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Use dubious in a sentence

Dubious Definition

  • open to doubt or suspicion;
    synonyms:dubitable, doubtful, in question
  • not convinced;
  • fraught with uncertainty or doubtsynonyms:doubtful

Sentence Examples

He looked dazed and dubious.

Molly dropped a dubious curtsey.

She echoed with a dubious smile.

Chester looked somewhat dubious.

The Parson shook a dubious head.

The answer was somewhat dubious.

His voice carried a dubious note.

Still, he was shaken and dubious.

Anthony's slow words were dubious.

He put a dubious hand to his lips.

It looked like a dubious prospect.

My affair certainly looked dubious.

She uttered a little dubious laugh.

Then he rolled a dubious eye at me.

Then her expression became dubious.

I started at this dubious diplomacy.

At first the physicists were dubious.

She looked at him with a dubious air.

The others exchanged dubious glances.

He wears a dubious, disappointed look.

Dubious associations hung around the name of this man.

His inference is more or less dubious and hypothetical.

Beyond this piece of dubious information nothing was said.

"Things look dubious, and we may have a big job before us."

The clerk was very dubious about my leaving with suitcases.

Dubious parts of history can be cleared by such documents only.

Barbara smiled, half lifted dubious brows, and shrugged slightly.

Frankly, I find this claimant a dubious person, but a shrewd one.

George remained seated, watching her with perplexed, dubious eyes.

I saw her hold herself aloof and dubious, proud and coldly chaste.