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Esoteric Definition

confined to and understandable by only a small group.

Sentence Examples

So esoteric, and yet so simple!

The esoteric conversation was engaged.

Could anything be more subtle and esoteric?

He was, above all novelists, an esoteric author.

Esoteric education is always more or less of a sham.

Barbu's poems are of an abstract and esoteric nature.

They made a few esoteric disciples, and many scoffers.

I believe it was esoteric, invested in a large priesthood.

This is not because these names are in themselves esoteric symbols.

They're so esoteric — and subtle and all that sort of thing, aren't they?

I suspect that they remained so in an esoteric way to the end of his days.

For themselves they kept an esoteric doctrine, and for the many they did what they could.

In fact, that clever saying, "Put all your eggs in one basket," is exoteric, not esoteric.

It is not esoteric, nor hidden in secret formulas, nor locked in languages old and strange.

His record is a commendable one, for at all times his course has displayed no esoteric phase.

The facts of the religious life are mainly of an esoteric character—visions, intuitions, etc.

The trained nurse is often untrained, and is a regular encyclopedia of esoteric family facts.

Writing and speaking about the class of criminals in question, gentlemen affect the esoteric.

By and large, there is nothing hidden, nothing esoteric about the causes for the near-normal criminal.

The music alone carried on the esoteric undertone, silence spread with great feathers, poised hawk-wise.

The esoteric meaning of this lonely and haunted region suddenly flamed up within me and I began to tremble dreadfully.

Again, it frequently appears as pseudo-history, and could therefore scarcely be designed to screen anything more esoteric.

Out of deference to my esoteric knowledge of the way farmers feel about things, he consented to omit the "thankfulness stuff."

At any rate, it was something very much out of the; ordinary, even in the case of advanced occultists and masters of esoteric knowledge.

These outdoor talks were called exoteric, and there gradually grew up esoteric lessons, which were for the rich or luxurious and the dainty.

Further, it reserves to the priesthood a kind of esoteric knowledge, which gives them an additional authority that they would desire to maintain.

It was highly refreshing to meet people you could be really frank with in discussing the more or less esoteric phases of these and kindred subjects.

They possessed an apparently esoteric language, which examination by competent scholars has proved to be merely a modification of the ordinary speech.

There was more good poetry, neither complex, nor erotic, nor esoteric, written before our generation than even a maker of anthologies is likely to read.

The Beginnings of Scientific Medicine Of course along with all this would go a kind of esoteric wisdom which was part of the stock in trade of the healer.

To one not used to it this esoteric performance looked distinctly queer, especially if he chanced to be standing somewhere near the arch priest’s line of vision.

He read much on occult subjects, and corresponded ceaselessly with a certain school of esoteric philosophy, reaching at last a lofty serenity which approached content.

Over her shoulder the front part of the camel looked at the back part of the camel—and they exchanged a particularly subtle, esoteric sort of wink that only true camels can understand.

He is not of those who think and feel, and who are in the way of divulging esoteric knowledges to the quest of the vast army of earnest seekers after light upon these underlying laws of human life.

He defended each new man of merit with his active partisanship; he wrote ceaselessly; verse, art criticism, humanism, novels, every species of fantastic and esoteric literature flowed from his abundant pen.

With the advent of the information and action technologies of the twenty-first century, the present concept of professions as repositories of esoteric knowledge employed by social elites is rapidly becoming outdated.

Those who entered it had to undergo tests analogous to those which a Red Indian must endure upon his initiation into any of the numerous esoteric societies still to be found among American barbarians; but torment is otherwise absent.

Stray copies of the suppressed first edition, true enough, fell into the hands of critics who saw the story's value, and during the first year or two of the century it enjoyed a sort of esoteric vogue, and encouragement came from unexpected sources.