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Use embroider in a sentence

Definition of embroider:

  • (verb) decorate with needlework
  • (verb) add details to

Sentence Examples:

The broad verandas of the hotel were alluring with palms; the walls and portcullises were cooled with embroidering vines.

She was embroidering an intricate monogram in the center of a square of fine linen, working with nice exactitude and daintiness.

Samson took up the sweetmeats silently, and bore them to the princess, who was busy embroidering with her maids.

We have selected for illustration one composed of mode cloth, charmingly embroidered in a chaste and unique design of intermingled branches.

Harriett stood on the landing in petticoat and embroidered camisole, her hair neatly pinned, her face glowing and fresh.

Her undergarment of pink showed at the throat; and about her waist was a pink sash embroidered with blue.

His legs were encased in stockings and embroidered gaiters, and his feet shod with brown boots of untanned calfskin.

I like these old embroidered chairs, and the garlands on the wainscot, and the pictures that may be anything.

As a matter of fact, a dress in the Pompadour style, white satin embroidered with posies, would be altogether charming.

Their language is of the same piebald character, being a French patois, embroidered with Indian and English words and phrases.

Inch-high monograms or letters may be embroidered in white at the middle of sheets and pillowcases, just above the hem.

He had on a grizzle wig with three ties, and over it a silk nightcap embroidered with gold and silver.

You ought to see her little hands of gold; how she embroiders the clothes, how she is preparing her trousseau.

The embroidered pictures are also interesting as showing the flowers which found a place in the parterres of English gardens.

Gold is wasted in gilding and in embroidering; but a portion of this is recovered by burning the old articles.

This is of white, or light yellow, and often interwoven with red, green or blue silk, or embroidered with flowers.

"She can embroider, she can sing, and play on several instruments; she can even compose a quatrain at a pinch."

The wings of the stiffly embroidered coif framed the white face from which the eyes looked out, large and dark.

On the wall above the wainscot the faded hangings wavered in the draft, crusted thickly with strange embroidered flowers.

He gave his artist friend a handsomely embroidered deerskin shirt on which he had depicted in Indian fashion his various achievements.

Her silken gown was very "fashionable," somewhat too modish for good taste, for it was elaborately trimmed and embroidered.

His favorite steed, caparisoned to carry two, and with its panoply embroidered with jewels, was brought before his pavilion.

His mother kissed the grimed, badly embroidered pansy and wild-rose squares that were folded into his occasional happy notes.

They had wonderfully embroidered bodices worked in silver lace, and short pleated skirts of a portentous width all round.

The day after that, three fine embroidered handkerchiefs were said to be missing from the little inlaid box on her bureau.

His French valet gave him shoes with red heels, blue velvet breeches, and a red caftan embroidered with spangles.

Her mother made her a white satin gown with a long train, embroidered with beads and flounced with lace.

Others wore pink and blue caps, drooping over one ear, and caftans with the sleeves thrown back, embroidered with gold.

At any rate, her six tall bridesmaids were arrayed in Japanese dress, lovely white creations embroidered with birds and foliage.

Cushions, most fancifully embroidered, were strewn about the floor, and the bed coverlet was a piece of heavy Chinese tapestry.

She, too, wore the imperial crown, with its golden aureole, and her cloak was of damask embroidered with heavy gold.

There was not an inharmonious touch in her attire of soft creamy satin and lace, richly embroidered with golden flowers.

The gentleman in the dory kept up a running fire of remarks, shouted between grunts, and embroidered with cheerful profanity.

She was wearing the Russian national costume, with an apron embroidered with pearls and a coif adorned with precious stones.

He walked with bare feet, using both hands (for he was ambidextrous) to draw round him a red embroidered cloth.

Melville sent me this morning to embroider for her; and see, she has sent Ellen some cambric handkerchiefs to hem.

The dainty little moccasins were embroidered with a solid mass of fine, glittering beads in the symbol of the sun.

It was a broad, square piece of blue silk bunting, embroidered with heraldic devices that required a skilled reader to interpret them.

Another, of violet velvet embroidered in gold and silver flames, bordered with cloth of silver, was lined with violet taffeta.

The sword belt is of Russian leather, one and a half inches wide, embroidered with three rows of gold embroidery.

One tablecloth, six or eight yards long, of finest but untrimmed damask with embroidered monogram on each side, or four corners.

Clarissa was employed in embroidering a stomacher whose green, gold, and russet set off her dark curls very agreeably.

As the symbol of possession, these had raised the embroidered banner of their seigneur upon the terrace of the splendid building.

It was the pink face of a very tiny baby, wrapped in costly robes of embroidered flannel, and lace and cambric.

Her dress was artistically embroidered with emblems of the victorious Republic, and her corsage was studded with diamond stars.

Among the few articles of native manufacture offered for sale, I noticed embroidered kerchiefs and sarongs, also rope of good quality.

The arabesque patterns are worked in cambric muslin, the outlines are embroidered in overcast, and the material is cut away all round.

The table was covered with a coarse, unbleached cloth and an embroidered towel was laid on it in lieu of a napkin.

His head rested upon pillows of crimson satin, beautifully embroidered with gold, and studded with golden spangles and precious stones.

Two camel litters appear to be next noticed, and apparently variegated garments worked with gold, and embroidered zones and shawls.

On this the more youthful women had embroidered figures of cherubim in scarlet, purple, and light blue, entwined with gold.

