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Use gooey in a sentence

Definition of gooey:

  • (adjective) soft and sticky

Sentence Examples:

It still smells gooey.

Pretty gooey stuff, Joey!

Rather sit still and suck up that green gooey than do anything.

"Thirty miles or so for a ten-cent bottle of gooey stuff," Val protested.

We used to write gooey love letters to each other saying how much we missed each other.

Next he'd grab a big needle and string a dozen or so of the gooey fish on a cord.

Not a pillow either, for it was all soft and gooey, and he was sinking into the soft, white stuff deeper and deeper every second!

It converts you from a gooey savage into a genteel and straight-edged type.

If you stir the tomatoes in early, you get a runny, watery, gooey mess.

I got a bucket from the service porch and took the pancake turner to scrape the gooey nightmare into it.

All day the men slogged along the slick, gooey roads, Morgan at the head of the column setting a relentless pace.

He laughed out loud as he imagined how she would really look with that gooey mess all over her hair and face and clothes.

In the minimal illumination of the dimmed track lights he saw pots and pans resting with their lids ajar, a few gooey spoons.

There was a tiny, obscenely red and gooey creature, howling till I thought my ear drums would break.

I discreetly retired to a back bench where I vigilantly dodged volleys of fruit and gooey cake approaching, and my friend went on the stage.