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Use giveaway in a sentence

Definition of giveaway:

  • (noun) a gift of public land or resources for the private gain of a limited group
  • (noun) an unintentional disclosure
  • (noun) a television or radio program in which contestants compete for awards

Sentence Examples:

Was their giveaway attitude.

Polly may be able to put up a big bluff, but your face is a dead giveaway.

Showing more than a normal interest would have been a giveaway.

It seemed like a significant giveaway, but he couldn't imagine why.

The accidental use of a first name could mean a dead giveaway at the wrong time.

That emphasis on the first 'are' was a giveaway.

I almost halted in alarm, but that might have been a giveaway.

Despite the tight beam, any communication could be a dead giveaway.

He drew near the rocket, thinking that the open hatch would be a dead giveaway.

The open hatch was the giveaway.

Your face is a dead giveaway.

They will call it a cheap giveaway.

It is the most glorious giveaway in the history of mankind!

That would be a dreadful giveaway.

The sentence was a clear giveaway that he had been in previous communication with Burr.

Wasn't it a dead giveaway?

Isn't that a sure giveaway and a trip up the river?

Your every word, your every mannerism, would be a dead giveaway.

My gimpy right wing was a dead giveaway.

It was a dead giveaway when Young struck both cartels simultaneously, if Hunter had read the data correctly.

Their bubbles would rise right past the frogmen, a dead giveaway!

What better giveaway than flint scraping against steel?

We were dealing with cleverness beyond thought, and every tiny giveaway must be taken care of.