Her mistress, casting aside a scarf of embroidered Chinese brocade, moved about the room with an air at once languid and distrait.

My legs were encased in velvet breeches to the knee, and thence protected by Spanish gaiters, embroidered in Spanish silk.

The beautifully embroidered buckskin suits and moccasins she made for me fairly dazzled the eye with their blaze of color.

Their clothing was made of deer skin, soft and pliable and beautifully embroidered with wampum beads or dyed porcupine quills.

The centerpiece and doilies may be embroidered with good effect in simple outline or rows of outline, known as the "Bulgarian stitch."

We know, however, that our forefathers, long before this, possessed beds, or rather cots, hung round with rich embroidered canopies.

The flute, embroidered clothes, and the composition of indifferent French verses, seemed to occupy the attention of the young dilettante.

They are made of crimson purl knitted silk, embroidered on the back and cuffs with gold, now faded and tarnished.

A piece of crimson silk, obtained with great difficulty, was embroidered in silk by the religious Moravian women of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania.

Books were piled upon it, and heavily embroidered foreign stuffs, and near it a number of Japanese drawings stood on a stand.

In his hand he held a concave fan, lined with pale green silk, the back richly embroidered, jewelled, and gilt.

Much of the value of these petticoats was in the handwork bestowed upon them; they were both embroidered and elaborately quilted.

Round the waist they wore a broad zone or cincture, flounced on both edges, and embroidered and jewelled in the center.

Mist floated upward from marsh and lake; and through it the spectral palms loomed, drooping fronds embroidered with dew.

A duke stood godfather to her little Wilhelmina and Royalty herself embroidered at least one frill of the baby's christening robe.

The cabinet which we reproduce has the royal arms embroidered on the cover, and is a beautiful example of intricate cabinetmaking.

In earlier centuries English needlework had been famous, and the nuns had been pre-eminent in the making of richly embroidered vestments.

"How did Cunningham happen to have a sachet bag embroidered with his initials when Cora did not know him as Cunningham?"

There shall she appear, becomingly dressed and adorned, wearing a gold embroidered veil as a token that she may be wooed.

It is a fine piece of embroidered rhetoric, which is fairly entitled to the place it holds in most anthologies of Spanish prose.

We were lodged in a silver bedstead, quilt, curtains, valances, and counterpane of crimson damask, embroidered richly with flowers of gold.

Angelique, who promised to be skillful in embroidering, disconcerted them by sudden changes to inexplicable idleness after days of praiseworthy application.

She approached with downcast eyes, holding in her small white hands an embroidered cockade, which she placed on his breast.

Real Venetian point is entirely needle-made; in the embroidered imitations of it, the stuff takes the place of the needle-made lace foundation.

Just now poppy and aster, gladiolus and thistle, embroider it with patterns infinite and intricate beyond the power of art.

At an Asiatic grandee's table you would have them embroidered and perfumed; and one for your lap and another for your lips.

The rich gold embroidered border of the saree held the wealth of color together, and saved the whole from tawdriness.

I was always dressed in Turkish costume, embroidered with gold, and never costing less than two or three hundred dollars.

The front of its breast is of a red color, its back is variegated with green, and its sides as if embroidered.

The diners reclined on costly sofas, inlaid with tortoise shells and jewels, and the lower parts decked with embroidered gold.

This illustration is given as a type of Egyptian dress decoration, which would be either printed, painted, or embroidered on the garment.

Dorothy Sheridan had turned up with her bobbed hair elaborately and beautifully curled and wearing a gaily embroidered Russian smock.

She made the finest moccasins in all the tribe and knew how to embroider them with the prettiest quill designs.

I wore a coarse stuff skirt, pleated into a thousand folds all round, and a peasant's embroidered bodice, and a peasant's coif.

On her arms were broad golden armlets, and the drapery, a long flowing robe, was blue, embroidered with yellow flowers.

The second was when the four new flags embroidered by Danish ladies for the students were consecrated and handed over.

Asked the sovereign, taking up an end of the painted and embroidered deerskin robe and rubbing it critically between her fingers.

The ceilings of these closets were gilded and painted; the hangings were of tapestry embroidered with fretwork of pearls and gems.

Suddenly the door opened, and two slaves appeared in magnificent Grecian costume, richly embroidered, and placed themselves at the open door.

He wears a red waistcoat cut short and fastened with brass buttons, and a loose cloth coat ornamented with embroidered revers.

She wore a handsome dishabille of embroidered white muslin, closely surrounding her delicate and slender form, and trimmed with beautiful laces.

Their embroidered robes, their metal work, their saddlery, all come from Albania, or are here worked by emigrants from that province.

The general was clothed in embroidered robes, and wore on his head a fillet adorned with rosettes and long tasseled bands.

Here also are a pair of embroidered gloves that belonged to the king, and a dagger with his name 'Carolus' engraved upon it.

This simple stitch is the one that is most used by the Indians in embroidering their buckskin shirts, leggings and moccasins.

Some of their rich caparisons were of cloth of gold, others of European cloth, embroidered with gold, or thin native leather also embroidered.

These squares embroidered in the bright cottons make beautiful cushions and their use with Turkish rugs and hangings is very appropriate.

Even a Pardon would not reconcile you; not even the Breton jackets with scriptural stories embroidered on them, nor the bagpipes.'

The walls in both apartments were hung with flax-tinted silken stuff, embroidered with huge bouquets of roses, white lilac and buttercups.