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Definition of enact:

  • (verb) order by virtue of superior authority; decree;
  • (verb) act out; represent or perform as if in a play;

Sentence Examples:

Lincoln, and steadily followed through every vicissitude, and every changing aspect of the great drama enacting before his eyes.

It is said that it would be absurd for Moses to enact such a law while servitude existed among the Hebrews.

Here before my eyes was enacted a more wonderful change than the gradual transformation of transparent absinthe into an opaque opalescent liquid.

In those few seconds a drama, full of strange sensations, awful impressions, and maddening effect had been enacted within me!

The very next day he took me out on the canal, where the marriage of the Doge with the sea was enacted.

Again, thieves steal trifles from rich men; slaveholders oppress poor men, and enact laws for the perpetuation of their poverty.

At another time a large, corpulent, much-bewhiskered mayor endeavored to enact the same ceremony, but forewarned is forearmed, and I evaded him.

There was the priest, alone with the great mystery which he was enacting, and by his side the diminutive ministrants.

In the same inexhaustible play she was called upon, a little later on, to enact the prettily limned Mary Meredith.

As he spoke he enacted, rising, turning ineffectually, convulsively toward the bell, let an imaginary paper drift from his hand.

There were towers and stages raised along the streets, where the legend of Troy-town and other pleasant matters were enacted.

This or that mummery was enacted by men for a magical purpose, to secure success in the chase, agriculture, or war.

The mimes are not mimicking thunder out of curiosity, they are making it and enacting and uttering it for magical purposes.

To trace all this was interesting, though it saddened one to reflect on all the horrors that had been enacted here.

He glared despairingly, wrathfully, at the corner wherein had been enacted the tragedy of his wooing, then looked back at David.

I have observed this when I have regaled you with narratives concerning the comedies I have enacted with some of your stupid subjects.

Abner blushed at this description of his enacting the role of Indian scout and perceived how his conduct could be misconstrued.

Where was the vaunted chivalry of its greatest champion, if such scenes could be enacted almost under his very eyes?

The parliament which enacted the Irish land laws was a parliament composed almost exclusively of men of this dominant race.

Or is Godfrey destined to enact the same tragedy that ruined my uncle's peace, and consigned my mother to an early grave?

The Republicans, aided by a few Democrats, killed this undigested and indigestible Democratic Bill, by striking out its enacting clause.

Of the women, one was a little German maid, rather pretty and demure, whose duty it was to enact the chaperone.

She beckoned to him, her countenance wreathed in voluptuous smiles in anticipation of the love scene about to enact itself before her eyes.

Ten years later two more statutes were enacted, one relating to false prophecies, and the other to conjuration, witchcraft and sorcery.

This is one of the obstacles always encountered in the movement for child labor reform after prohibitory legislation has been enacted.

He therefore enacted laws and regulations to encourage and excite industry, while he denounced very heavy penalties against idleness and vagrancy.

After this, however, the municipal council enacted a law forbidding them to make use of that very permit, by prohibiting cremation.

A law has been enacted providing for common schools, and the public mind has become measurably awakened to the subject of education.

The Dutch language well expresses what the word means, where it is said, we are to obey what the ruler enacts (creates).

He was doused between the two boats, but Tobias Bassett's strong hand helped him inboard, or a tragedy might have been enacted.

And, what is stronger, the Lords themselves voted upon the articles judicially, and not as if they were enacting a legislative measure.

Much more stringent laws will have to be both enacted and enforced to prevent the trespassing, which puts a premium on vagrancy.

No pencil could paint, no pen describe the scenes of hideous debauchery hourly enacted in the dens and purlieus of the town.

The man, from experience, knew that his master always gave his personal superintendence when such a scene was to be enacted.

It enacts that troops shall be supplied first, and specially ordains that the requirements of German troops come under this head.

In justice to overtaxed citizens and the demands of the coming generation we should enact a law preventing the marriage of habitual drunkards.

Or was he, in accordance with the quaintness of his costume and the amplitude of his beard, enacting the feebleness of age?

The stars came out one after another and looked down pitilessly upon the tragedy that was being enacted before their very eyes.

Her husband did, however, and now and here in this peaceful gloaming was to be enacted a supreme tragedy for two lives.

A little farther down the street, however, is the real gem, for there I perceived, in passing, storied Spanish-American life being enacted.

The law was enacted on the pretext that the small Irish landholders would be influenced by their landlord or their priest.

On the wide sweep of the ocean, even as on the rolling plateau of the once uninhabited prairie, many a harrowing tragedy has been enacted.

And soon a tragedy was enacted at the Danish court, the consequences of which probably caused a complete rearrangement of Canute's immediate plans.

A general forest law had been enacted in 1807; this was superseded in 1858 by the adoption of the Austrian law of 1852.

It is difficult, nay impossible, to paint the scenes of horror, of butchery, which were enacted under the fire of the Russian batteries.

Should he be punished for crimes enacted in post-epileptic unconsciousness, somnambulism, or in any involuntarily induced state of which no recollection is retained?

Before a duly enacted law can be judicially nullified, it must be forbidden by some explicit restriction upon political authority in the Constitution.

This was the beginning of the water-power policy now substantially accepted by the public, and doubtless soon to be enacted into law.

Sometimes, in his dreams, he saw enacted the Greek tragedies, to the accompaniment of the organs of New College and the Cathedral.

"Every night for two years have I enacted that same scene, and I am held by some unseen, influence to this baneful spot."

His object is to place the scene before us, so that we may take it in like a picture gradually unrolled or a drama enacted.

Like Roosevelt, Taft had trouble in getting them enacted, and unlike Roosevelt, he failed to magnetize the people and carry them with him.

