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Use goad in a sentence

Definition of goad:

  • (noun) a pointed instrument that is used to prod into a state of motion
  • (noun) a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something;
  • (verb) give heart or courage to
  • (verb) urge with or as if with a goad
  • (verb) stab or urge on as if with a pointed stick
  • (verb) goad or provoke,as by constant criticism; "He needled her with his sarcastic remarks"

Sentence Examples:

Besides, in dealing with contemporary life a novelist is goaded into too many pusillanimous concessions to plausibility.

It is the menace of intoxicated proletarians, goaded by invented visions to seek to conquer the world.

Now here, now there, flitting to and fro the dazzling creature goads to fiercer efforts.

The goads are artistically trimmed with feathers of parrots and macaws, or with bright ribbons.

The spurs of these combatants are provided with most cruel rowels to goad the timorous horses.

If you loved me as once you did, you would not leave me to be goaded by these harpies.

Groaned the agonized Francis, and ran about the chamber, goaded by all the pangs of hell.

All the feelings that could most goad and madden a woman were tearing at her heart.

We must be surprised by one or two great blows, or goaded into admiration by a thousand pinpricks.

At his heels was the threatening, gesticulating crowd, goaded on by Jeremiah's enemies, demanding his life.

He on his side was goaded by Louie's behavior into an unusual complaisance and liberality towards his tenants.

Their wounds appeared but to goad them to greater fury, and to stimulate them to redoubled effort.

Their eyes met like those of two infuriated beasts driven into contact by the goads of spectators.

Englishwomen certainly have the power of goading one another to forget the first rudiments of good manners.

By means of a policy incredibly insane these conservatively inclined elements of the population were goaded to revolt.

The mahout reached down with his silver tipped goad and touched the elephant on the knee.

The use of polysyllabic and unintelligible words is therein recommended, probably as a goad to the patient's imagination.

With clumsy antics, in a sullen rage and despair, the man retreated from the goading knife.

Here was the supreme temptation, the goading of a mad desire, which bewildered all the women.

And so he danced round him, dropping in an occasional smart rap which goaded the Italian to fury.

The crisis of bereavement has an acute pang which goads to exertion; the desolate after-feeling sometimes paralyses.

Is she not a poor outcast, goaded by compunction, and hooted at by a malignant and misjudging world?

Her father, generally regarded with contemptuous indifference, had goaded her beyond endurance with his futile upbraiding.

They infer your innocent little inch to be the standard-bearer of twenty ells, and goad you to frenzy.

The war now raged, embittered by every passion which can goad the soul of man to madness.

It brings back the terrible picture of their past history; it goads and agonizes her very soul.

He danced and yelled and brandished the goad as a crazy director might slash with his baton.

He saw he was fast goading his foe to the resistless point, the object he had in view.

They have only served to aggravate his maddened feelings, and goad him on to greater deeds of desperation.

Though the rafters burn, and the walls glow, still feed, and gorge, and goad the fire!

How often the faint-hearted have been inspirited, and the coward goaded to valor by the voice of woman.

A smaller man might have been embittered and goaded to retaliatory criticism, but Russell was above this weakness.

Perhaps the main idea which the experience left with him was one of a goading and intoxicating freedom.

Far indeed were they from the restless industrial world of joyless enforced labor and incessant goading war.

Lass went without any flicking with a switch, or mirthful goading of hard young heels that afternoon.

The Spur of this century is of three kinds: the simple goad, the ball-and-spike, and the rowel.

Egypt is like a fair and beautiful heifer: there shall come from the north one that shall goad her.

And she had an irresistible desire to arouse him, to perturb him, and goad him on with insidious words.

"Can't help it," he declared, goaded by the consciousness of those four eyes magnetizing him from the darkness.

Still, they know but one law, the goad that drives them to the plow or to the shambles.

That he had already accomplished this repudiation beyond anything that lay in her power goaded her to madness.

It's sickening to see someone you love goaded past all endurance and break down into screams and wild gestures.

They had no rowels, but were made with a simple point like a goad, and were fastened with leathers.

The Spur of this period consisted of a single goad, sometimes of a lozenge form, sometimes a plain spike.

He was gagged, he was goaded, as in omnivorous companies he doubtless sometimes showed by a strange silent glare.

This sluggishness rapidly increases till the poorest owner becomes dissatisfied with the perpetual use of the goad.

"I dare say I do amuse you," exclaims he, wrathfully, goaded to deeper anger by the mockery of her regard.

Her very calm, the slender erectness of her body, her fearless and serious gaze, were a goad to him.

How savage a despair must have goaded him in the last few minutes of his dark and damnable life!

Goaded by such beast-like placidity, Randle would forget all restraint in trying to lash John into a worthy ambition.

Peace, here brooding after noon, was suddenly wakened by the stampede of half a dozen bullocks, goaded by gadflies.

For a moment I really think the outrageous absurdity of the situation did goad me to the tottering point of rebellion.

We are again obliged to contend with our hectoring neighbor, whose lust of power goads him to trample on our rights.

