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Definition of glutton:

  • (noun) a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
  • (noun) musteline mammal of northern Eurasia

Sentence Examples:

An epicurean cannot be a glutton.

The inebriate deteriorates and so does the glutton.

The usurer is a heartless strangler, an insatiable glutton.

He had become both a glutton and an epicure.

He was not a gourmand, still less a glutton.

Do not overfeed; cats are dainty gluttons if permitted.

They dread vulgar persons, libertines, materialists, drunkards, and gluttons.

Says I, 'you sarsaparilla-drinking, checker-playing glutton for death and destruction.'

Personally, I prefer the polished Shylock to the loutish glutton.

These gluttons had slyly eaten the brioche on the road.

I?think it is identical with the North American wolverine or glutton.'

All but gluttons and epicures must prefer this method to ours.

The drunkard, the glutton, the debauchee, afford illustrations of this principle.

A glutton or mere sensualist is as ridiculous as the other two characters.

One who gives alms to adulterers or to a glutton or a drunkard.

"Now, gluttons," he said, "satiate yourselves, but save a lot for me."

Do not answer that the glutton I bespeak me that I am.

As an epicure he was unrivalled; he could also be a glutton on occasion.

He was a glutton and an epicure, spending enormous sums on his table.

On shooting mornings Maria ceased to be a buccaneer, a glutton, and a hypocrite.

The robins and bobolinks were not invited, because they were such gluttons.

One might think them real epicures, but they are in fact true gluttons.

The parasite pluckily sets to; the idler becomes a glutton for work.

Or, as is more likely, is the glutton feeling ill after his debauch?

He is a glutton, a poisoner, a spreader of disease, a dispenser of disturbing music.

He was avaricious, treacherous, blood-thirsty, and a glutton and debauchee of a low cast.

The former is merely a glutton, while the latter is a connoisseur, an epicure.

Granted I'm fat and slow and a glutton, and lazy as a wolverine.

The glutton, the drunkard, the debauchee, are not the truest lovers of self.

"You'll want a beefsteak for your eye and not for your stomach, you glutton!"

As they passed out, Cromwell shouted "drunkard," "glutton," "extortioner," with other opprobrious names.

They were hideous gluttons, gorging themselves when occasion offered with the rapacity of vultures.

A thievish, cowardly glutton; an amorous or avaricious old dupe of a guardian, are the materials.

He is, for instance, connoisseur of food and wine, but he is epicure not glutton.

I have known many fools to be gluttons, but never knew one that was an epicure.

Much as I esteem a knowing bon vivant, I despise an ignorant glutton, or undiscriminating sot.

I know you, drunkards, gluttons, dregs of this world; there is no time appointed for you.

There are some beings so full of life that even the glutton Death must disgorge them.

"Selfish glutton," she said roguishly, and her beaming countenance showed how pleased she was.

The glutton eats his own death; and the wise man laughs at the fool's greediness.

They seem to have been singularly guilty in their pleasures, behaving either like gloomy moralists or gluttons.

The drunkard is a glutton and commits the sin of gluttony every time he becomes intoxicated.

Swinish drinkers and gluttons, they rise from their orgies to sweep the earth like a flame.

The German military men weren't idlers, but they were gluttons and fools to the nth power.

The others belong to the hyena, tiger, wolf, fox, glutton, and polecat, or some nearly allied species.

Such desire for food was excited by these tempting fruits, that the gluttons were emaciated beyond recognition.

He was a great glutton, and kept five Asian cooks, and he came of a family that believed in oracles.

He was a great glutton, and kept five Asian cooks, and he came of a family that believed in oracles.

We can regard him with amusement as a liar, a forger, a glutton, and a slanderer of his kind.

Although I am very fond of the nimble little gecko, I must admit that he is an out-and-out glutton.

"The leaves are never still with you, thieves and gluttons, squealing and fighting and swinging by your tails!"

Meantime, according to the French custom, they crammed themselves, like gluttons, with the best eatables the house afforded.

I ate ravenously, and I am afraid I gave my host and hostess the impression that I was a glutton.

At table, a man may with decency have a distinguishing palate; but indiscriminate voraciousness degrades him to a glutton.

Indeed, very frequently when he did not get permission to gormandize, this naughty glutton helped himself without leave.

He was, moreover, both an epicure and a glutton; and, to complete his very amiable character, a most egregious coward.

A second haunch of venison, or a second dose of turtle, would hardly allure a city glutton with its smell.

They are all, however, young and old, hale and paralyzed, incorrigible thieves and gluttons, and rarely comb themselves.

Ten to one he would have proved a glutton, a sloven, an obstinate, disagreeable animal wallowing in all manner of filthy conversation.

