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Use equivocation in a sentence

Equivocation Definition

a statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth
intentionally vague or ambiguous

Sentence Examples

I speak plainly and without equivocation.

Lying or equivocation were deemed equally cowardly.

There was no longer any concealment or equivocation.

I used the equivocation intentionally.

He would allow no equivocation.

That was no time for equivocation.

It admits of no possible equivocation.

"Let there be no equivocation between us."

They do not want any equivocation from us.

He had never had any doubts or equivocations.

"Equivocation means that you were not sincere."

There must be no equivocation between you and me.

There are no equivocations or mental reservations.

There was no equivocation in the manner of its acceptance.

Miss Popkiss concluded that further equivocation was futile.

The equivocation favored by such language at once begins to appear.

"I suspected no more than I suspect now," was his easy equivocation.

The first thing to do is to own up the truth to herself without equivocation.

She even stooped to equivocation, or, to put it plainly, lying to keep him away.

This equivocation is favored by the allied ambiguity of an even commoner term, idea.

"Answer me honestly, without tricks and equivocations, do you agree to do it or not?"

So I fling my cards upon the table, I no longer beat about the bushes of equivocation.

The equivocation is between cast or throw, as a term of wrestling, and cast or cast up.

The disguise, equivocation, mystery, so hateful to her to practice, might soon be over.

Thus there was not a little equivocation on both sides foreign to the nature of the two.

The most singular equivocations, the most inexplicable transposition of ideas, take place.

Royce slipped into a romantic equivocation which a strict logician would not have tolerated.

Juliet's equivocations are rather too artful for a mind disturbed by the loss of a new lover.

In his leading novels he dwells a long time on salacious equivocation, or on a scene of lewdness.

It was Jeff the friend who spoke, Jeff the peacemaker, who had stampeded him by the equivocation of his 279 words.

The saint succeeded beyond their expectations, although, it is said, he made use of an equivocation to effect his purpose.

Reasons, not of business, nor yet of fame, but of a burning and inextinguishable faith, had led to their noble equivocation.

I told the story simply, plainly, with no attempt at equivocation, and when I ceased speaking the room was as silent as a tomb.

Unfortunately, Augusta, having once entered upon a course of duplicity, was obliged to keep it up by equivocations of all kinds.

The editor accused him of equivocation, artful dodging, false coloring, exaggeration, suppression of truth, cupidity and knavery.

There was variation and equivocation in his successive audiences; there was delay and doubt on the part of the Inquisition, and the trial dragged on.

Perhaps the worst, or almost the worst effect of relationships which we do not like to acknowledge, is the secrecy and equivocation which they beget.  

First, he had to show that the theory of a poetic diction drawn exclusively from the language of 'real life' was based upon an equivocation, and therefore was useless.

The newly aroused fear that even this good old friend might attach an unholy design to their motives impelled him to resort to equivocation, if not to actual falsehood.

It may be argued that he could not have secured the adoption of any such plan; but of his purpose, and its genuineness, there can be no question and there ought to be no equivocation.

"I would be perfectly willing to do anything which would take away the edge of this thing for the family, but the truth's the truth, and I can't see any room for equivocation between you and me."

All his life George had been accustomed to equivocation, and to bind himself to speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth was like asking him to keep his eyes shut for the rest of his life.

Ambiguity always falls within a field or direction of conduct, and though it may extend much further, and must extend some further than the point at which equivocation occurs, yet it is never ubiquitous.

As the defense in this case would depend entirely upon the testimony of Yard and his wife I at once appreciated the absolute importance of having these parties tell the exact truth without equivocation or invention.

The entire absence of equivocation or disguise, in all his acts, was his master-key to the popular heart; for while the people will forgive the errors of a bold and open nature, he sins past forgiveness who deliberately deceives them.

As soon as it is realized that 'inside the mind' and 'outside the mind' are metaphors, and, therefore, must take their meaning from their context, it is easy to see that the argument either rests on an equivocation or assumes the point at issue.