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Enigma Definition

something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
synonyms:mystery, secret

Sentence Examples

It was an everlasting enigma.

The Enigma cipher was flawed.

enigma of life

Its enigmas can be solved out of itself.

She remained an enigma.

Life has become an enigma deeper than death.

In coma and tail, they (comets) were only intensely rarefied and electrified gas. The great enigma about them was that things so deficient in mass and gravity could hold onto even that much atmosphere for long.

This beautiful youth attracted like an enigma.

And the expression on his face was an enigma....

"The enigma of the missing head … where is it buried?"

"She has propounded to me an enigma which must be solved."

The man had always been an enigma to her.

The fascinating enigma diverts and perplexes everyone alike.

After awhile they gave up attempting to solve such an enigma.

Even the conundrum of the watch remained an enigma no longer.

What took place in the ensuing months still remains an enigma to us.

His two sisters, in the same way, had a quality of enigma about them.

The man was even more of an enigma to Jan than the glistening square.

Then with a little shrug of the shoulders he abandoned this new enigma.

The enigma puzzled him, and he found it recurring to his mind persistently.

The key to the enigma may lie closer to our hands than we have any idea of.

We have but to expand the powers of government to solve the enigma of the world.

The Devil is the greatest enigma that has ever confronted the human intelligence.

All felt the pitiless march of time and I respected them for their perception of life's essential enigma.

For perhaps a single second her quick flame-like mind played about the incomprehensible enigmas of mechanism.

Our knowledge of both these cultures is of quite recent date and there are many enigmas still to be cleared up.

He was scanning his mutating neurological circuitry for a possible answer to the enigma whom he called his wife.

Nor did he ever meddle with those enigmas which have puzzled hundreds of generations, and will puzzle hundreds more.

Lilian was in a state of high excitation, but she was also extremely confused, the game being a complete enigma to her.

Her glance took in the table, sweeping over the stacked saucers, but, behind the veil, her expression remained an enigma.

And of the many enigmas which present themselves, either in its structure or separate parts, the key seems hopelessly lost.

It was no business of mine, to be sure; but with none the less pertinacity did I occupy myself in attempts to resolve the enigma.

He tried to figure out the cessation: it seemed to him it was his duty to figure it out: he must unravel enigmas, supply answers.

She was beautiful, but so frigid in her manner; she seemed made of stone, yet she rode splendidly to hounds—altogether an enigma.

Of course, such hiatuses are to be expected; even in man such enigmas as the disparate sex ratio still challenge the investigator.

Having satisfied our curiosity, and bound every one in the house to secrecy, it became a question what was to be done with our Enigma?

For the most part he pondered on the blank mystery of life and on the enigma of love, which to him seemed far more productive of pain than of joy.

I concealed my surprise, reflecting that my amiable uncle's sudden change of front was only one more enigma in a day fully devoted to incomprehensibility.

According to the story of his companion, the only witness, he had slipped and fallen to the bottom of the shaft—and his death, as his life, remained an enigma.

Formerly I used to like to know my fellow-creatures; now I have discovered that one should always know oneself before attempting to decipher other human enigmas.

The answer to the enigma is to be found partly in European conditions and partly in the cheapness of transportation after the opening of the era of steam navigation.

At the touch of a lever which lay under one of Dirk’s hands the plane rose straight out of the water, and he maneuvered it directly over the top of the strange enigma.

Matson was thankful for the breathing space, all too well aware that it might be the last that Mankind might have, but the enigma of the aliens still bothered him.  

The occult scientist has convinced himself that a consideration of the visible world propounds enigmas to man which can never be solved out of the facts of that world itself.

Then, again, all the great enigmas which perplex the natural theologian are the same in all ages. The ingenuity of a people just emerging from barbarism is quite sufficient to propound those enigmas.

"You can't cut it, break it or tear it," the technician told Peterson, as he hefted the chunk of lightweight enigma. "You can't burn it, shoot holes in it, or so much as mark the surface with any known acid. This stuff's tougher than steel and about fifty times lighter."