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Use fall-back in a sentence

Definition of fall back:

  • (verb) fall backwards and down
  • (verb) hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc.
  • (verb) move back and away from; "The enemy fell back"
  • (verb) retreat
  • (verb) have recourse to; "The government resorted to rationing meat"
  • (verb) go back to bad behavior; "Those who recidivate are often minor criminals"

Sentence Examples:

Preeminently is he of that peculiar war-feather that, for every reason in favor of going forward, can give a dozen for falling back.

The great German offensive of 1918 had begun two days earlier, and the Allied forces were falling back, with appalling losses.

As our re-enforcing brigades come up, on our right, and on our left, the Enemy falls back, more and more discouraged and dismayed.

The blades are so placed that they slip under the surface, letting the soil fall back so that a mulch is formed.

Now the mist eddies forth and blurs the vision, and then falls back, and that dazzling bow hangs there unmarred.

A belch of lava is thrown up here and there to the height of five or six feet, and falls back upon the crust.

The fountains falling back into their basins made a silvery tinkling, which formed a ravishing accompaniment to the song of the nightingales.

Then arose the severest musketry fire I ever heard, and lasted some twenty minutes, when this splendid regiment had to fall back.

We were forced to fall back to the river, deploy as skirmishers, and reached the main street through the yards and houses.

The night was windless, and the sparks rose in steady, leisurely pillars, falling back into the furnace from which they sprang.

It is because man is so idle, so indisposed to assume or accept responsibility, that he falls back upon this temporary makeshift of a creator.

They had to fall back on the coarse viands of the ship; sea biscuits of inferior quality, and two casks of salt fish.

Then fall back with the main body of your army toward the river again, in a secret manner, and encamp in an ambuscade.

Roared the terrified Albanians, falling back aghast, and creating a panic among those behind them by declaring that they were surrounded.

The men of some labor battalions were tramping back in a strange, disorganized way, and a number of field batteries were falling back.

We should have withdrawn at once, but waited until the line of battle had reached the skirmishers before we were ordered to fall back.

In falling back, our men fired the buildings on the ground abandoned, lest they should become a shelter for the enemy's sharpshooters.

When the current is removed from the line at the dispatcher's office, the armatures fall back and everything is restored to normal.

When we are presented with such an entire lack of direct data, we are quite justified in falling back on the indirect area-density method.

He built four lines of breastworks, each line nearly ten miles long, so that if driven from one he could fall back to another.

He directed Knox to fall back with his men, and sent Deck to the captain to drive the remaining freebooters before him.

On each occasion met with such strenuous opposition that we were compelled to fall back again, leaving dozens of corpses strewn upon the roadway.

The reply was a smart volley of musketry, and falling back and riding forward to the field, he found an overwhelming defeat.

A third line of blue came shouting up to reinforce the other two; there ran a gray order to fall back to the earthworks.

I beat the chandler up the steps, and took stand in front of the merchant, and I called out to them to fall back.

The stamens that surround the pistil are a multitude; they are also irritable, and on being touched fall back from the pistil.

Eileen releases her, looks at her face dazedly for a second, then falls back limply with a little moan and shuts her eyes.

When he stopped, they stopped; and one or two crafty attempts which he made to fall back, they, with equal deftness, resolutely defeated.

On that word the Buddhist falls back for justification of every act, as sufficient reason for non-action, as a clincher to every argument.

As he struggled to arise, only to fall back again, his cheek swept one of her feet which dangled over the edge of the coaming.

Soon the highlanders began to fall back: disorder visibly spread among them; and whole bands began to march off to the hills.

Unskilled with foils or rapier he falls back upon the bludgeon with which his hand has not lost all its old familiarity.

They're hesitating whether to try and make a stand or to fall back on the frontier; and that's why we were sent to reconnoiter.

The soul would fall back upon herself, if music and the arts reanimated not that poetic genius, which is also the genius of religion.

Should the Russians be able to accomplish this, he was to fall back, while an Austrian auxiliary force under Lacy advanced to their support.

Ishmael signed to his sons to fall back, and evidently mortified, though perhaps not disappointed by the result, he no longer hesitated.

Presently the sounds grew fainter, and the lads judged by the direction that the Russian column was falling back in retreat.

The pressure on my riflemen was enormous, and I ordered them to fall back by squads in circles to the fringe of woods.

One asks in vain how such enormous knowledge was acquired, and because there is no answer, one falls back upon wild theories about untaught genius.

The coarser aggregations of these we see in bewildering profusion and variety every time the tides fall back and leave the rocks bare.

Bewildered in the gloom, the English troops were obliged to fall back to the fort and wait for daylight before renewing the attack.

The desert, which had been awakened to beauty by the kiss of the fickle sky, was falling back into its ancient, deathlike sleep.

When the dancers took up their positions for a first set of quadrilles, the non-dancers were obliged to fall back towards the wall.

She flings the note wildly across the table, and catching her handkerchief to her face, falls back into her chair, tumultuously sobbing.

In a moment the hot flames leapt up, causing the knights who had pressed after the retreating Scots to fall back hastily.

They had only their swords to fall back upon as an ultimate appeal; and when they became effete they could no longer wield them.

The professed jewelers, the men who keep the magnificent shops, would be but poorly off without the diamond-dealers to fall back upon.

He was not a little mortified to find how easy it was for him to fall back upon that old cushion of provincial arrogance.

Mysticism, skepticism, and transcendentalism have all in their various ways tried to fall back on the immediate; but none of them has been ingenuous enough.

A shoal of flying-fish come driving past, glistening like rainbows in the dazzling sunshine as they leap out of the water and fall back again.

