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Use earnest-money in a sentence

Definition of earnest money:

  • (noun) money given by a buyer to a seller to bind a contract

Sentence Examples:

This is earnest money.

She accepted the earnest money.

Real estate broker's earnest money receipt.

Dobson called it the earnest money.

Duke accepted it ungraciously as earnest money.

"Here is my earnest money," he said.

Durance will give you back your earnest money.

You will take that just as earnest money.

Who's putting up the earnest money for this shot?

"What, did the rascal showman give you no earnest money?"

There, take your earnest money; and let your aunt bring you here about this time to-morrow evening.'

Tom took the room, paid down fifty cents as earnest money, and agreed to pay the balance Monday morning.

A sum of money, generally half a crown, paid as earnest money by a master on hiring his farm servant.

With the dromedaries, camels, and horses, the camp was accepted; then, as was the custom, the earnest money was paid.

I ordered a choice dinner for twelve, paid the earnest money, and made the host promise that everything should be of the best.

"You have not fulfilled the promise made me, but the thirty ducats which I gave you as earnest money, will be no great loss."

I thought the least I could do was to make good to them on the earnest money they had forfeited, and they accepted it.

Donahue was to keep the earnest money for his trouble, if nothing came of it, and if anything did turn up he was to take half.

Be with me on the morrow, and I promise out of my own chest will I pay you your arrears and earnest money for the future.

He must deem every hour that he was permitted to breathe as a gift, like the earnest money he, placed in the trainer's hand in a horse trade.

Then I will help to clear them out of the country, if they will not let me ship the property I have bought and paid good earnest money upon!

Findlay had given him as earnest money, with more to follow later, was immediately brought to me, together with a full account of what has already been told.

Ten minutes later Marks left with a written memorandum of the terms of sale on his person while Morris pocketed a similar memorandum and fifty dollars earnest money.

However, that payment was undoubtedly made "on the nail;" hence some confusion may have arisen, especially where plates and pillars were provided for the deposit of earnest money.

There may be special ordinances as to the liability of masters for the acts of their apprentices and agents, or as to brokers, debt, or earnest money binding a bargain.

I soon found there was nothing to be gained from the fellow, and becoming convinced of his steadfastness was willing he should keep the coin as earnest money for future services.

I delayed to the last moment the payment of earnest money and then, when delay would no longer serve, I said carelessly, that full payment would follow by messenger within two days.

Small parties went out at certain seasons provided with rum, gunpowder, and a little cloth; and either bought the "chattels" or paid earnest money, promising to settle the whole debt at their villages.

His father was well pleased with his report of what he had done and provided him with ample funds for paying earnest money to his various agents, as a proof that their exertions would be well rewarded.

The yoke of his treaty with the publishing syndicate was hardly twelve moons old; and, however, it galled his neck to the extent of his cogitating how he might pay off the earnest money he had received, and be his own man again.

The wedding ring appears in its origin to have been merely the earnest money which bound the contract of marriage between the father and the husband, and was not the only symbol of the kind in early custom, although no other survives in modern use.

The recruiting officers sought not only new men, but also for deserters; and the bad discipline and want of military pride of the small southern German countries, as well as the facility of desertion, made it alluring to every good-for-nothing fellow to obtain new earnest money.

Immediate examination, though, showed that some of them had risen in arms, partly from friendship for certain captains under whom they had served, while others had been tempted by a trifle of earnest money in lieu of pay, as usual when soldiers were raised for companies, without knowing the place of their service, or its purpose.

Spending his nights in wine-shops most frequently, and lodging in them, among men without a roof, without faith or honor, he could find persons easily to undertake any task, and still more easily others who, if they sniffed coin on his person, would begin, but when they had received earnest money, would extort the whole sum by threatening to deliver him to justice.