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Use ghetto in a sentence

Definition of ghetto:

  • (noun) any segregated mode of living or working that results from bias or stereotyping
  • (noun) a poor densely populated city district occupied by a minority ethnic group linked together by economic hardship and social restrictions

Sentence Examples:

The stockyards (ghetto, plant, and everything) were smoldering ruins.

Thomas, the University of Houston, and her Rice University, nothing touched her sense of imagination so much as the ghettos strewn around them.

Over a period of weeks she became enamored of long back-alley vegetable markets and ghettos of the night.

They possessed as much political independence as the Palestinian community when under Roman rule; and enjoyed all the advantages without any of the narrowing influences, physical or intellectual, of a ghetto.

Many children of the ghetto rapidly enlisted under the banner of the Russian youth, and became intoxicated with the luxuriant growth of Russian literature which carried to them the intellectual gifts of the contemporary European writers.

Living the segregated life that as a rule they had to, from the earliest times (the Ghettos have only disappeared in the nineteenth century), it would seem almost impossible for them to have done great intellectual work.

No European ghetto was as crowded as our cities and no overpopulated countryside farmed so intensively to so little purpose.

The Russian ghettos of our capitals had their counterpart then in the Syrian dens that swarmed in the large ports; that is where the apostles of mystical communism preached most successfully.

I leave you to superintend the same, and take any measures you please to promote the growth of the city and to receive, as my representative, the inflowing immigrants from the Ghettos of the world.

The shadow of a large mysterious destiny seemed to hang over these poor superstitious zealots, whose lives she knew so well in all their everyday prose, and to invest the unconscious shuffling sons of the Ghetto with something of tragic grandeur.

Fancy all the Ghettos of the world amalgamating!

For it lies in the heart of that part of the East Side which has within the last two or three decades become the Ghetto of the American metropolis, and, indeed, the metropolis of the Ghettos of the world.

No wonder the babies of the Moroccan ghettos are nursed on date-brandy, and their elders doze away to death under its consoling spell.

It was all so wonderful to Barnes that in the dirt and noise of the overcrowded ghetto, this erstwhile drudge could be transfigured into such a vibrant creature of joy.

In all the great cities, where they are segregated in slum ghettos by hundreds of thousands and by millions, their misery becomes beastliness.

The west side of the George Hotel is in Jewry Street, the ghetto, a name recalling the wealth, rapacity, and persecutions of this peculiar people.

Then the electric floodlights which had been erected all around the ghetto were switched on.

Since the Jewesses were sent to Auschwitz with their entire families and since they had been told that this was a sort of ghetto and were advised to bring all their goods and chattels along, they consequently brought considerable riches with them.

Half of it cordoned off the ghetto, and the other half, two companies, to one of which I belonged, forced its way into the houses and threw out of the windows, pell-mell, the furniture and the inhabitants.

He himself had lately acquired the title of Baron, and he was at last escaping from the ancient 'ghetto,' that universal contumely of which the haunting thought made him shudder.

He is a freethinker; in the ghetto, but not of it.

Pressed in this narrow ghetto, every man swam in the effluvium of every other man's emotions.

He sees that egotistic materialism has superseded the ideal aspirations of the ghetto.

As Cervantes makes his hero Don Quixote pass through all the social strata of his time, so the Hebrew novelist conducts his wanderer, Joseph the orphan, through the nooks and corners of the ghetto.

A true son of the ghetto, he preaches and moralizes.

He is equally bold in driving home the truth with the "moderns" of the ghetto, the "intellectuals", boastful of their diplomas, who seek their own profit, and do nothing to further the welfare of the people in general.