Despite their eagerness, no one could blame my men for falling back, horrified, from the scorching fingers that leaped out to grasp them.

We forgot that excitement is the most potent intoxicant, and that after excitement there is usually a falling back into dullness and apathy.

We find that these boys do not fall back to trashy reading, but ask for better reading in place of their old favorites.

Almost at the very instant Thomas's skirmishers along the front of the ridge broke out into a rattling fire, and were seen falling back.

Billie's heart leaped, and then seemed to fall back heavily in the lovely bosom sheathed like a lily with a film of sparkling dew.

I felt confused and bewildered, and started up restlessly from my pillow, only to fall back again in doubt, and something akin to dread.

Unless very good documentary evidence is available for such areas, there is no recourse but to fall back on the method of extrapolation and area comparisons.

It was a cold, raw April day, and there was great danger of the men becoming benumbed and falling back into the water.

The only escape from this reasoning lies in falling back upon time and place, the principles of individuation, as constituting the connotation of proper names.

It was a cold, raw April day, and there was great danger of the men becoming benumbed and falling back into the water.

To fall back, now, up that long bare hillside, under full fire of the augmented German artillery, would mean a decimating of the entire command.

If, flung against the merciless rocks of the channel, while you swim easily in the midstream, they fall back and hurt other bubbles?

The consequence is a certain moral empiricism, which, if nothing else will do to justify its disregard of moral law, falls back upon pious feelings.

At this moment, Wallace himself opportunely entered, and, ordering his men to fall back, requested that one of the canons would celebrate mass.

The Spanish regiments fought but badly, and by their retreat exposed the Legion to a heavy cross-fire, which compelled them to fall back.

Whereupon she commanded them to fall back and make a pathway for the young man and herself; and they tamely obeyed her commands.

Falling back into his chair, and drawing his night-cap over his ears, he expiated his former pride by his present resignation and humility.

It was at last obliged to fall back, the cannoneers fighting their way with their revolvers; but bringing off their guns in triumph.

How man stretches then his arms towards ideal beauty, and how impotently they fall back at the contact of our clay and mortality!

The last time he speaks in what seems to be gibberish (it is credibly reported to be rather fair Turkish) and the attendants fall back.

I ordered my men to fall back and took charge of the pom-pom, and we then retired under a heavy rifle and gun fire.

A deafening report followed this command, and as the smoke cleared away the Grenadiers could be seen falling back, almost entirely without an officer.

Rising up on its haunches, the prairie dog points its nose to the sky, gives the whistle, and promptly falls back on all fours.

It is cut not of broadcloth or of serge, but of heavy blue worsted, and a detachable collar of blue linen falls back upon the blouse.

After the momentum is consumed, unless the berg be completely upset, it will fall back under the force of gravitation to its original position.

The only cycle, the story of the plenum is merely an eruption that falls back as dust which some galactic wind would swirl away.

Game became more scarce, and sometimes they wandered far afield in search of their supplies, occasionally falling back upon their reserve store of dried meat.

Said the aide-de-camp, and, leaning forward, he spoke in a low tone to his companion, who immediately called out to the soldiers, "Fall back there!"

He took out his watch and consulted it nervously again, restless and dissatisfied the moment he was forced to fall back upon his own company.

Observe here the eager iteration of the woman, making haste to say what she means, and, conscious of failure, falling back on insistence and loquacity.

He falls back in good order on the House of Commons, where his party majority enables him to pass an Irish Bill from time to time.

Severin all unnerved; the very feeling of tenderness which I had in the chapel would destroy me, and I should fall back into sin.

Why should I proclaim from the housetops that I am a broken and disappointed man, with nothing but my work to fall back upon?

Sometimes a bludgeon will knock it from your hand when nothing else would do so; and then, you see, I have this to fall back upon.

No one who is in the habit of writing will pretend that it is always possible to fall back upon the cumbrous phrase "man of science."

The glistening waters shoot upward refreshingly in the warm evening air, to fall back on the heads of four marble lions, supporting a marble basin.

Why does he not preserve him from the distress of that sensuousness which flowers in his flesh and falls back on him again like spittle?

In my opinion, my friend, both German wings have been defeated, and this central army is compelled to fall back because it's left without supports.

If the islanders were hit too soon, they might fall back into the woods and set up a siege, which the little company couldn't stand.

The line lamp is extinguished by the falling back of the line-relay armature, due to the breaking of the relay circuit at the jack contacts.

Every trench is enfiladed from some other one, and the lines of defense fall back, each one endangered to the attacker by that behind it.

No troops could live or stand against such a fusillade, and so our men had to fall back even once more to the protection of the trenches.

It seems as if the moment the best is attained, men, ceasing to struggle for the better, fall back at once hopelessly and become mere imitators.

Overcome by the appalling heat, suffocating from lack of fresh air, one by one they were forced to fall back and give place to fresher men.

The generic name has the accent upon the third syllable, but, when Anglicized into the common name, the accent falls back upon the second.

When the key is released, the jack falls back into place, the pivoted tongue allowing the plectrum to pass the string without plucking it.

She slammed the door upon the bewildered objects of her gratitude, and then, falling back against it, exchanged looks of despair with her companions.

It's the sort of theory that the clergy fall back upon, what they call spiritual truth, which seems to me merely unchecked, unverifiable experience.

In a country where pauperism as a normal condition of society is unknown, you have not local rates for the relief of destitution to fall back upon.

The warlocks began to close ranks, falling back to make a stand under the jutting edge of the roof, where they could protect the orrery.