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Use fanny in a sentence

Definition of fanny:

  • (noun) the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on
  • (noun) external female sex organs;

Sentence Examples:

And he smacked me hard on the fanny.

"What a fanny girl you are," he added presently.

If you're still thinking of blistering my fanny, don't try it.

"What a fanny little house that is close down to the water!"

In all the camps I had seen since, both of Fannies and V.A.D.'

If you don't do it for me, you shall never love my little fanny again!'

For forty-two months that child was content to sit on his fanny and vegetate.

The D. of T. motored me over to the Fannies' convoy, on a pale day of difficult sunlight.

The past of a man is never questioned: no one inquires how many Fannies have been in his life.

"I can't take a nap if I'm going to get punched in the fanny with bones every five minutes."

He told me tales of the Fannies who, being now under the Red Cross, came directly under his jurisdiction.

Billiards again drew all the odd ones away; and Edward, Charles, the two Fannies, and I sat snugly talking.

And for your information, Doctor Bellamy, one more crack like that, and I take you over my knee and blister your fanny.

If she dare express her sex as the Fannies do, we deny her individual and social worth, and stamp her fallen.

Yet man has the impudence to expect the Fannies to abstain till he is ready to bestow on them his name.

Several of them hook up, nose to fanny, and travel through a forest wherever the whims of the front caterpillar take them.

Don't do that, or I will turn you over my knee, and your fanny, dearest, is not fat enough to sustain the impact.

You only sent six back her name was fanny and was baptized on a half sheet of paper by the reverend Thomas.

To-day it would be difficult to find a subject on which contemporary Fannies do not form opinions, and express them with intense vigor, and translate them into corresponding action.

When the Fannies become conscious of that right, the relation of the sexes will lose the shallow romanticism and artificial exaggeration that mystery has surrounded it with, and assume a wholesome, natural, and therefore healthy and normal expression.

Two strong Fannies reared it up, for even empty its weight was noteworthy, and it stood on its murderous nose with its wicked fins, the solid steel of one of them bent and crumpled like a sheet of paper, above my head.

You get sucked into a grill sometimes, and breathe nothing but oxygen until you feel like a blue baby they're trying their best to save, even if they have to fanny-whack him to get the stuff out of his lungs for a week or two afterwards.

He told me of a lonely outpost at the beginning of the war where there was only one surgeon and two Fannies, and how for twenty-four hours they all three worked, "up to the knees in blood," amputating, tying up, bandaging, without rest or relief.

Yet when I told the sad tale of my gaffe to the members of a V.A.D. convoy, they only seemed to think it must have been quite good for the Fannies ... but somehow it wasn't equally good for them when I timidly asked whether they were G.S.V.A.D.'