The great Flemish and French workshops became the illustrators of the history of the world, as it was then read or being enacted.

Harvey in framing the prohibitory law that was enacted by the twentieth general assembly, part of which was written by myself.

It was enacted that anyone of the age of sixteen or upwards present at an unlawful assembly or conventicle was to incur fine or imprisonment.

Because after all, human society through the course of ages only enacts, spasmodically but still inevitably, the logical development of a given idea.

Such seething opposition among various classes induced the government to enact some special legislation; but it was unfortunately not of a conciliatory character.

On the average probably as many as one statute out of every three hundred that are enacted from year to year are thus judicially annulled.

Stringent laws on vagrancy, guardianship, and labor contracts were enacted and large discretion given judge and jury in cases of petty crime.

Blood-curdling were the dreadful scenes of slaughter that were enacted; not less than two hundred thousand Saxons perishing in that ruthless massacre.

Another law enacted that any magistrate who had been deprived of office by decree of the people should be incapacitated from holding office again.

Laws, however, have been enacted for naturalizing aliens after they shall have resided here long enough to become acquainted with and attached to our government.

It was the theater in which were enacted innumerable picaresque comedies and romantic plays, with figures ranging from Sancho Panza to Sam Weller.

It is safe to believe that more tragedies were enacted there than the archives of the Rebel civil or military judicature give any account of.

The Conservatives who had won the election then enacted some reapportionment laws which resulted in the restoration of white rule in the cities.

And in its sickening glare the scene which was enacted was enough to freeze the blood in the veins of any ordinary man.

Our own sparrows are far less noisy and obstreperous, but the same little comedy in a milder form is often enacted among them.

Are our laws enacted for the purpose of preventing amalgamation to be disregarded, and is a man to be punished because he undertakes to enforce them?

The new arrival, who was destined to be the principal figure in the tragic scenes about to be enacted, was a Kentuckian, named Reid.

Against this practice laws were enacted, not so much against the qualities of alum, as against its use in covering up a fraud in flour.

It was also urgent to enact laws governing pensions and indemnities to the wounded, the mutilated, and the widows of the war, etc.

The law of 1830 proving ineffectual, in 1854 a vigorous statute was enacted suppressing the ingress of slaves and this was strenuously enforced.

The twins grew up blooming, careless, and saucily merry, without the faintest idea what a tragedy was being enacted in their immediate neighborhood.

He caused it to be enacted, that every citizen, when engaged in the public service, even in attending the popular assembly, should receive a stipend.

Scenes from this tale were, no doubt, enacted at the Mysteries, with interludes of buffoonery, such as relieved most ancient and all savage Mysteries.

And surely not without cause, for the scene which had just been enacted, without any rehearsal, for their benefit was simply astounding.

I then captured a bumblebee, and forcibly persuaded him to enact the demonstration which I had so long waited for him peaceably to fulfil.

Laws were enacted requiring that lay parishioners should elect their parish priests, and that canons should be appointed by the provincial councils.

In the closing days of 1885 scenes were enacted on the floor of the Chilean congress which resembled recent sessions of the Austrian parliament.

Its vicissitudes and calamities are only episodes of the great drama enacted by the nations who have fought against each other for our blood.

It was enacted that the two townships should equally take charge and keep in repair the said road, certain portions being allotted to each.

To enact laws prohibiting the slave traffic, and at the same time tempt avarice by the allurements of an insatiable market, is irreconcilable and absurd.

Two years later, the custom of gibbeting, or hanging in chains, was abolished by statute, chiefly owing to the disgraceful scenes enacted here.

The Spanish Government may have been technically correct in its claim that all laws necessary to the fulfillment of its promises had been enacted.

Then having given the necessary instructions to the redskins he returned to the home, where an unworthy scene had been enacted in his absence.

A law highly creditable to the wisdom of the Portuguese government was now enacted, to prohibit friars from entering the territories of the mines.

Alas, instead of this, the departments are permitted to discriminate in favor of male clerks, and no laws have yet been enacted in reference to promotion.

He was bewildered, and he could not understand the meaning of what he saw, clearly though the drama was enacted in front of him.

The emigrants who have left our shores, more particularly the Irish, have voluntarily enacted the part formerly assigned to the slaves of the Spartans.

In a moment the lumberman remembered a scene which had been enacted years ago on the high ground on the north shore of the Cove.

Sir Charles had asked an eminent tragedian of his acquaintance to place the work on the stage and to enact one of the patriot martyrs.

In one of the villages of Champagne, during the protracted drought of 1556, the sacred scenes of the Passion were publicly enacted in the streets.

It enacted also, that the children of a king refusing such a test should be educated by the archbishop and two or three more prelates.

We have been informed, by a certain mesmerizer, that a distinguished lecturer upon magnetism frequently trains persons to enact certain parts in his public exhibitions.

The Code spares the son for a first offense in such crimes as would naturally disinherit him, and enacts mutilation for violence to a parent.

A like jealousy arose against the foreign merchants; and to appease it, a law was enacted obliging all denizens to pay the duties imposed upon aliens.

He affirmed that Popular Sovereignty, "the great staple" of the Douglas campaign, was "the most arrant Quixotism that was ever enacted before a community."

The usual scenes of mad iconoclasm were enacted, windows broken, altars thrown down, lead stripped off the roof, brasses and effigies defaced and broken.

The dragoons, who thus far had continued inactive, now took the causeway in pursuit, and the most gallant feat of the war was enacted.

The Confederate States have not been behindhand in enacting similar laws for their own soldiers, despite the implied prohibition of the Fourteenth Amendment; but Southern courts have held them void.