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Use gadget in a sentence

Definition of gadget:

  • (noun) a device or control that is very useful for a particular job

Sentence Examples:

You like dynamos and fiddling with 'gadgets' generally.

He has more gadgets than even a modern infantryman.

His attention was completely engrossed in his gadget.

We thought you might try to gimmick the gadget.

He unhooked the gadget and restored normal service to himself.

"We kept on improving the gadget," he said with hangdog attitude.

The machine, so hastily repaired, was some sort of anesthetizing gadget.

He picked up the breadboard on which his gadget was mounted.

They are big brains, eggheads, all of them with their favorite gadgets.

Laughs he, and dons that unlovely but priceless gadget, his box-respirator.

Stuffing the gadget into his mouth, he turned and began jabbering orders.

Edgar found himself staring fixedly at a top secret gadget still in the breadboard stage.

And people needed it desperately, far more than they needed gadgets or carburetors or pens or hairbrushes.

He couldn't be absolutely sure that the specifications for the gadget hadn't been garbled in transmission.

Jill was soon bewildered by it all, but Ted was interested in every gadget and meter.

Were we the new Soviets, living in fear of the digital equivalent of copiers and other subversive gadgets?

Dave's fingers fairly flew to the starter buttons, the throttles, and other gadgets all marked in German.

Those metal boxlike things were probably condensers, and the waxy cylindrical gadgets might or might not be resistors.

Public's conviction that he's pretty smart, too smart to believe all this gab about a gadget he's never seen.

With John's trouble, what chance do you suppose he would have had peddling those gadgets directly to any clinic?

There were no gadgets to tinker with, the place was to me barren of necessary appurtenances ... strange people, indeed.

And as far as these newfangled gadgets in the bathroom were concerned, he could follow any well-written set of directions.

Seem to have a couple of big beasts of burden carrying a gadget ... looks like one of those old pack howitzers.

Well, after we came back I stayed in aviation, knocking around from control jobs to designing new gadgets like superchargers and all.

The department of political skulduggery, though, in the Free State metropolis, is a streamlined model, oiled up and with all the gadgets.

Chow told me last night this gadget looked like a fireplug under a rose trellis and I ought to call it Fireplug Rose!

Remember that our condenser coil is a gadget for storing energy in space; we are therefore obliged to supply it with energy to store.

I even hooked a gadget to the water pipe, so their Holy Waters would have the usual refreshing radioactivity when they started flowing again.

After the gadget is connected up, the walls vibrate with jabber that can't be analyzed even by the best of differential analyzers.

Automatic gadgets empty the milk from the glass tanks, wash them, sterilize them and get them ready for the next round.

Possibly it would have been fitted with all the latest gadgets, and come out from its reforging a better weapon than it was originally.

The entire mass of gadgets, pedals and levers before me were by this time as incomprehensible to me as a Hebrew essay on the fourth dimension.

She says she will object if our gadget is floating free at the time, on the chance that it might interfere with the bathyscaphe.

The services will continue to hold with the idea that strong nationhood comes not of the making of gadgets but of the building of character.

Toffee, her legs crossed to perfection, the cylinder-like gadget under her arm, sat jauntily on the edge of the cart, smiling a bright greeting.

The syrupy melody was the saintly salesman who disbursed the wealth of gadget and machine like melted butter across the bread of the land.

They have discovered the glories of the American installment plan and buy not only land and houses, but cars and mechanical gadgets unobtainable at home.

The rocket was just metal and gadgets; only the suit stood between him and an agonizing death from acceleration, deceleration, extremes of heat and cold.

It's the gadget that organizes your information, sorts out your data, makes your decisions when you've got too many complicating factors for a human mind to handle.

Broadly speaking, they must pick their way warily through the maze of artifacts, gadgets and gimmicks produced by human ingenuity during the current world revolution.

If the gadget is light, we'll swim back to the runabout with it, push the runabout away from the cove into the river, and then get aboard and come home.

An inspection of the assembling sheds where aircraft were in various states of completion followed, Uncle Brian pointing out various "gadgets" embodied in the design to render the machine practically "fool-proof".

The redhead, seeing that time and speed were of the essence, abandoned her attack on the butcher and sailed forward, the gavel raised in one hand, the gadget in the other.

Standing gear had to be screwed up again, running gear rove off through the right leads and a hundred and one small gadgets installed which riggers omit and sailors have to fit.

As the Jap-copied American aircraft engine caught on the first time over, and roared up in a full throated song of power, he blessed the odd simplicity of Jap instrument panels and engine gadgets.

Still another example is the extraction from the earth's crust of minerals and metals accumulated through ages and used to turn out frivolous gadgets or, more disastrously, the materials and machines of civilized warfare.

He picked an ordinary paper clip from the debris of pencils, stamps and rubber bands from the top desk drawers, touched it to the "muzzle" end of the gadget where it stuck as if magnetized.

Every two-bit tinkerer wants a handout to develop his world-shaking gadget that will suppress the fizz after the cap is removed from a pop bottle, or adapt any apartment-size bathtub for raising tropical fish.

With his own hands he unlocked the complicated belt with its gadgets and equipment, disconnected the communicator and ventilator, and then unfastened the lock clips that held top and bottom of the suit together.

I never knew before I was shipmates with any such gadgets, but I look around and there are four glass plates about an inch thick and a foot and a half across that the current was boring through.

"You may be right, Dick," said Henry, looking a little regretfully at the new sharpshooter's badge he held in his hand, "but what appeals more to me is that extra pay these little silver gadgets bring in each month."

Fore and aft was mounted a machine-gun, while projecting through the floor of the fuselage was a complicated arrangement that at first sight looked like three drain-pipes with mushroom heads and a small crowd of "gadgets" thrown in.

By far the greater space, however, was occupied by shelves and crates and stacks of small cartons or loosely wrapped packages in which various gadgets seemed to be stored after plans of them had been transmitted to the field.

Neville looked on, understanding it only in the high spots, for the board was a jumble of gadgets and doodads, and it was not long before he began to suspect that the long-winded explanation was a unique variety of double-talk.

The shining gadget seemed to please him, but when one of the sharp needles slipped through his thick hand-coverings and stabbed him he howled with rage, throwing the machine down, and grinding it into a splintered ruin in the sand.

Tucker had taught in the schoolhouse at the top of the hill for twenty-nine years, and Burr had had a varied and picturesque career as a salesman of pumps, fruit trees, any gadget that seemed to be useful to his country neighbors.

That was the only launch the German government had on the lake in those days, an almost perfect toy with an aluminum hull and more up-to-date gadgets on her machinery than a battleship's engineer could have explained the purpose of in a watch.