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Use far fetched in a sentence

Far fetched Definition

something hardly believable.
not likely to be possible.

Sentence Examples

Rather far-fetched, isn't it?

"That's rather far-fetched," he said.

This explanation seems far-fetched to me.

"It sounds foolish—or at least, far-fetched."

"That plan is a little far-fetched just yet."

"Your comparisons are far-fetched," she said.

It was too far-fetched for even my imagination.

It had all seemed too far-fetched and whimsical.

Of course that's a rather far-fetched illustration.

Of course, some of the theories are rather far fetched.

"I've only one suggestion and it's rather far-fetched."

I never heard anything so—so far-fetched in all my life!

After all, the vision might not have been so far-fetched.

"Your theory sounds pretty far-fetched to me, I’ll admit."

I was seized with a sudden and far-fetched sense of humor.

That story sounds far fetched to you, perhaps, but it isn't.

Of course, like most comparisons, this was a far-fetched one.

Marjorie could do no less than laugh at this far-fetched conceit.

This was conjecture, rather far-fetched, but still not impossible.

"It's all a bit too far-fetched, and some of it a bit too far off."

Some of his stories are a bit far-fetched, but that is no drawback.

First her father, now her mother, had voiced such a far-fetched notion!

But all these were rather far-fetched, and sometimes quite inconvenient.

Arraignment of such manifestations may seem far-fetched, if not trivial.

I have an answer in readiness which I know you will think very far-fetched.

Here is a far-fetched conceit, and there is an elaborately jointed comparison.

Marcus's exploits aren't far-fetched; that kind of thing happens all the time.

Not everything that is "outlandish" is intrinsically illogical or far-fetched.

The story, as it stands, naturally suggests a much less far-fetched explanation.

It’s a perfectly understandable way of looking at it, if it is rather far-fetched.

That was a pretty far-fetched explanation, but it was the only one he could think of.

Is it far-fetched to assume that Oliver found his small brother something of a handful?

Although it is a far-fetched romance in its theme, it makes use of homely, realistic details.

Some of the inferences were logical and natural, some artificial and far-fetched, but all ingenious.

He was sharply aware of a sense of disappointment, a feeling so far-fetched as to be almost ludicrous.

The principal difficulty to overcome is time; no time must be wasted by research in far-fetched details.

But a moment later explanation offered itself, though it seemed as far-fetched as the original impression.

A romantic, far-fetched idea, you will say; but she could think of no other that was in the least feasible.

It may possibly not be far-fetched to say that he is the product of intensive cultivation along national lines.

He could understand how he had been responsible for part of his dilemma but the rest seemed far-fetched, absurd.

To enumerate my many experiments, from simple to far-fetched, would be to write another book quite as long as this one.

If the imagination is permitted to view the future without restrictions, many apparently far-fetched schemes may be devised.

No argument is too ridiculous for acceptance; no sophistry can seem far-fetched to a person without the sense to confound it.

As a story, it was pretty far-fetched, but it hung together—and in certain ways, it wasn't even too far removed from the truth.

If the concealed objects are found in such a place, they certainly are very far-fetched, but nevertheless they have been "fetched."

When I heard that you had subscribed five thousand dollars to the new church, I concluded that your charity was a little far fetched.

They, being ignorant of their own evolutionary history, were forced to invent some far-fetched lie, and were punished for that as well.

She was not able, thinking it over afterward, to recall anything that could have served as a cue for so far-fetched a supposition as that.

Perhaps it may not be too far-fetched to suppose that the horned appearance of the moon at certain seasons has suggested its association with the cow.

In some places his harmonies have a fine effect, and in others their result is vague and indeterminate, or it sounds badly, or is too elaborate and far-fetched.

The interpretations seem to them far-fetched and forced, they do not please them, so the interpretations are wrong and the whole business of interpretation amounts to nothing.

His collection of facts is a very heterogeneous one; he mingles morphological with physiological analogies, and makes the most far-fetched comparisons between organs belonging to animals of the most diverse groups.

The interpretations are frequently very far-fetched, and as the writers were more interested in the morals than in the facts of natural history themselves, the supposed facts from which they drew their morals were frequently very far from being of the nature of facts.