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Use feral in a sentence

Definition of feral:

  • (adjective) wild and menacing

Sentence Examples:

Her feral body leaned tautly as it waited.

The redhead had a feral grin on his freckled mug.

Her words were sheathed in velvet, but her eyes were feral, like flaming topaz.

The ocelot screamed out there again, filling the night with a thin feral madness.

Latham fell back against a tree bole and stood motionless, staring into glittering feral eyes.

The case is curiously analogous to that of the Camel, which also is only known as feral or domesticated.

His eyes were small, feral; he gave Martin a fleeting, incurious glance, and turned his attention to his work.

Now and again a feral, domineering wasp would join the crowd, coming up with the air of a fussy, inquisitive overseer.

He turned and strode out of the cavern, carrying his right leg stiffly, but with his feral, tigerish head held high.

A little smile was at the corners of his mouth, and the feral light was still lambent in his strange green eyes.

He stood up and faced me, his mouth open, his teeth apart, and that malicious grin wrinkling all but his smoldering feral eyes.

Their feral nature had been stirred to the depths, and they listened and listened, though no sound reached them save a faint toot of the horn.

Nevertheless, I do not doubt that the simple fact of animals and plants becoming feral, does cause some tendency to reversion to the primitive state; though this tendency has been much exaggerated by some authors.

This subject of the checks to increase has been ably treated by several authors, and I hope in a future work to discuss it at considerable length, more especially in regard to the feral animals of South America.

They were of the wild-pig breed, descended originally from the European animal introduced by the early Spanish colonists, but after two or three centuries of feral life a good deal changed in appearance from their progenitors.

It seems that the production of hybrids between the feral and domestic fowl, which we find there today, may have been going on ever since the European colonists arrived with their fancy breeds of chickens.

It is an odd fact that a feral horse, although while free even wilder and fiercer than those native to the prairies, when once returned to captivity resumes almost instantly the traits and habits of domesticity.

The trill of a distant nightingale rippled the scented air; and from the llanos were borne on the warm land breeze low feral sounds, broken now and then by the plaintive piping of a lonely toucan.

The avoidable factor in their causation is, with some modification, not unlike that of the simpler feral movements and faulty attitudes, carriage, and postures in children; viz., some form of overpressure or misfit between environment and nature.

Out of many thousands thus turned loose to shift for themselves, not one pair survived to propagate a new race of feral sheep; in a short time pumas, wild dogs, and other beasts of prey, had destroyed them all.

It is only on the wildest and most inaccessible parts of our coast that this species can now be found in its pure state, as in all the more inhabited portions it has become interbred with feral domestic birds.

Finally, we have seen that characters often reappear in purely-bred races without our being able to assign any proximate cause; but when they become feral this is either indirectly or directly induced by the change in their conditions of life.

The tribesmen sat their horses, facing Travis, watching him with the feral eyes of the wolves they claimed as forefathers, wolves that possessed the cunning of the wild, cunning enough not to rush breakneck into unknown danger.

The native savage will destroy the immigrant civilized man; of the English animals and plants some will be extirpated by their indigenous rivals, others will pass into the feral state and themselves become components of the state of nature.

Thus, with feral pigs, exposure to the weather will probably favor the growth of the bristles, as is known to be the case with the hair of other domesticated animals, and through correlation the tusks will tend to be redeveloped.

Tom Jeffery, the tall, angular and red-faced Navigator, whose slow, easygoing movements belied the feral persistence of a tiger, and the swiftness of a striking cobra in a fight, led the small procession of men toward the emergency planes.

A return of any species to its natural conditions of life, as with feral animals and plants, favors reversion; though it is certain that this tendency exists, we do not know how far it prevails, and it has been much exaggerated.

Yes, she could have told him that she had her art, that focus of the realm of ideas that had been her vocation before he moved in with her, and he would have scowled discreetly, never criticizing its odd feral qualities directly.