remained in her deceiver's power.

Thus, a lawyer may make disclosures of confidential knowledge, if this is necessary in order to defend himself against the false accusations of a client, or to prevent a crime which the client intends to commit.

Moreover, the community itself suffers in repute from such disclosures, since outsiders will be impressed with the thought that the community has wicked members or is lax, and that there is a lack of unity among them.

This initiative will include not only database alignment and the horizontal and vertical information flow; it will also optimize disclosure policy and establish a consistent reporting criteria across agencies and allies.