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Fidgety Definition

Sentence Examples

I never saw you so fidgety and excited.

"He comes here a good deal, and I can’t help being fidgety."

'A sulky man is almost as unpleasant as a fidgety man. '

Otway was waiting with fidgety impatience.

If you had studied your lesson you wouldn't be so fidgety.

"She was very fidgety and restless."

Louis was fidgety, anxious to get back.

"Auntie, you've been very fidgety lately."

"And don't be so nervous and fidgety, my dear."

I became more and more fidgety as time went on.

Thought is a fidgety thing, restless, perverse.

The old man was nervous, fidgety, and very pale.

By this time an hour had passed and King Zooks was fidgety.

She was looking over the little place in a fidgety, nervous way.

"Don't be so fidgety, Miss Sternberger; sit down by me and talk."

Why does that teacher get fidgety when her superior observes her?

Finally Bess declared she was too fidgety to sit still any longer.

"You needn't be so fidgety over me; —you had better look after Susan...."

I had grown fidgety, and sat fearful of something overpoweringly impending.

But they were too much like poor Christina; fidgety things, nervous and on edge.

Until he did so, Mr Frampton was too fidgety to be approachable on any other subject.

"But I must go to Uncle Bobo now; he must be tired of waiting, and he'll get fidgety."

Reddy Fox always is nervous and by this time he was so fidgety that he couldn't stand still.

A little man, mingling with the disreputable rascals on the north side, was similarly fidgety.

I can't dance worth a damn, and I am so fidgety that if I hear a door slam I go all to pieces.

'I was stupid and fidgety then, ' answered Pavel Petrovitch; 'since then I have grown quieter, if not wiser.

"Again she was, in some manner I could not understand, eager, reserved, apprehensive and fidgety all at once."

Shoving back his chair, he paced the floor in a fidgety manner and, at length, opened the door of Jack's room.

Once, when I arrived at six o’clock, Lena was ushering out a fidgety mother and her awkward, overgrown daughter.

His opponent was getting very fidgety as the price rose, hesitating for some moments every time the bidding was against him.

But even so, she began to grow a little fidgety when the moment of which he had spoken grew into something like five minutes.

The hard-featured, rickety, fidgety, shambling, learned, most preposterous Scotchman hastened to take possession of the throne.

At last when he was becoming fidgety and consulting his watch at intervals of not longer than three minutes, the girl appeared.

He was a fidgety person, always twitching with his hands, and he walked with something of a strut, as though the earth belonged to him.

His manner was fidgety, his arms being thrown uneasily about, and his fingers fumbling his mustache or his clothing or the papers on his desk.

The weather was a little fidgety to-day and yesterday, a little troubled, like a creature that stirs fretfully in its sleep, and it set me thinking.

He would get fidgety and forget his lesson, I am sure, like the boy who had the button which he was used to fingering removed before he went to recite.

Whitey's nerves were pretty steady, as you know, but after about four hours of this, Little got him so fidgety that he thought he would fall off the horse.

The groom elect looked much like a victim about to be sacrificed; he was as miserably sheepish and fidgety as ever old bachelor could be under similar circumstances.

There was a fidgety interval before the big cart drove up to the house, its wheels rending through the gritty mud and its horses steaming as though they had been boiled.

But the brass knobs and bars in front look cheery and sparkling, and then the indispensable bellows are a delightful invention for fidgety fingers like those of Ralph and Molly.

It sat an instant, with alert eyes and fidgety nose and whiskers, and then it scrambled down the leg of the table and crossed the floor in the direction of the grandfather's clock.

She was more than usually nervous and fidgety in her manner, but she said nothing; and whether she greatly dreaded the ordeal, or was quite calmly indifferent about it, no one could tell.

There was the pig, white and particular about its person when decently looked after, listening to every sound, a comical fellow, always eager for food, and ticklish and fidgety as a girl.

She seemed never still for an instant; her legs had a fidgety, nervous movement in them, and in moments of excitement, which were not infrequent, she was given to executing a sort of war-dance.

I had been for several days very fidgety and wretched at getting no letters from home, and had gone to bed in worse spirits than usual, and in my dream I fancied I said: "I have lost my dearest little May."

Fairfax shuts herself up and won't see a single visitor; Miss Grace, the eldest daughter, who was never very strong, has become a confirmed invalid, with very crotchety and fidgety ways, and makes every one miserable who comes near her.

"Getting fidgety, eh?"