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Use embroidery in a sentence

Definition of embroidery:

  • (noun) elaboration of an interpretation by the use of decorative
  • (noun) decorative needlework

Sentence Examples:

At length came the Hungarian Guards, with Esterhazy at their head, dazzling in gems and pearl embroidery.

In all cases of fabrics that are not washable set embroidery by pasting on the reverse side.

She saw that in one shop her mistress bought a hank of the finest gray embroidery silk.

After that date the plain white vestment was superseded by one covered all over with elaborate embroidery.

It is very obvious that the motive was still derived from textile art, probably from Assyrian embroidery.

The courtyard was filled with men and women in Bosnian costumes, white and dark red embroideries.

The sight of those garments with their embroidery and many frills fired Tom with new enthusiasm.

Near the window, on which a charming little Italian greyhound rested her delicate paws, was an embroidery frame.

Cane mangled the air with gestures of futility while his wife laid aside her embroidery and stood up.

Like the Chinese they wear a pigtail, and from them, too, have learned the art of silk embroidery.

When this figured stuff is not at hand, it may be replaced by embroidery or a simple festoon.

I have embroidery to make, and lessons to say, and my class learns French as well as Castilian.

She is a lady, and one of rank evidently, by the lace embroidery on her stomacher and mantilla.

Apuleius evidently took the story as a mere groundwork which he might overlay with his own fantastic embroidery.

She excelled in feminine works, such as embroidery, tapestry, and dressmaking, and always modeled her own costumes.

He filled Rome with skilled and artistic artisans, with decorators, jewelers, workers in painted glass and embroidery.

Among women generally embroidery has always had votaries, and in the nunnery it found a new development.

In another letter he describes her dress as consisting of 'a groundwork of dirt, with an embroidery of filthiness.'

What exquisite embroidery, silver and gold thread intermixed with little sparks of garnets sewn in the pattern!

A full description of the latter will be found in the chapters on net embroidery, and Irish lace.

She turned from them to the picture of an Elizabethan countess, splendid in ruff and rich in embroidery.

The maidens were, above all, made proficient in the strictly feminine arts of housekeeping, spinning, weaving, and embroidery.

She was a good deal of a bookworm, and did a great deal of beautiful embroidery, and never said much.

Besides these, there were things to use in housekeeping, and nets for fishing, and cloth, and even embroidery.

Bind edges with blanket binding, embroidering with double feather stitching; leave embroidery open at both ends of curve.

Nanny was to be married in the fall, and she was sewing on some white cambric and embroidery.

The welkin-smashing negative, crashing through the night, and not entirely free from embroidery, offered a conclusive answer.

Nor are such as bear an affinity to the art, like engraving, inlaying, mosaic work, and embroidery, wholly excluded.

Magnificent they are, true also, entirely true; but some mannerism there is in them, some over-intricate embroidery of phrase.

The waist was encircled by a broad band of embroidery, and the trousers completely encased the feet.

Jessie had bought a scarf of exquisite embroidery on pale-blue gauze, which was very becoming to her pretty girlishness.

It bore banners of violet, green, rose, blue and other colors, magnificently decorated with gilding, paintings and embroidery.

Four to a dozen tea cloths, of filet lace or drawn work or Russian embroidery, with tiny napkins to match.

I turn and spin down the curves and reaches of the river without delaying for embroideries or arabesques.

Their more serious occupations are sewing and embroidery, and their greatest drudgery the preparations of jellies and sweetmeats.

All badges are to be of silver embroidery on the jackets, and of silver or white on the blue serge.

The embroidery of letters upon lacework is costly; and we saw single letters which had required a week's work.

After the meal Mrs Lilly took her lodger into the front room and gave her embroidery work to do.

The native women in nearly all the civilized provinces produce some very handsome specimens of embroidery on European patterns.

They spent one day in the bazaars buying all sorts of beautiful sashes, in brilliant colors, of Turkish embroidery.

A moralist might, perhaps, be puzzled exactly what account to make of the Captain's disposition to romancing and embroidery.

In describing the vestments singly we have already noticed the positions in which these patches of embroidery were placed.

Within lay the body, robed in costly habiliments covered with gold embroidery and starred with scintillating gems.

Curtains and coverlets showed the delicate embroidery of some ancestress, long since laid to rest in the family chapel.

Such thread is covered with tin foil for embroidery, its pliability rendering it peculiarly fit for the purpose.

This is really what is known as "Russian embroidery," cross stitch in artistic colors on coarse red or blue cotton.

Brocades are embroidery effects produced by floating wefts on the surface of damask, satin, taffeta, and other weaves.

The colors of each regiment proudly, though scantily, floated in the breeze; they displayed but very little embroidery.

The gold embroidery done in Mexico is generally very beautiful, and there are many ladies who embroider in great perfection.

It was of pale blue silk, heavy with elaborate embroidery and gold braiding, and Patty was enchanted with it.

The Anglo-Saxon ladies were remarkable for their skill in embroidery; they excelled all other women in this beautiful art.

