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Domed Definition

having a hemispherical vault or dome

Sentence Examples

His head is finely domed and utterly bald.

Being domed, there was no use for rooms of any kind.

The domed roof soared far above in misty bluish light.

They play this winter sport in a specially constructed domed building.

Lancet is made of German silver and has a domed rather than a knob end.

All day that hill of houses over the town had been domed and sealed up with cold cloud.

Her voice went pealing to the domed ceiling as sweet as a silver bell, resonant as a trumpet.

The church is a cream-colored affair with a domed steeple rising from the center of its façade.

The child's face was remarkably intelligent, a high bred little face under a finely domed head.

At the same time the absence of any cross arms differentiates them from the domed cross churches.

We came at length to a particularly lofty, domed hall, from which opened several large bathrooms.

The type is a natural development from the octagonal domed church with its surrounding ambulatory.

Tom followed his gaze to the massive domed building, housing the giant one-thousand-inch reflector.

The building might be mistaken for a domed church with four aisles, two narthexes, and a parecclesion.

His domed forehead was massive, his features were delicately chiseled, and his eyes were a clear gray.

On the opposite side of the house is a small ell, showing domed windows and a handsomely carved entrance.

It had a domed superstructure, and the finials or metal terminals were more ornamental and grew in number.

We ascended from a lower floor up to a terrace, on which were several little domed chambers, or pavilions.

Sophia at Constantinople, the highest development of the domed basilica, has a very similar western gallery.

Through the window beside him, he could look out of his skyscraper apartment over the domed city of Ranthoor.

Dimly, through the rain, we could make out some palms and what appeared to be a domed building and a minaret.

It had been a family custom for centuries, ever since the first domed ports had been built on Mars and Venus.

She walked through into a vast room where a domed and painted ceiling now looked down on a very curious scene.

It would merely goad Interplanetary Power into withdrawing, refusing to service the domed cities on the moons.

He was mild and deft, middle-aged, with a domed head and wide, light-blue eyes behind old fashioned spectacles.

Beneath was a balcony corresponding with the one above, and just beyond was a domed cell that he had investigated.

The domed roof shone with the phosphorous light, and the walls were almost covered with arabesques of beaten gold.

A bright white light illumined the room, and outlined clearly the great polished beams that arched the domed ceiling.

They continued deeper into the mountainside, and the air felt cooler, while the domed tunnel grew perceptibly smaller.

They are bulky structures composed of twigs, strips of thin bark, moss, and leaves; sometimes cup-shaped, others domed.

The cathedral is a twin-towered and domed majestic structure on the Plaza Constitucion with an elaborately decorated chapel.

Their wildness called to him, soothed him as the starship soothed him, as the gardens and the neat domed houses never could.

Four times, like the nautilus, the city had outgrown its shell, until today it was the greatest domed city in the Solar System.

He looked insignificant, almost ridiculous, with his domed forehead and straggling blonde mustache, his short body and long legs.

Each man held a flask of the deadly fluid when Althora led the way where stairs went deep down into the earth under the domed roof.

The cry went up to the domed roof in a great crescendo of sound, and instantly the place was a pandemonium of shouting, excited figures.

They'd seen it from space—a huge domed city gleaming like a great gem from the center of the huge desert that covered most of the planet.

"Here we have a wood brought near us, with its domed canopy of foliage above, and its labyrinth of trunks buried in sylvan twilight below".

The domed octagon which forms the core of the building stands at a distance of some 181⁄2 feet from the rectangle within which it is placed.

His domed forehead, great white moustache, lean cheeks, and long lean jaw were covered from the westering sunshine by an old brown Panama hat.

A half moon, harshly bright, hung low above the western horizon, and the vast stretch of sky that domed in the prairie was sprinkled with stars.

It was domed like a dish-cover, and ornamented with a fiery double star at the top; innumerable threads of slimy stuff hung from its lower side.

The great domed power stations were already in operation, and they were made of nonmagnetic materials, so they could not be pulled from the ground.

Hidden lights along the walls sent slow beams of red, blue, vermilion, green, yellow and pink trailing across the domed ceiling in a heterogeneous pattern.

Inside it was fitted up in very great style: long carpeted corridors opening out into sort of domed winter gardens, something like the snake house at the Zoo.

The hatch-cover was slightly domed and had four-inch coamings all round, and when let upside down on to the water made a sufficiently effective raft for light freight.

The domed symmetrical cylinder stood there as a monument to human ingenuity and skill, and the travellers' last thought as they fell asleep was, "Man is really lord of creation."

The heart is Washington, and, Congress to the contrary notwithstanding, the heart of that heart is not the domed building at the head of Pennsylvania Avenue, but an American home.

It is large, domed, and almost spherical in shape, composed of brambles, thorny sticks, clay, and finer sticks, and lined inside with dead grass and fibrous roots; it has a hole on the side.

Remaining absolutely motionless within the domed laboratory, it was now possible to feel the ever so slight motion, not only of the laboratory, but of the mountain crest upon which it rested.

The small birds we found on the islands were red-winged blackbirds, Louisiana seaside sparrows, and long-billed marsh-wrens—which last had built their domed houses among the bushes, in default of tall reeds.