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Use downplay in a sentence

Downplay Definition

represent as less significant or important.

Sentence Examples

He wanted to escape surgery, so he downplayed the symptoms.

He had to downplay it to make it seem more believable.

I won't downplay your talents, so long as you take care!

Later in his life, the author admitted he downplayed the support for the independence movement.

And they lack a good-enough resolution to downplay the roughness.

Well into 1963 he studiously downplayed the civil rights issues involved.

Or they may downplay your real needs because the answers are not in their tool kits.

If he doesn't like someone, he pays more attention to their flaws and ignore or downplay their positive traits.

The conferees also agreed that the quota issue should be downplayed while the parties continued their discussions on that subject.

In the debates, they always downplay the opposition, and outright make stuff repeatedly to put the side they support at a higher level than it actually is.

The Kaypro Corporation, at least, still boasted a dealer network of more than a thousand stores in mid-1984. But some stores in my area had dropped or downplayed the Kaypro line in the earlier part of the year.

Stoll is an astronomer, not just a hacker, and he makes me feel as if he is using a scratchy pair of binoculars to look for life on Mars. Fixated on negatives, he has downplayed even the obvious: the Net equivalent of Martian mountains.