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Definition of fetish:

  • (noun) a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or item of clothing or part of the body;
  • (noun) a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers
  • (noun) excessive or irrational devotion to some activity; "made a fetish of cleanliness"

Sentence Examples:

He is in short a phallic fetish.

He makes a fetish of punctilious practice.

Each Egyptian village had its sacred animal or fetish.

The fetish of German military invincibility was early overthrown.

We are manacled today by the fetishes of paper respectability.

It is a bribe and an accursed delusion, a terrible fetish!

Why should we make a fetish out of some dead forefather's example?

To enshrine it in superstition, and make it a fetish, is idolatry.

It has burnt up the ancient fetishes, consumed their shibboleths.

In fact Hirschfeld states that every male shoe fetish is a masochist.

The dethronement of a fetish may give a sounder faith its chance.

A horrible din in the huts of the fetish-men deafened his words.

Physical perfection has become a fetish and that is being highly commercialized.

It is largely a fetish, like the sinfulness of cards, of dice, of billiards.

Now the biggest Fetish of all was tottering on its foolish throne.

The fetish of smartness is non-existent here; comfort and use are the main points.

A phallus was worn as a charm, somewhat as a fetish to ward off disease.

Wooster, that I appreciate your splendid defiance of the outworn fetishes of a purblind social system.

Yet he could not swim away from it, the fetish seemed to have hypnotized him.

Only don't sacrifice yourself to a prudish modesty; don't make a fetish of the past.

Before that time religion had been much more a business of fetish, of pseudoscience, than of conscience.

People went about then counting the Russian millions; the steamroller fetish was to be evolved.

Hence, the witch, and not the man who works through the fetish, is proscribed.

Morning chapel is obligatory: conscientious objectors, if aborigines, may keep a private fetish in their rooms.

Everything was immaculate, and I could well believe that the girl made a fetish of tidiness.

The word 'fetish' is properly applied only to charms, philters, amulets, and all that genus.

Thence is fame desirable to a great man, and thence subversion of vulgar fetishes becomes a duty.

I say, if you must have a fetish, have a reasonable one, like playing for neighbors of zero at roulette.

The fetish to the sun is generally ornamented with a rude pattern daubed in white on the outside.

In almost every household is installed a stone fetish, and blood offerings are on occasion made to this.

Chants are intoned, and a dance performed in which the cries of the fetish beasts are imitated.

It sprang from that most irreligious fetish, the belief in the permanence of the individual ego after death.

They let art, music, science, the drama, business, to divert their attention from this Asiatic fetish.

The application of the term "fetish" to the Sun considered as an object of adoration is to be deprecated.

Age and tradition first embalmed them in an air of sanctity; and then superstition made of them a fetish.

There was but moderate support for these bold iconoclasts who dared thus to affront our high fetish.

Clothes and appearance had more and more become a fetish with him until he had developed into a fop.

The fetish of mere size seems, indeed, to have affected even the officers in command of these modern leviathans.

Listen, when I assert that Robespierre is only a name, a fetish, a manikin set up on a pedestal!

With hair and shoe fetishists, the fetish is more than a mere attraction; it is generally a powerful sexual stimulant.

The palace was full of fetish objects just as trumpery and meaningless as those in the humblest cottages.

Their motions seemed a little meaningless to one so far removed from all the fetishes and shibboleths of Westminster.

Come, let us be done with this fetish of stolen time, of the wonderful and so seldom comprehended rubato.

Such fetishists experience, while kissing or caressing their fetish, sexual gratification of the autoerotic or of the involuntary type.

In extreme cases of fetishism, the sexual emotions can only be aroused in the presence of the particular fetish involved.

All is unintelligible, and yet Locke and the stupid adorers of that fetish earth-clod take all for granted.

You, the apostles of freedom and constitutional government and half a dozen assorted fetishes, what was your attitude then?

The west African fetish acts as a police, and property protected by it is safer than under civilized laws.

Nevertheless, the two are very closely related, as is indicated by the totemic origin of certain primitive forms of fetishes.

And the man who is not dominated by the fetish of custom is marked for contumely by the many.

The priest is a fetish woman, who offers water and kola nuts to, and expects rum from, white visitors.

Behind some rocks we come upon a few huts, all empty but for some calabashes of water and some fetish rags.

The fetish worshiper himself probably invests his fetish with a vague personality such as would render it capable of propitiation.

The passion of the Japanese for the silk hat is intense, fervid, one might almost say it has become a fetish.

It is made of flat stones set on edge, opened above and on one side, and consists of a fetish of petrified wood.

The offering to the fetish was the signal for the most enthusiastic rejoicing, and the shouts of adulation were deafening.

The greater her grief, the more terrifying her convulsive throes, the more glory to the fetish deities whom they worshiped.

Arms and hands, which to the nursling mean protection, service, caresses, transportation, etc., derive therefrom their great attraction as fetishes.

Foe or Fetish, King or Kaiser, Deity itself or the vicegerents it has appointed in its stead, are answerable for it all.