Or take the case of one whose collection is not of beautiful things, but of autobiographic symbols: take the case of the glutton.

That was the ugly "glutton" or wolverine, a notorious robber of trappers' and miners' camps, and a savage, truculent animal.

The gannets are such gluttons, they generally fly home so full of fish that they are unable to close their beaks.

He instructs gluttons, and others, as to the grave dangers of overeating, or of eating the right food at the wrong time.

"How lucky it is," muttered the anchorite, as he quitted the cave, "that the old anchorite was such a glutton."

Most high and mighty Czar of all flesh, ceaseless reducer of empires, unfathomable glutton in the whole realms of nature.

There are some who live only for these pleasures, ranging from glutton to epicure, from the brutally passionate to the sexual connoisseur.

We needn't mind a hundred head of cattle more or less, and the glutton becomes temperate, when a niggard rules the house.

Ah, how little he knows of you, this peevish old glutton who cares for naught above pandering to his dyspeptic maw!

He would play him a tune on it, the glutton's vespers, with rolls and beats loud enough to have made a quack's fortune.

There shall the slothful be pricked forward with burning goads, and the gluttons be tormented with intolerable hunger and thirst.

Thither the hunter brought the game that he had killed, and there slept the glutton's sleep or went supperless to bed.

Both were gourmands in the highest degree, with this difference, that Pyramus was more of a glutton and Cartouche more of an epicure.

More starving beggars abstain from stealing the crust they crave, than pampered gluttons deny themselves the luxury that kills them.

This is not because the gaucho is a glutton, but because a meat diet does not fully satisfy the demands of the human system.

It is affirmed, with what truth I know not, that gluttons who happen to be total abstainers are peculiarly virulent against drunkards.

The characteristic fauna associated with that flora embraced the reindeer, glutton, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, Arctic fox lemming, chamois, and so forth.

The voracity of its European cousin long ago became the subject of ridiculous traditions, and has given the word "glutton" to the language.

I do not believe in a single fine word now, and I am nauseated to infinity with these petty liars, these cowards and gluttons!

For instance, some men are gamblers, some drunkards, and some gluttons: and gambling and the love of drink and greediness are all desires?

There the slothful shall be pricked forward with burning goads, and the glutton will be tormented with extreme hunger and thirst.

The very rich, on the other hand, aping the luxury of the Greeks but lacking their refinement, became gluttons instead of gourmands.

Our society was a sleepy glutton who thought himself immortal and squealed inexpressibly, like a stuck pig, at the first prick of the sword.

He was a man of learning and good parts, but a glutton, and the slave of his two wives, who were both bad women.

I, however, appeal to those readers who are not gluttons, but epicures, in literature, whether they do not wish to see the bill of fare?

To all dyspeptics who are willing to work for their health through pains and patience, his little work, Glutton or Epicure, is strongly recommended.

I think that most of us would rather be called lynx-eyed than gluttonous, and certainly a lynx is a much handsomer beast than a glutton.

A similar pessimistic view regarding the function of eating might be based on mistakes of drunkards and gluttons and on the habits of the porcine family.

Whether sign of fear or sign of bliss, this is the only exercise that the gluttons allow themselves until the proper degree of plumpness is attained.

When victuals are put before him, he takes care not to begin eating immediately, for fear of being looked upon as starved, or of passing for a glutton.

We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals.

The miser represents a subtler form of desire, but his greed for gold may be quite as intense as that of the glutton for sensual gratification.

If they ever become impotent in the production of pleasure, it is when their possessors have become gluttons, sots, debauchees, misers, or some similar compound of human depravity.

Eager desire for the vain pomp and circumstance of things reveals the abnormal and depraved appetite just the same as the glutton's and drunkard's cravings do.

In dark windy nights the mangy descendants of that glutton are heard bewailing the fault of their ancestor, their own fallen state and lost happiness.

Then the glutton anon started up, and took a great club in his hand, and smote at the king that his coronal fell to the earth.

No doubt subsequent gluttons called themselves Epicureans: but they have thereby no more claim to philosophic gravity than any half-baked philanderer who talks of Platonic Love.

Not so the glutton, who, if he succeeds in crawling through a hole in the fence of a sheepfold, stuffs himself so full that he cannot get out again.

The usurer is gnawed, the thief hangs suspended by his feet, murderers continually receive wounds, and gluttons swallow red-hot stones and drink sulfur and pitch.

It is one of the greatest gluttons of all the grasses, and luxuriates in frequent irrigation with liquid manure, though it is said to stand the drought very well.

"You are getting warm; but look at the glutton, ready to burst with swilling chocolate and will not lift a finger to help me out of my quandary."