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Extortion Definition

the felonious act of obtaining money (as by threats of violence)

Sentence Examples

He had been driven to extortion to raise a subsidy for the senators, and he had made himself universally abhorred.

He first made dauntless and unsparing war on that gigantic system of oppression, extortion, and corruption.

"It is an outrageous extortion to charge sixteen dollars for an old horse and cart to go ten miles."

After the war, it was confirmed that no such extortions took place.

"This is blackmail or extortion, I'm not sure which."

They submitted to extortion because they could not help themselves.

I should think the old rogue had found his punishment for his extortion.

I shall go around that way when we take our walk and protest against such extortion.

Guilty all the way down the line—conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and all the others.

The same is true of extortion by threats of exposure, which occurs more and more frequently.

If he hates the country, he takes it for granted that extortion and villainy will accompany his steps.

Customs officers enriched themselves by resorting to extortion, bribe taking and acts of straightforward expropriation.

In such circumstances the poor things, being utterly friendless, have to submit to these infamous extortions without remedy.

He was impeached when he came back for extortion and oppression, under one of the many laws which were made to be laughed at.

How shall men do that be of great reputation, Which kept their goods on this same fashion, By usury, deceit, and by extortion?

It was by Pompey that he had been forced again upon his miserable subjects, and had been compelled to grind them with fresh extortions.

They pay their way with funds raised through front businesses, drug trafficking, credit card fraud, extortion, and money from covert supporters.

Wealthy cities like wealthy individuals and families must pay for their protection against robbery and piracy; against extortion and expropriation.

Furthermore, now being beyond the grasp of the most covetous extortion, the district officials have no reason for maintaining an interest in our lives.

Their successors have taken sufficient advantage of this, and through it assumed an authority to exercise the most cruel extortions on impoverished nations.

The result was that charges of corruption and extortion failed, when brought against members of that order, even in cases where there was little doubt of their guilt.

Imagine him content with his lot as a plumber, even proud of it, but dissatisfied with the common reproach of slackness and extortion, ambitious to excel in his profession.

The latter at first submitted and paid a fine of $1000 to the labor organization, but later brought action in court against the officers charging them with intimidation and extortion.

In the lucrative traffic carried on with them, the influence of honesty was not predominant––the real value of the commodity procured, was never allowed; while upon every article given in exchange, extortion alone affixed the price.

Oppression and extortion had doubtless been well known before, when the sheriff carried on the administration of the law side by side with the lucrative business of "farming the shires;" but it was at least an irregular and uncertain oppression.

He expelled every member who had been guilty of extortion or corruption; he supplied the vacancies with officers of merit, with distinguished colonists, with foreigners, with meritorious citizens, even including Gauls, from all parts of the Empire.

The worst and most immoral action of the state, beside which a breach of treaty for selfish reasons pales to insignificance, is the war of aggression for purposes of profit, that is, for the conquest of territory, extortion of money, increase of power, or fame.

Naturally, the collectors of these taxes were abhorred; and they, known as publicans, probably resented the discourteous treatment by inconsiderate enforcement of the tax requirements, and, as affirmed by historians, often inflicted unlawful extortion upon the people.

Wealth secured by extortion, fraud, or any practice or business of a corrupting nature, injurious to the morals, and destructive to the well-being of community, will be of no more value to him who thus obtains it, as far as his happiness is concerned, than so much dust.

The owner was obliged to get and pay for a permit before he could fell a tree, to obey fixed rules as to pruning, to sell against his will and at a fixed price, to admit inspections and official visits, and to answer for the condition and number of his trees—thus opening the door to unlimited extortion.

The sufferer willingly flies where the extortion of government cannot overtake him; where even the timid and the servile may recollect they are men; where the tyrant may threaten, but where he is known to be no more than a fellow creature; where he can take nothing but life, and even this at the hazard of his own.