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Use gaffe in a sentence

Definition of gaffe:

  • (noun) a socially awkward or tactless act | A foolish and embarrassing error, especially one made in public.

Sentence Examples:

Then we committed a great gaffe!

His lean face and his angular manner gaffe that impression.

It was an odd correspondence, in which I made my customary gaffe.

She has been so charming to me that if I make a gaffe she must forgive me.

Think what his position would have been if any member of his Embassy had made a "gaffe."

Her recent commands with respect to turbulent Venice were the subject of criticism among the circle outside the Piazza Gaffe.

It makes me wince when I see you blundering and making the most terrible gaffes.

I said it was very different, of course, but there was much that was interesting, only I did not know the people well enough yet to appreciate the stories they were always telling about each other, also that I had made several "gaffes" quite innocently.

"If I ever gaff another fish, may I be gaffed myself," I said.

At the boatman's request, he gaffed the fish, which went off with the gaff and was lost, owing to the hook tearing away.

At length, if success is to be yours, the gaff will be seized in the jaws of the infuriated sleeper, which may then be gaffed anywhere near the head and hauled from his lair.

I had kept him within bounds and well in hand; had got him within a foot of the gaff, sure of victory, and was shouting to my gaffer, "Now then, let him have it!"

Yet when I told the sad tale of my gaffe to the members of a V.A.D. convoy, they only seemed to think it must have been quite good for the Fannies ... but somehow it wasn't equally good for them when I timidly asked whether they were G.S.V.A.D.'

In this backwater we stationed the gillie, gaff in hand, and crouched down; no sooner was a fish hooked than, before he could realize the situation, he was unceremoniously hurried across the pool into the backwater, and there equally unceremoniously gaffed.

I reeled up my line; there was a momentary vision of about three-quarters of Sandy leaning out of the boat, a tremendously quick lightning-like movement of the gaff, and the salmon, gaffed with extraordinary skill behind the shoulder, was in the boat.

There are all sorts of directions about this important operation, some authors saying a fish must be gaffed in the shoulder, others preferring the tail, some the belly, and some the back, but, in fact, one place is as good another; the main points are not to miss nor graze him, and not to jerk so hard as to throw him off the gaff.