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Use faze in a sentence

Definition of faze:

  • (verb) disturb the composure of

Sentence Examples:

I try to assert my manly authority, but manly authority doesn't faze Helen much.

"And now," proclaimed Mandeville, "you'll see them form into line fazed to the rear!"

Any altitude of his body above the wagon-bed of less than a foot did not faze him.

Water never fazes a woman, and your delight in tubs is an essentially feminine trait.

Once or twice they came near having a spill in wind that didn't faze us a bit.

Must have been a tough old boy; for that never fazed him.

You could never faze them.

Such a little thing as that was not going to faze him.

He was not fazed a bit.

It never fazed you to ask favors, and you ain't run down yet.

A few more scraps like this and nothing will faze us.

Opposition does not faze us; no sir, we know our rights, and are here to fight for them.

Men on bases never fazed him; the more there were, the better he pitched.

We know that no ghost fazes you, not even the ghost of chlorine gas.

What she said never fazed him.

A thousand-pound 'sword' couldn't faze the pilot of that disk.

Pat held his watch in his hand and looked very ugly, but nothing fazed Billy.

The children froze him, and were rude, and Julia Cloud withdrew farther and farther; but nothing seemed to faze him.

It never fazed me then, but seems like it's showing up now, and Doc says I can expect these little cat fits every now'n again.

When he first arrived he got a lot of Indians up a tree, and when they shook some apples down, he set one on top of his son's head, and shot an arrow plump through it and never fazed him.

I asked, and I looked at him hard, but, in the vernacular of the neighborhood, I did not "faze" him.

It was one of his careless boasts that situations could not faze him, that he was immune to outward betrayals of sensation.

Oh, he'd had his doubts, too; but now, if the Great Change fazed him at all, he didn't show it.

"No matter how totally disorganized they might be by silly things like mice or toads you simply couldn't faze them when it came to a purely social emergency."

The deep-cushioned armchairs on the deck are upholstered in a light-green leather that you would think a drop of water would deface, and the salt spray doesn't faze it in the least.

You can't faze him with the snappy repartee, either; for that's his specialty.

What fazes me is how you chaps came along the causeway.

"They can't faze Blake," whispered Walter Osborne, hugging himself joyfully, as once again Blake gave a calm and sure rejoinder to the Scout Master's query.

Describing the building of the choir platform Sunday says, with a grim shutting of his jaws: "You could run a locomotive over it and never faze it."