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Use empathetic in a sentence

Definition of empathetic:

  • (adjective) showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states

Sentence Examples:

Scott tried to sound empathetic.

"Matthew," William said, his voice empathetic now, "I'm afraid you have no choice."

Either my conditioning still lingers or my empathetic index is too high ...

A dead man had taught him how to train his empathetic sense, and to trust it.

You can't lie to a trained empathetic because he can sense the real attitude behind the verbal lies.

The empathetic is always aware of this constant and silent surge, whether he makes the effort to understand it or not.

A sudden scuffle of feet sounded at the same instant that a wave of empathetic hatred struck him.

During this night the horde gathered; but one of their leaders had received such empathetic warning of what would happen the following day should outrages be perpetrated, that he persuaded his associates to desist.