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Use droopy in a sentence

Droopy Definition

hanging down (as from exhaustion or weakness)
synonyms:drooping, sagging

Sentence Examples

He got droopy ears.

"I like their funny black hats and droopy mustaches."

She looked a little tired and droopy, for she had had a trying day.

"A man with such a long, droopy moustache could ever be really trusted."

Our turkeys look droopy, and there is no telling when they will peg out.

She dropped her arm, moved away, and put the droopy hat back in its box.

This parasite causes the birds to become restless, emaciated and droopy.

He couldn't speak, but gazed and gazed up into the eyes under the droopy hat.

They drift all directions, this way and that, The fluffy clouds, droopy clouds, skinny and fat.

She was pale, and droopy from the heat, but happily dressed in Liberty silk, with a plain turn-down straw hat.

She is young and very beautiful, and wears a droopy hat and long slinky clothes which she drags across the stage.

Sure enough, too, there was something familiar about that long thin nose and the droopy mouth corners; but I couldn’t place him.

He was bald and grizzled and she was a little droopy around the Shoulders and had not been able to massage away the more important Wrinkles.

She was walking slow, and her head was bent down, and her wings hanging limp and droopy; and she looked ever so tired, and was crying, poor thing!

All day the General and Chaplain Haverford were fussing about licenses, and those girls sat around and waited, and looked droopy but sort of happy.

I am too old to believe in ghosts, of course; but for all that there are queer things to be seen in old green droopy woods like that of Deep Moat Hollow.

He was in the mood to write something rather exquisite and gentle and quietest in tone; something a little droopy and at the same time—how should he put it?

So, at least, thought the author of the write-ups, catching sight of her through the glass over Eustace's shoulder, noting the somewhat droopy manner of her walk.

Vandeford leaned forward so that his left ear was within reach of the whisper of Miss Adair's lips as she turned her head and tilted it like a droopy flower toward his.

His head looked large, set on the end of that neck, his nose was dished in and his eyes had a certain veiled look, as if he were hiding a bad disposition under those droopy lids.

Bart swore under his breath and beckoned to him a droopy-mustached, droopy-shouldered rider who was circling the herd in a droopy, spiritless manner and chewing tobacco with much industry.

Even the discomforts of the night could not dull her joy in the anticipation of meeting her husband—and she constantly enheartened her droopy little brood with the prospect of soon seeing their "dear Daddy."

There was something languid, almost droopy, in her carriage now.

It was droopy and generally woebegone, but it served its purpose.