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Emotionally charged Definition

Sentence Examples

Some of the things you see may have emotionally charged meaning for you.

Divorces are very messy affairs, emotionally charged, and seldom involve logic.

The end of a relationship, especially a long relationship, is an emotionally charged, stressful process.

We generally try to avoid emotionally charged words.

Our life is filled with emotionally-charged images that may contradict our traditional ways of interpreting and thinking.

He was in early years a radical; he was stirred by the Revolution in France, and he was emotionally charged with the ideas of the time, —ideas of equality, fraternity, and liberty.

If the remarks of the physician and the stimuli which he gives have become significant to the patient under analysis, then they become a part of the day's remnants, can serve as psychic stimuli for the formation of a dream along with other, emotionally-charged, unsolved interests of the day, and operate much as do the somatic stimuli which act upon the sleeper during his sleep.