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Definition of farce:

  • (noun) a comedy characterized by broad satire and improbable situations
  • (verb) fill with a stuffing while cooking; "Have you stuffed the turkey yet?"

Sentence Examples:

We have in life farce sometimes, comedy very often indeed, but never banality.

A clever one-act farce by one of the most successful of French dramatists.

Turned out the guards; good thing in principle, generally a bally farce in practice.

Farce notes like those which had so much astounded them the month before.

The American colonization movement, as now systematized and conducted, is simply an American humane farce.

The operetta has only three acts, and is followed by no farce or afterpiece.

Farces were enacted in every street; the odious ecclesiastics figuring as the principal buffoons.

Its humor is either good horseplay or vulgar farce, and its literary quality nil.

I had the curiosity to attend the trial, expecting to assist at an uproarious farce.

He acts as good a farce as the runaway slave, the buffoon in Catullus' Vision!

He had a tigerish admiration for the deepest tragedy, and abhorred farce and comedy.

The worst is the farce which the boy is playing with his betrothed here.

A prolific writer of dramas, fairy extravaganzas and farces; Prince Charming, Yellow Dwarf, etc.

Opposition maddened her, and, after all, one farce more or less could not matter much.

This ingenious contrivance has furnished matter for many a pleasantry in picaresque tales and farces.

Directly coddling or humanity, so-called, comes in, the whole thing is turned into a farce.

I have been amused with a farce, in which one of these systematic old triflers is represented.

This little farce is very popular, and satirizes the people of Russia in an amusing manner.

Burke shook his shoulders ponderously in a movement of impatience over this prolonging of the farce.

This interview with the husband seemed to transform it all to vaudeville, if not to farce.

The plays, written expressly for the marionettes, were of all descriptions, from melodrama to farce.

That serenade of his, which had proved a farce, seemed to be leading up to something tragic.

It is a mixture of tragedy and farce: the former occasionally good, the latter poor buffoonery.

In strictness, however, those pieces where allegorical personages make their appearance are not farces but moralities.

When he performed this farce, I confess that I was astounded and believed like many others.

And here the curtain fell on this somewhat prolonged and not altogether creditable diplomatic farce.

As long as they hold this theocratic idea, to force democratic government upon them, is a farce.

With this farce the ablest of novelists and harshest of critics closed his theatrical career.

It is a tragicomedy, if not a farce altogether, considering who are the principal actors in it.

The fire department was a joke, the waterworks a farce, and the town hall a ruin.

The dachshunds were a marvel, a nuisance, a bone of contention, an anomaly, an accident, and a farce.

We have all seen unnatural yet uproariously funny situations to which such a complication might lead in farce.

"End the farce, fool," he exclaimed to himself despondently, hurrying to the quarters of the Princess.

The first Japanese dramatic arts were derived from various forms of Chinese farces and court dances.

Medical science is all a humbug, a bauble, a farce, nonsense, moonshine; the profession all bosh!

It is a theater in which all act tragedies, and the lookers-on mistake them for farces.

The play selected was "The Merry Wives of Windsor;" the farce, "Love, Law, and Physic."

Dickens was theatrical and had a tendency to farce; above all, he was by nature a caricaturist.

The auditory laughed most unmercifully at the strange sounds; and so this representation also became a farce.

Both she and the council knew that the inquiry was a degrading and unmerciful farce.

I know that even now the Italian code of criminal procedure, that tragic farce, is under revision.

And with all this, Dickens was not incapable of bathos, or tragedy suddenly exploding in farce.

Another evening they went to one of the cheaper theaters, where Russian comedies and farces were given.

The later pieces were on librettos by Guy Bolton, suggesting French farces, and full of neat arrangements.

The Russian actor does not know how to be funny; he acts with profundity even in a farce.

I gave up the whole thing as a farce and a delusion, as "sounding brass and tinkling cymbals."

It required a man with the courage and coarseness of Dickens actually to put tragic episodes into a farce.

In those "palmy days of the drama," it was quite usual to have a farce after a five-act tragedy.

Snug Bachelor Flat, direct from the phenomenally successful farce, Peers and Pajamas, at the Plenipotentiaries Theater.

These things have got into the region of farce; and should be dealt with farcically, not even ferociously.

The extortion of that confirmation of his calumnies had been a main object of the whole disgraceful farce.

Enough of these follies, buffoon doctor; give me back the papers and put an end to this farce.

The phrases throw back a rather startling illumination on the sport of versifiers and the material of farce.