She was flagrantly complacent, and her placidity enraged one immeasurably, and goaded nervous temperaments to the verge of frenzy.

Nor do they see that they are really goading the children into disobedience by their misdirected efforts at enforcing discipline.

He succeeded in goading on the Frenchman in the old steward's nature; in making serviceable his hatred to the enemy.

At times, goaded on by maddening pain, she charged the line, but only to be driven back foiled and disheartened.

The wickedest, cleverest little picador in all the world goaded this great, lumbering, heavy-footed old bull to impotent frenzy.

Some sybarite even goaded us into getting up a fund for a strip of linoleum to be laid in the aisle between the beds.

Am I to be goaded with insult, loaded with obloquy, and suffer my feelings to be outraged on the most trivial occasions?

Now, I thought it was due to a little tiff, as soon straightened as tangled, when pride once stopped goading you on.

He seems to be perfectly aware of the state of things, and, while goaded into a break-neck pace, dexterously avoids the dangers.

It was as if he had caught a glimpse of the monster gibing at his elbow, goading him, goading them, both.

Job stood, with heart palpitating and conscience goading him, down by the big pasture gate to let them through.

Goaded to fury by the sight of young Weir's mangled body, they set fire to a large part of the village.

Calvin Full, recovering gradually from the shock of the goad, and still supported by Villa, looked like a Bowery wino.

Mistresses or wives, the women who goad us to distraction are those ever from whom we have the hardest task to part.

We marshal it forth on set occasions, to work manacled under our eyes, and then goad it back to its cell again.

It would goad anyone into fury to note the social abuses, the mannish women, and the wealthy upstarts of the imperial city.

Every moment that the mutilated corpse remained above ground was increasing the risk that pity would goad men to rebellion.

If he can overtake the ox, he runs his goad into its side, and if this is dexterously done, he throws it.

The sharp sting of the sandmen's missiles not only awoke her completely, but goaded her into instant and angry action.

"And yet you are so ungentlemanly as to goad on your adversary with insults which no man could endure calmly," he said, bitterly.

Poverty brings privations, misery, and that a deranged state of the system; then unnatural appetites goad and burn the man.

Near two thousand years have elapsed since he was first goaded by never-ending restlessness to rove the globe from pole to pole.

He unloosed a couple of leopards, goaded them to the utmost pitch of fury, and then defended himself from their combined attack.

My thoughts were concentrated, I think, upon my chains and the Selenites, and particularly upon the helmeted ones with the goads.

There shall the slothful be pricked forward with burning goads, and the gluttons be tormented with intolerable hunger and thirst.

Behind these rode mounted Indians, who galloped to and fro, goading the animals with their spears, and pushing them forward.

The poor beasts pressed into the gateway, each anxious to be first, while uttering lamentable moans, and goaded behind by the peons.

Throughout the course of craft and cruelty on which he is goaded by a relentless taskmaster, his nature, hardened as it is, revolts.

Goaded by his cruelty and the subsequent knowledge of his awful crimes against his own race, her reason had become dethroned.

Why this sudden difference, this sudden, maddening, throbbing state that goaded and tortured like a wild live thing within his brain?

The last words were to the accompaniment of the goading stick which began to move vehemently to and fro in the hole again.

Shrieks of mockery at these failures maddened him, with the heartbreaking madness of a loving thing goaded out of all semblance to itself.

It is born doomed to live in solitude, to wear its life out under the goad, and to yield up existence in a knacker's yard.

The fire from the ships, batteries, and field artillery was redoubled; the soldiers in the rear were goaded on by their officers.

Whether you accede to my application or not, sir, there is nothing to justify you in an attempt to goad and mortify my feelings.

Murphy was a trifle indignant and a good deal perturbed, for to an unquiet conscience a word or the lack of it is a goad.

Thundered the other, who was himself quite nonplussed over the situation, and felt Titus's bold chatter would goad him into something desperate.

They redoubled their efforts, and goaded him to a state of sulky silence, when they knew she was coming to the ball.

And in the depths of her thought dwelt the dogging fear of illness and incapacity, goading her to work while she could.

When some act of Russian tyranny more gross and brutal than usual goads us to desperation, we take up arms to kill and to die.

I was completely wrecked, changed and bewildered; goaded almost to madness at one time, and at another reconciling myself to my wretched condition.

At last, goaded into a moment of forgetfulness by the urge of his desire, he lifted up his voice in a sudden abrupt honk, honk!

She longed to get behind the violinist and the orchestra and even the composer himself, and goad them into some tenseness of emotion.

Part of the west and south, lied to by the nobility, goaded to fanaticism by the clergy, was on the verge of rebellion.

There the slothful shall be pricked forward with burning goads, and the glutton will be tormented with extreme hunger and thirst.

She was timid and vacillating from wifely habit, whilst motherly anxiety goaded her to be persistent and almost irritable on the subject.

Goaded by the interference into a rage more than demoniacal, I withdrew my arm from her grasp and buried the ax in her brain.