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Use fudge in a sentence

Fudge Definition

  • a soft creamy candy
  • foolish nonsense
  • to avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues);
    synonyms:parry, circumvent, dodge, skirt, duck, evade, sidestep, hedge, put off, elude

Sentence Examples

The fudge party was a success.

"I’ll buy you a hot fudge sundae."

"And I'm not fudging you in any way."

You fudge the bills against yourself.

"Her idea of a meal is a plate of fudge."

"And think of all the fudge you will get!"

"You thought it was all fudge on my part?"

There was no chance to fudge on the slim baggage order.

I stood for him till he suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, fudge!"

But you've got to fudge up some sort of a service to suit the gal.

"I don't blame you, if you have emptied all those fudge boxes lately."

"And my mother said I could make fudge to sell to my family and friends."

"I'll come in a little while, so don't, for goodness' sake, eat all the fudge."

He was a "diplomat," apparently, so he could easily fudge the passport formalities.

Mere fudge and fury!

"It turns out," he added confidentially, "there was nothing in that story—it was all fudge."

Candies like fudge and nougat become hard and dry when left standing several days open to the air.

When Peter made a feeble effort at repeating some of the pacifists' arguments, Rosie just said, "Oh, fudge!"

Betsy dried the nail file she had been scrubbing and while the fudge was still hot, she cut it with the file.

They all looked so jolly, the room so cosy, and the warm, chocolaty smell of the fudge was almost irresistible.

"He said very little to me, nothing indeed, only all that fudge I am always hearing—'rest, patience, ' and so on."

A moment later, three girls and a Japanese screen fell through Georgia’s door into the midst of an amazed freshmen fudge party.

She believed that young woman to be in the first stage of a dangerous and mysterious malady, which belief and which malady were alike nothing in the world but fudge.