Burlesque is the farce of portraiture on the stage; farce on the stage is the burlesque of events.

It was the old farce of pretence, seeking, by borrowed attractions, to outshine the imperishable radiance of truth.

Johnson's "The reciprocal civility of authors is one of the most risible scenes in the farce of life"?

In spite of this formal declaration, one passage in the farce is found to bear a condemnatory red mark.

The worst thing was that the farce of it all could only be detected by the looker-on.

The journey was one uninterrupted flow of jests and humorous wit, intermingled with farce and endless pleasantries.

They are of all sorts; there is a Methodist hymn for Sundays, and a farce for Saturday night.

It shifts from passion to farce, from satire to lustrous beauty, from impudent knowingness to pathetic youthful humility.

In any case Sir George Alexander's house was no place for a farce so out of harmony with Macedonian methods.

The trial was as much a farce, as if it had been held before a conclave of the Holy Inquisition.

The farce daily enacted in the courts of 1887 was a disgrace to an enlightened and civilized community.

The hero was "a perplexing creation," and the play "a queer mixture of comedy, extravaganza, farce and tragedy."

The farce which they had enacted on the train had been prearranged with a view to intimidating him.

It is nothing, however, but a farce, taken partly from classical, partly from Italian or from French sources.

What our profession but an imposture, our ritual but a solemn farce, and all our zeal but painted fire?

It was one of those rollicking farces which, one would have thought, would have filled the house every night.

Once in a way the impious thought seized me that 'twas all farce, mummery, tomfoolery: this chewing of dough.

Why, then, taboo the opera and jeopardize its existence, leaving the field to the frivolous operettas and farces?

This brisk and peppery farce is one of the cleanest and most hilariously amusing plays of recent years.

Comedy presents us with the imperfections of human nature: Farce entertains us with what is monstrous and chimerical.

Pix were ridiculed in a farce called the "Female Wits," their best endowments satirized, and their peculiarities mimicked.

As the number of those whose marriages are a farce will gradually diminish, thus will divorce be a godsend.

Then pray come here and be a witness to this experiment in monasticism, this modern hermitage, this somber farce.

They had looked calmly down upon student farces and Wednesday evening prayer meetings, professional impersonations and baccalaureate sermons.

He was featured on his opening night in an Irish farce, "That Rascal Pat," and made a very fair impression.

You could turn Hamlet into an epigrammatic farce with an inimitable scene when he takes his adored mother in adultery.

The investigation at Deacon Spear's house was a mere farce, and I just made them repeat it with a few frills.

It will be well, then, if the imperial farce that must precede "the legitimate drama" shall prove somewhat protracted.

Jilts ruled the state, and statesmen farces writ: Nay, wits had pensions, and young lords had wit.

The girls were first horrified, then they laughed: the farce of a thing is very apparent to heedless youth.

Those two swindlers carried them off, after having acted a farce, which we, like ninnies, believed to be real.

This little farce is very popular in Russia, and satirizes the peasants of that country in an amusing manner.

Nothing in the theater is staler than the situation of husband, wife and lover, or the fun of knockabout farce.

There was an afterpiece to the play; what had very nearly been a tragedy developing into something resembling a farce.

I suppose it will, on the part of administration, have been a wretched farce of fear, daubed over with airs of bullying.

He inveighs against the farce of ascetics taking virgins to live with them, who are supposed to remain intact; cf.

The courts of law were disorganized, the police undisciplined, and local government for the most part was a farce.

To French readers this scene may seem a ghoulish farce: English humor accepts it from Norwegian humor without demur.

This assignation is the background of the third act, which is farce of the wildest and most vulgar order.

And as the artist is often unsuccessful, while the mountebank succeeds; so farces more commonly take the people than comedies.

The Palace Farce, that strange episode in the history of modern Spanish courts, must be fresh in every one's memory.

And the proceedings was prefaced by that old-stock farce called the Struggle for Reform, or John Bull mesmerized.

We must take these trippers as he would have taken them and tear out of them their tragedy and their farce.

In these you may see Sancho Panza mounted on a turbulent ass as picador, and a lot of very broad farce.

Is this world and all the life upon it only like a farce or a vaudeville, where you find no great meanings?

The performances were invariably either a comedy and farce, or more frequently three farces, with a plentiful interlarding of comic songs.

Social unrest, bedroom farces, tardiness, rudeness, blasphemy, crime, lies and yawning in the presence of company all rise because of it.