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Use firepower in a sentence

Firepower Definition

(military) the relative capacity for delivering fire on a target.

Sentence Examples

For a job like this, he'd need firepower.

He's got the ships and firepower to cut us both to pieces.

"Speed, firepower and range."

We need her firepower at the perimeter.

They no longer have the position or the firepower to seriously threaten us.

And he didn't dare waste his firepower on that; he didn't have much to begin with.

Seven of the battle cruisers fired as one, and were joined by all the firepower of their escort ships.

"It's still almost five hours before the Camelot pulls in, and until she does you're way ahead on firepower."

They've got plenty of firepower, too; close to half the entire security force, I understand, including all the officers.

Meanwhile the Soviets, epitomizing their policy of conditional help, held their own forces back, lending only long-distance firepower in times of greatest need.

Also added to the equation: The two remaining Coalition carriers, ten years old and of a lesser Soviet series, could fit together inside the Dreadnought, and had not one-third the long-range firepower.

Its leaders stress the point that, although large forces and massive firepower are employed in modern combat, the complexity and use of weapons is such that individual initiative is increasingly important.

Outnumbered nearly three to one by more modern, swifter craft, needing to be watchful of every quarter at once, aware that soon the Dreadnought would add its considerable firepower to the fray, and thus needing an early knockout... it was impossible.