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Use disjunct in a sentence

Disjunct Definition

marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements;

Sentence Examples

These sets are disjunct.

Disjunct: with head, thorax and abdomen separated by constrictions.

Lacking evidence of genetic exchange, I prefer to retain disjunct populations that are distinctive as species.

In four instances the area encompassed was broken by woodland, indicating that the home range comprised two or three disjunct segments.

Recently, emphasis on control of numbers of prairie dogs in the area has reduced many formerly extensive colonies to small, disjunct units.

Until contrary evidence is forthcoming, I consider the disjunct populations heretofore held to be subspecies of modestus to be specifically distinct.

Thus, considering the second tetrachord, E F G A, as first of the new scale, it would be followed by A B♭ C D, and the two disjunct tetrachords would be formed.

In the combination of two syllables or tetrachords the modern diatonic scales resemble the Greek so-called disjunct scale, but the Greeks knew nothing of our categorical distinctions of major and minor.

And although our scales are derived from combined tetrachords, in any system of tuning that we employ, be it just, mean-tone, or equal, they are less logical than the conjunct or disjunct systems accepted by the Greeks.

Hucbald, as I have already explained, changed the Greek tone system somewhat by arranging it in four regular disjunct tetrachords, namely: This system permitted the addition of a fifth to each note indiscriminately, and the fifths would always be perfect; but in regard to the octaves it was faulty, for obvious reasons.