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Use farfetched in a sentence

Definition of farfetched:

  • (adjective) highly imaginative but unlikely; "a farfetched excuse"

Sentence Examples:

"I don't think I ever in my life heard anything more farfetched," pronounced Katie.

The analogy to tennis is not farfetched.

It is reasonable that people neglect farfetched possibilities.

The whole looks reasonable, since people in fact neglect farfetched possibilities.

"That's no farfetched dream, Bud."

Is it farfetched or natural?

It is a case that requires no farfetched arguments.

Bill and I laughed when we read it, because it was much too farfetched for publication.

It seems too farfetched?

Every remedy contained a multitude of farfetched and heterogeneous ingredients.

Its tone is in accordance with the multitude of articles upon the same subject which occurred about the same time, and, like them all, or most of them, is rather farfetched.

In fact the latter is so involved and farfetched, that the former is often entirely obscured.

There was a limit to all things, and an apparatus for washing one's whole body was simply too farfetched for anyone living in the sixth-century to take seriously.

Any farfetched chance that he might actually have followed Andy into the swamp to ask about anything at all was refuted by the fact that he had been hiding in the grass.

Usually, however, the adjustment, farfetched or absurd though it may be, is sufficient so that the mechanism goes on with at least a semblance of effectiveness.

When he tried to do so his conclusions seemed grotesquely fanciful and farfetched.

When you came to me and suggested that you should make two copies of everything, one correct, one a mass of incorrectness, I must admit that I thought the idea farfetched and unworkable.

We must never forget that, repulsive and farfetched as these comparisons of an apostate people to a sinful woman may seem to us, the ideas and customs of the time made them perfectly apposite.

Versification in a dead language is an exotic, a farfetched, costly, sickly, imitation of that which elsewhere may be found in healthful and spontaneous perfection.

For his illustrations are not farfetched or laboriously worked out.

When the points of resemblance are too remote the simile is said to be farfetched.

Then a scene ensued that if put upon the stage would be deemed farfetched, if not incredible.

He was a farfetched, dim suggestion of a burlesque upon me, a caricature of me in little.

In this way he would nearly have his face to the former, and his back to the latter; and if so the meaning of right and left would be not only farfetched, but wholly improper, while the meaning of east and west would be no less correct than natural.

My simile may seem a trifle farfetched, but I shall let it stand.

Hard as I tried I could detect only two small blots, even those are rather farfetched!

And don't hunt for farfetched similes.

Hank immediately sprang forward with a stream of oaths so farfetched that Simpson did not recognize them as English at all, but thought he had lapsed into Indian or some other lingo.

Arrow's axioms on using the whole commodity domain and universal preferences introduce the possibility that we might also be obligated to consider farfetched items.

If we want to deal with possibly farfetched preferences of some citizens, which is the moral meaning of the axiom of universal preferences, then we should work towards practical procedures that work.

When he had uttered these words, the idea seemed so ingenious and farfetched that it looked as if it could not emanate from fancy, but only from knowledge of the real facts.

If this theory was somewhat farfetched, there could be no question of the practical effect of the destruction of the sugar crop in curtailing the resources of the administration.