The English ladies led a quiet and secluded life, and were celebrated for their skill in needlework and embroidery.

The saddle is frequently adorned with rich embroidery in gold, and the holster inlaid with the same precious metal.

We hung up fine embroideries and festoons of gauze, and fastened numbers of artificial flowers here and there in the draperies.

She had taken a piece of silk embroidery from a workbasket near her, and was busily employed with it.

A pair of small embroidery scissors should be used to cut the material away close to the twill of the buttonholing.

These garments were made of real lace or Parisian embroidery, and the prices paid for them were almost impossible to credit.

The wall in this corner is hung with long towels, either covered with embroidery, or embroidered at the ends.

The pants were ornamented with a broad gilt band up the side, with a limited quantity of gilt embroidery.

On his naked feet he wears a pair of embroidered bedroom slippers, the embroidery on which seems to be quite new.

Golden embroideries intertwine in capricious arabesques, costumes, jewels, appointments so extraordinarily rich that the stage seems a mine of glory.

The seats were veneered with tortoiseshell, and covered with quilts stuffed with feathers, and ornamented with costly embroideries.

His dress was of linen encrusted with gold, and the edges of his tunic trimmed with gold embroidery.

Marie was quite an expert in Indian embroidery, the children were gay and frolicsome, and there was a new baby.

The high corsage was quite flat, and glittered with silver embroidery and fine pearls that covered every seam.

I do not doubt that, with my embroidery scissors, I might have cut out an elegant open-work pattern in it.

A young artist was the fortunate possessor of a considerable number of Japanese and Chinese embroideries and other Oriental ornaments.

The same is used for scalloping or pointing skirts, or, in fact, for any style of cambric or muslin embroidery.

Korean ladies sew as exquisitely as French nuns, and embroider as deftly as those Japanese men whose profession embroidery is.

Needle-point lace is an offspring of embroidery, and pillow-made lace is the highest artistic development of twisted and plaited threads.

And the embroidery and the trimming, all made on the material of the mantle itself by my own embroiderers.

We heard a clattering noise behind the vines just then, which I knew was Bertha dropping her embroidery scissors.

Fine embroidery silk was dyed yellow and old rose for the stitchery that finished the edge of the collar.

Mistress Mary's dress was of some soft silken texture, very daintily and dexterously garnished with fair embroidery in silver.

He immediately procured a splendid equipage, dressed his servants in rich embroidery, and covered his horses with golden caparisons.

A nurse followed, with a baby, whose christening robe, nearly two yards long, was a mass of rich embroidery.

Of course, I have had to conjecture a great deal, and to embroider even more; but it is no more than embroidery.

The hangings of the bed, cumbrous with gold embroidery, had been twisted back to give air to the expiring man.

Nearly all the native silver work, embroidery, silks, and curios in the large shops of our colony come from Canton.

Here is mallow satin sewn with pearls, and with a running border of jasmine flowers done in sweet embroidery silks.

There were charming dresses and underclothing made of the very simplest materials and decorated artistically with stitching and embroidery.

It answers many of the purposes of bobbin silk, but is not suitable for fine embroidery on silk or satin fabrics.

His coat has a wide embroidery of golden foliage, and his waistcoat likewise is all flowered over and bedizened with gold.

I have a teacher for the French language, another for German, others for dancing, drawing, artistic embroidery, and music.

The afghan and worsted embroidery came out again under the bright lamplight; but Meredith sat idly tending the fire.

Embroideries, carved ivories, brasses, sweetmeats, fruits and newspapers, all were successively and collectively offered for immediate, almost compulsory sale.

He was dressed from head to foot in white velvet and white silk, with embroideries of silver, and an immense jabot.

His words were brief and expressive, conveying all that was meant, and no more; no embellishments, no embroidery, no arabesques.

This kind of stem stitch is chiefly used for the fine upstrokes of letters and numbers, and for linen embroidery.

Her dresses were literally diapered with gold and silver "gimps" inset with heavier stones, but little real embroidery is shown.

Becky lifted the lower flounce of my wrapper and inspected the embroidery, looking at me sharply from head to foot.

A while after was revived an old fashion, long antiquated, of embroidery with Indian figures of men, women, and children.

It is embroidered in gold with little bits of glass sewed on the right side, and held by the embroidery.

Bands woven or embroidered were later added, but their neighbors, the Syrians, always wore more elaborate embroidery than the Egyptians.

Their instinctive love of pleasing through dress should be made of service by teaching them sewing, embroidery, lacework, and designing.

The sword belt is of Russian leather, one and a half inches wide, embroidered with three rows of gold embroidery.

This embroidery pattern is worked between the borders of a handkerchief, which may be either of French cambric or grass lawn.

There are certainly instances of very similar patterns in Indian and Persian work in silk embroidery, and also in printed cotton.

Strange to relate, the statue of the Virgin in her attire is unsoiled; the white vestments with silken embroidery are untarnished.

And again, there is produced in her dark alleys and dirty lanes an article of silver gilt embroidery of unequaled excellence.