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Use fervent in a sentence

Definition of fervent:

  • (adjective) characterized by intense emotion;
  • (adjective) extremely hot

Sentence Examples:

As it is our duty to pray, so it is our duty to pray with the most fervent importunity.

The hour has struck in which the fervent dream of your fathers and forefathers can be realized.

Then she would think of that future, even when painted as glowingly as in Walter's fervent expectation.

It is a polemical pamphlet by a master of English, and a fervent admirer of the illustrious Martin.

Fancy the feelings of a fervent, conscientious anarchist assisting at the public decapitation of one of his coreligionists.

Do not forget my last fervent prayer, my last thought: forgive me and do not bewail me.

Beethoven, to whom the young Frenchman daily addressed a fervent prayer, was termed a seducer to sensuality.

The vegetation upon earth was likewise destroyed, and the fervent heat made all the waters seethe and boil.

He sympathizes with Greek lovers, and avows a fervent admiration for beauty in the persons of young men.

The goldenrod burned at her feet and on her bosom, and her fervent blood leaped to her face.

Repudiation of the tie by fervent women, betrothed or already wives, occasioned much domestic friction and popular persecution.

It demands that our piety be fervent, our benevolence unbounded, and our thirst for righteousness strong and insatiable.

They are in fervent prayer to the Creator, or perhaps they describe scenes and pastimes at the antipodes.

And yet the light and giddy souls of cavaliers Harbor no love so fervent as their words bespeak.

He lingered but a few days, edifying his attendants by his fervent piety and resignation under suffering.

I am afraid that he never really loved her and that we were both deceived by his fervent protestations.

Her betrothed sent presents and frequent letters that, though short, were fervent, and added to the glamour.

And the fervent, and holy, and incorruptible patriotism that speaks in every line, must elicit unbounded veneration.

A moment later he had grasped their hands, bidden them a fervent godspeed, and disappeared into the bushes.

Soon he was enfolded in her arms, and his lips and cheeks showered with fervent kisses of welcome.

She ended in a voice broken with strong feeling, clasping her hands with a little fervent, prayerful gesture.

They were young men of good talents, fervent piety, and extraordinary devotion to the object of evangelizing the heathen.

And what had Mary said when these fervent protestations of an undying love had been thrown at her feet?

This was the signal for more kisses, and a fervent avowal of affection on the part of the coxswain.

Said both boys; and then they joined in a fervent appeal to her not to turn their knickerbockers upside down.

All their days will be hallowed by its tender remembrance, their work more fervent, their faith more enduring.

Lady Marabout bent down and kissed her, with a fervent gratitude that not a little bewildered the recipient.

For which sprightliness he received immediately a fervent hug and a kiss from those so sweet and promiscuous lips.

It breathed a fervent disinterestedness, and provided as many poisoned arrows for his rival as its ample space permitted.

He was fervent in his protestations that she should not be left to the society of the dashing Percy.

The earl noticed my emotion, and doubtless saw his triumph, for he continued in more fervent and emboldened terms.

The ecclesiastics were silent immediately, and turning to the choir, prostrated themselves in fervent devotion before the high altar.

Great was the surprise, many and fervent the encomiums; and Sammy was never better satisfied with himself.

In five minutes, the six outlaws were tied securely with lariat rope, in spite of their fervent and profane protests.

There was a good drop of Irish blood in his own veins, and he certainly made a most fervent lover.

Later he became estranged from the author of "Parsifal," and his antagonism was as fervent as had been his partisanship.

No penances were too severe to expiate his numerous sins, and no devotion was too fervent to atone for his past irreligion.

Then we heard the humblest entreaties, the most fervent adjuration, not to deprive the country of such superior talents.

The elements would melt with fervent heat; everything which could be vaporized by heat would be turned to vapor.

The dedication to her deceased father is touching, and still more touching is her fervent psalm-like prayer in melodious Italian verses.

Such questions were disconcerting to fervent foreign propagandists, and did not stimulate their curiosity to hear other unpleasant truths.

Ah, with what fervent joy Jack marks the Union banner, flapping its twin streamers among the hurtling pines!

Be my fervent intercessor and help in this life, driving off the assaults of enemies and guiding me to salvation.

The persuasive, fervent voice demands spontaneity and automatic form and adjustment; these conditions are impossible without flexible, vitalized movements.

"He was a man of much learning, with a keen interest in science, a remarkable eloquence, and a fervent evangelistic faith."

Denny's was about King Charles, and he was very grown-up and fervent about this ill-fated monarch and white roses.

Peace and internationalism cannot be secured by fervent wishes or piety but only by persistent effort and measureless patience.

"I pray that such may be the case," was the fervent response of Warren, accompanied by a sigh of misgiving.

If a man, though apparently fervent and prayerful, is impure, and therefore insincere, what must be the comment upon him?

This fervent desire, so cruelly thwarted, those tears of deferred hope and final profound disappointment, were inexpressibly painful to contemplate.

Still, this dirge was so true and noble, so penetrated with fervent, agonized grief, that it had gone to her heart.

By the magic transformation of print it made out of an unpolished, simple, generous, fervent, and thoughtful artisan, a laughable homunculus.

