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Use face value in a sentence

Face value Definition

the value of a security that is set by the company issuing it; unrelated to market value
the apparent worth as opposed to the real worth

Sentence Examples

Ned took my statement at face value.

She was taken literally on her face value.

In fact, I bought it myself, paying face value.

She takes people and things at their face value.

Yet I can hardly take your word at its face value.

The face value of the shares was five dollars each.

Your words are unlikely to be taken at their face value.

She alone did not take the new skipper at his face value.

At their face value these words are erroneous in a high degree.

They were readily redeemed, on presentation, at their face value.

This was plain enough, but Tom could not accept it at face value.

American money is taken everywhere in Central Canada at its face value.

But it could do no harm to take what seemed to have happened at face value.

Even if we accept his excuse at its face value, the event proved his folly.

They've recently acquired a habit of taking local situations at face value.

Just now the shares of very few shipping companies are worth their face value.

"I'm taking all she says at face-value, allowing for a little natural rhetoric."

"I am taking your business excuse at its face value to-night and letting you go."

The cheapest fat is the one whose face value per pound (or market cost) is the lowest.

They take you on your face value and their curiosity is merely human and good-natured.

"I don't suppose you'd take them as security for a loan at a quarter of their face value?"

They were simple folks, who took things at their face value and were not over inquisitive.

The bonds are sold, usually at their face value, and the proceeds applied to public purposes.

Its members often buy sovereign bonds and notes at discounts of up to 80% of their face value.

"Always take people at their face value until you find they haven't any," she added cheerfully.

I decided to accept his astounding statement at face value and to follow the adventure through.

"We must accept Ronny at her own face value, and not trouble ourselves about her peculiarities."

The townspeople had accepted them at their face value, and did not mean to bother the strangers again.

Appearances certainly were against him, and he knew that the evidence would be taken only at face value.

If we are entirely honest in our words, we expect whatever we say to be taken at its face value as the truth.

Generally speaking, his references to source are honest, so far as they go, and can be taken at their face value.

The face-value of its incidents is often neglected, while the reader seeks allegorical and mystical interpretations.

But now, sitting face to face with a kindly old lady who accepted her at face value, Mary was suffering from conscience.

But we do believe that the broad-minded Westerner is open to conviction and willing to take an argument on its face value.

The ratios obtained of young to adult voles cannot be accepted at face value as the true ratios in the population, either.

But, a beginner in deception, she was intent only on her own part and took his good-natured acquiescence at its face value.

Seebrook and Walters were apparently accepting him at face value in the fashion of socially inclined travelers who meet in inns.

The inflated and extravagant discourse of the characters is accepted at its face value; to the spectators it is grand and noble.

At first they accepted his lame excuses at face value, and when doubt began to creep in they said the thing couldn't be possible.

The price of gold ranged during the summer from 200 to 285, and United States securities sold at less than half their face value.

Early in 1864 taxes were made payable in corn, bacon, or wheat, not in paper money, which every one refused to accept at face value.

At the present time it cannot be said that the question is wholly settled; but it would be rash to accept Kurth's theory at its face value.

This, at its face value, would seem to be divided into 10 divisions, and the calculations confirm the results of the preliminary inspection.

The reporter should never take such stories at their face value, but should investigate for himself until he knows his details are accurate.

She had taken him at his face value, and he had no right in the world to question her, at least without giving some sort of account of himself.

"Guess I've got face value out of every dollar's worth of shoe leather I ever purchased, or I never knew the difference between glue and honey."

There were many counterfeits and bills good only at a certain discount of face value, going about those days and the detector was in great request.

Some rascally speculators had profited from the funding of the debt at face value, but that was only an incident in the restoration of public credit.

Attempts were made by Congress and the states to compel people to accept the notes at face value; but these were like attempts to make water flow uphill.

Indeed, if their platforms are to be accepted at face value, the Greenbackers believed that the entire government had passed out of the hands of the people.

In nursing, practiced within the context of Nursing as Caring, the person is taken at face value as caring and never needs to prove him or herself as caring.

The value of the collection is placed by the owner at sixteen hundred and fifty dollars, their face value—although some of the pieces were rare, and worth more.

Remember that when the owner of a house takes a second mortgage in payment he may plan to sell it for four-fifths or less of its face value, and that he probably charges you accordingly.

These investigations have in many cases been widely advertised to the public, and their conclusions have been so much repeated that they are often taken at their face value, without critical examination.

Most of these errors have been pointed out and discussed repeatedly. There still exists some doubt as to which numbers should be considered errors of the original writer and which should be taken at their face value.

Taken at their face value, the recorded stories of that early time would leave one to infer that the common people, whose industry supported this superstructure of sordid mastery, could have survived only by oversight.

Etymology to-day is in fact very much in the situation of an insolvent bank which, unable to satisfy its creditors with cash on demand, blandly endeavours to satisfy them with corresponding cheques of equally uncashable face value.

A few may be stimulated by this startling discrepancy between promise and performance, but most, accustomed to accept face values, would say, ‘a pleasant fellow, but nothing in him much... ’ and an hour later forget him altogether.

The phenomena have to be accepted at their face value and allowed to retain a certain empirical complexity; otherwise the seed of all science is sterilized and calculation cannot proceed for want of discernible and pregnant elements.

He maintained that the government was honestly bound to redeem every bond at its face value, although the difficulty of securing revenue made necessary a lower rate of interest on a part of the bonds and the deferring of interest on another part.

To make up for this loss, the government was compelled to issue great quantities of paper money, which very quickly depreciated, because after a few years the government would no longer accept the money at its face value, so that the population could place no faith in it.

The Chicago organization showed them photographs of the "massive buildings" in Chicago in which it was doing business, spoke glibly of its banking and insurance departments, and then promised them a share in the spoils if they would pay $75 for their certificates which were worth only $25 or $50 at their face value.