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Use ember in a sentence

Ember Definition

a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering

Sentence Examples

The embers had blackened.

The fire had died to glowing embers.

The poppy burned like a crimson ember.

The boys carefully examined the dead embers.

Bellows were at hand to enliven dying embers.

If you land in the embers, jump aside quickly.

While blowing the embers his beard was singed.

The only noise was the hiss and pop of dying embers.

Sometimes the oven was placed directly on the embers.

Your speech is passion: But, pray you, stir no embers up.

The embers of their fire turned black and then grey as they cooled.

Charlie scraped and pushed the embers together with a charcoal log.

Quickly the boys formed in a circle about the dying embers of the fire.

There, the two boys carefully stamped out the dying embers of the fire.

Picking up a piece of driftwood, he fed it to the dying embers of the fire.

The smoldering embers of hate began to flare in the hearts of the radicals.

A hot ember dropped beside them and struck one of Helen’s legs before it had cooled.

Charred sticks were being snapped, ashes kicked aside, embers pushed out of the way.

Slowly Eric walked toward the campfire and knelt down and held his hand over the embers.

When he had finished the song, he took an ember from the fire, and placed some dried sweet pine upon it.

The lighted rods pushed into the sand, giving a glow to the scene, darkened as a fire might sink to embers.

Shelter appeared in a spacious cave, which was empty, though the embers of a fire glowed in a hole in the rocky floor.

Bakestones, griddles and clay ovens were at hand to stand on the hot embers, and later, ovens were built into the fireplaces.

Janet and Helen walked over to the ranchhouse, but the embers were glowing so brightly that it was impossible to get very close.

The physicians consider the root and occasion, the embers, and coals, and fuel of the disease, and seek to purge or correct that.

The priest dried the root in the embers of a fire, scraped off the outer bark, powdered it, and bound the wound after applying the powder.

It was something like the surface of a glowing ember in a dying fire, smoothed out flat and spread with uniformity over an area of sixteen square feet.

Then, as it continued to cool, the color swiftly drained from it and, in a few minutes, it shone only with the dull and ugly crimson of an expiring ember.

The board gave slightly, the wall panel moved upward and she stepped forth to find herself in the great fireplace of the entrance hall, just beyond the embers of the dying logs.

He went to the fireplace and laid the pile of letters among the embers, blowing them into a blaze, and watched them until they were eaten up by the fire and nothing remained but dead grey ashes.