In the normal man, the fetish, being the bearer of pleasant memories from childhood days, facilitates one's adaption to a life partner.

You have been my fetish from the first day I met you, and my worship has grown blinder every hour, Mildred.

Among very rude nations, the commonest and apparently most unimpressive objects will serve as fetishes, or incarnations of the mysterious force.

The fetishes which to them meant food and safety in the nest mean to them beauty and eroticism when they reach adulthood.

Amongst other unpleasing peculiarities, he was apparently possessed of a fetish that brought misfortune or death to all who were associated with him.

The true geometric fortification, which worshiped symmetry as a fetish, marked, as has been already pointed out, the decadence of the Italian school.

Individualism, extolled to a fetish and unbridled by any considerations of good and bad, engendered faculties of glorious capabilities and also of monstrous depravity.

In due time, the Obi man brought forward a huge toad, in which, after many ceremonies, he declared the Obi or fetish to be embodied.

He inflates the great "I," and then plays upon it, making it strike sharp and loud, like the tom-tom of a heathen fetish.

Nowhere on earth are there so many totems, bugaboos and fetishes as there are in a motion picture studio and all argument is strictly forbidden.

For example, the parental fixation may become reconditioned by focussing upon some special characteristic of the father or mother, which becomes an erotic fetish.

"Fetish" is, perhaps, rather too strong a word, but I should not mind saying that informality was the tutelary genius of the place.

I realize that this was plain, unadulterated, heathenish fetish worship, but it shows what a man reverts to in the barbaric stress of war.

He was neither that honest man nor that courageous rascal, and the money grew to be a sort of devilish tantalizing fetish to him.

The belief that such relics were endowed with miraculous properties had been utilized to convert them into fetishes, and pampered by fraudulent conjuring tricks.

I see vapors exhaling from unexplored countries; I see the savage types, the bow and arrow, the poisoned splint, the fetish, and the obi.

However, she could not unsay what she had said, and nothing remained but to pray to the fetish and hope for the best.

The coiffure in particular, a cascade of false hair, bows, jewels, and feathers, is more suggestive of some exotic idol or fetish than of a human being.

The guest was very pleased; by a prompting of the fetish he knew what they wanted, and gave them three peppercorns, one for each queen.

The mode in which the liquor is sold shows a trustfulness on the part of the seller which may result from firm belief in his 'fetish.'

It is time that this union of quick and dead were done with, and that the ecclesiastic fetish rag which makes its wickedness respectable were burned.

It is in this way that the introduction of the plant into the realm of totemic ideas mediates the transition from the totem to the fetish.

Shall we kill these, or revile them, or desert them, for the sake of the lurid ghost in the cloud, or the fetish in his box?

Thus, fetishism ascribed, or sought to ascribe, to the Godhead, the quality of willingness to promote even the anti-social desires of the owner of the fetish.

Close to the house of our inhuman master was the fetish grove, a horrible place, surrounded by rank grass, dirt, and reeking with odors pestilential.

One feels that they must be the relics of a decayed spirituality, preserved not insincerely, but in ignorant superstition, like other fetishes all over the world.

It is primarily African fetishism, a cult form which is apparently independent of totemism, that has given its characteristic stamp to the conception of the fetish.

The most precious ornament of this people, however, consists of a green talc fetish, which hangs on the breast attached to some portion of a human bone.

The fetish, however, is a magic-working subject, an independent demoniacal being, which may lend aid but may also refuse it, or, if hostilely disposed, may cause injury.

The balance of all the elements of art to which idealism aspires is then lost; special elements become preponderant, special effects are made fetishes, and degeneration ensues.

Which would perplex a gentlemanly super-cat spectator the more, our habits of wholesale slaughter in the field, or our spiritless making a fetish of "order," at home?

The sound revolt against superficiality of study had been carried to an extreme; thoroughness in minutiae as the only end of study had been erected into a fetish.

The universal characteristic of the fetish, however, over and above this special mode of origin, is the fact that it is supposed to harbor a soul-like, demoniacal being.

The blood of the victims was allowed to putrefy in the bowl, the leaves of certain herbs being added; it was considered a very valuable fetish medicine.

His return at any hour or any moment was the fetish which she let no misgiving blaspheme; everything in her of woman and of wife consecrated it.

He, like most woodsmen, was wedded to a single utterly foolish article of personal belonging, which he worshiped as a fetish, and without which he was unhappy.

There is one thing, however, for which the secretions of our ductless glands are mainly responsible, and which is most important to consider in a study of fetishes.

Laying the former aside, he took up the latter with a tenderness and devoutness becoming one who was touching the sacred books of some fetish of the East.

He takes some barley in a sieve, which as we shall see is a very powerful fetish, and shakes it until only a few grains are left in the interstices.

This is probably why in primitive races we often find the erect phallus used as a symbol of safety, as a primitive "fetish" vouchsafing imaginary safety and confidence.

This animal then becomes his fetish; its skin is carried as a charm, and representations of it are tattooed and painted on the body or engraved on the weapons.