The only relief he had was in fervent and earnest prayers, which he confusedly murmured, from time to time, in Gaelic.

He seized the handkerchief and the two odd objects it contained with a fervent cry that astonished the bewildered Andy.

And then Kennedy was both amazed and enraptured at the prompt reply in the fervent English of the far frontier.

Conversation was exclamatory for a little while, with gaps of wonderment; and then the Editor got fervent in his curiosity.

This strangely assorted fervent man and gentle woman seemed to have solved the great mystery of happiness between two people.

Shy as she was, she was utterly trustful, and was too innocent and too fervent for any pretence of coyness.

His emaciated countenance, his long flowing white beard and his fervent appeals to penance made a deep impression on the people.

An unfortunate misconception robbed the occasion of the dignified ceremony and the exhibition of fervent personal attachment which had awaited it.

Assure bereaved, dearly loved, much admired mother of my profound sympathy and fervent prayers for the progress of his soul.

As a rule, both in our houses and in our public assemblies, short, fresh, fervent exercises are by far the most edifying.

"I object to being lifted up like a baby," said she reprovingly, as she smoothed her rumpled hair after his fervent greeting.

As the end approached she sat up in bed, and bore a fervent testimony to the houseful of friends who surrounded her.

In the products of the first stage people delight in spite of crudity and clumsiness because they are fervent, genuine, essentially human.

He was laid in state on a large burdock leaf, where he stretched himself warily enough in the fervent heat of the sun.

She crouched in a dark corner of the chancel, and soon forgot herself, the city, and the world, in fervent prayer.

Perceiving how matters stood, the friar straight lifted up his hands, and continued to declaim in a still more fervent stile.

A great warrior, and a fervent patriot, his first effort, when he obtained the crown, was to humble the Danish power.

Lady Hester inherited the overweening pride, generosity, courage, and fervent heat of the "Great Commoner," as well as his indomitable will.

Once more my arms closed affectionately around the form of my betrothed, and a fervent kiss renewed the vow of our betrothal.

My heart would have been harder than an adamantine stone, if I had not prayed for them with anxious and fervent desire.

Have the fervent Methodists and patient Moravians been extortionate publicans, that they should expend their all in a cause which we decline?

He could reason with force, and declaim with eloquence, being no less fervent in his religious affections than in his political sentiments.

The last fervent kiss which he imprinted on her lips, as she breathed out the cold "Good-by, Ross; take care of yourself!"

There is this, I think, to be noted of fervent patriots, that the object of their devotion will have had a distressful story.

As a poet, Montgomery is conspicuous for the smoothness of his versification, and for the fervent piety pervading all his compositions.

At last, when a vow had sealed his novitiate, no one of the fraternity should exceed him in fervent piety and bodily mortification.

The fervent glow in the Heart of Nature kindles a like glow in our own hearts; and we are enraptured by the Beauty.

The public prosecutor continued a long time in this strain, adding weight to his words by impassioned gestures, and fervent declamation.

The excellent American expressed, with his customary absence of reserve, his fervent admiration of Irish hospitality, Irish beauty, and Irish whiskey.

Her praises were, we may believe, sweeter to him than those of the severest critics, or the most fervent of personal flatterers.

Beside them, however, were installed the representatives of all the Asiatic pantheons, and these received the most fervent adoration from the masses.

Even some, whose zeal in the Anti-Slavery cause is fervent, are so infatuated as to propose no other remedy for Slavery but its non-extension.

The fervent zeal and burning piety which were destined to exalt him among men began to show themselves even in his youth.

Bob was the intellectual outlet for her restless, fervent, exigent nature, too complex to be satisfied with physical and emotional gratifications alone.

It was delivered with great unction, and the Holy Father concluded with a fervent prayer for Rome and the Roman State.

He was strong in his religious convictions, thoroughly familiar with every tenet of the Mormon faith, and a fervent advocate of the right.

Here, by a fine inspiration, the chorus of men's voices enters for the first time pianissimo, supporting the solo voice in fervent supplication.

When it was put on the Index it caused its illustrious author, a fervent believer and an exemplary communicant, much pain and remorse.

The rollicking rhymes, the "spume and sputter" of the fervent soul, give place to a manner of sustained seriousness and lyric beauty.

It consists of wise maxims or censorious admonitions; there is no outpouring of religious feelings which absorb the soul, and which characterize fervent prayer.

The girl clasped her brown hands in a fervent gesture as she relapsed into Spanish by way of emphasizing her ardent admiration.

This consent seemed to animate young Laud with most fervent thankfulness, and his elastic spring carried him over every stile he came to.

She wanted bricks for a path; he had laughed at her fervent, "Do give me a whole carload of bricks for Christmas, Peter!"

Their dejection increased daily; and then they all with one accord broke into protestations of affection and fervent entreaties for my help.

Ishmael shook hands with him also, got into the saddle, and, amid the fervent blessings of Reuben and Hannah, recommenced his journey.

It only remains that we give utterance to our most fervent hope that this great work may signalize the reign of our beloved Queen.

And David, whose piety, though not always quite rational, was as sincere as it was habitual and fervent, looked reverentially upward and paused.

I experience a feeling of fervent gladness that I am a female thing living, and that I have a tongue and some teeth, and salivary glands.