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Use haggle in a sentence

Definition of haggle:

  • (noun) an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)
  • (verb) wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.);

Sentence Examples:

Theosophy does not haggle over theological minutiae.

He preferred to be over-charged than to haggle.

Never was there such haggling and bungling.

There can't be any haggling or boggling now.

Peter Blood was nauseated by the loathsome haggle.

It was maddening to haggle, but it would be worse to yield.

You should have played the grand seigneur, not haggled like a shopkeeper.

The customers haggled with her, upbraided her, tried every feminine tactic.

There was in fact a disdain of all attempts to cheapen or haggle.

Bread was needed, everything eatable was needed; he would pay without haggling.

He would spend thousands one day and haggle about a shilling the next.

Tied to this imposing umbrella, how could I haggle with fishmongers for haddocks.

The one-eyed warrior paid the price asked in gold dinars and without haggling.

At last, after long haggling and cross-questioning, they went off, promising to return.

A band of musicians is usually engaged, after protracted haggling, to enliven the proceedings.

This after some haggling, he agreed to do, all for one peso (Mexican silver dollar).

After having haggled sufficiently, they ended the matter by the payment of five roubles.

The men were haggling for the food and drink, and already one or two seemed fuddled.

An old Irish woman was haggling for a larger loan on a worn and dirty shawl.

In the center stood a headsman's block, all haggled at the top, and smeared with rust-colored stains.

After which the Sons of the Sand will haggle over each copper as if you were cheapening a sheep.

He would haggle in a bargain for a shilling, and economize in things beneath a wise man's notice or consideration.

Daniel Boone, his blue eyes troubled and bewildered, found himself among the haggling officials of the law courts.

It is horrible, in such hallowed surroundings, to be haggling about money; but, of course, we were cheated over our change!

He is in big operations every day; and he will not haggle over the odd cents like a habitant farmer.

There seems to have been no hesitancy in haggling for the relics, and no sense of any sordidness or sacrilege.

He'll very likely haggle for hours to get sixpence knocked off the trousers or twopence off the shirt.

It is the spurious article for sale that is best able to haggle with the greedy religiousness that would buy.

To haggle, banter and blarney were parts of the game, and parts which the buyer demanded as his right.

You can obtain an ancestor like this in the outskirts of the city for fifteen francs, if you haggle a little.

No debtor ever haggled with his usurer more doggedly than did Hester with her husband in behalf of her sons.

It will be a task quite difficult enough to do even without the opposition of legal rights, haggling owners, and dexterous profiteers.

The pawnbroker, after some haggling, not so intemperately carried on as the bargain just concluded, advanced six shillings on them.

The advertisement, it is true, had specifically mentioned one dollar as the accustomed honorarium, but this was no time to haggle.

It was horrible to haggle on such a matter, and finally Philip consented to an expensiveness which he could ill afford.

Edgar insists upon her four fittings like any Shylock haggling for his pound of flesh; it is written in the bond.

They had not then learned, as I am told, to haggle for bargains with the pertinacity which now distinguishes them.

He did not haggle with his tempter over the price but agreed to pay, if only he might have his beautiful kingdom.

Mitchell rigged himself in his best, bought of a peddler after much haggling, and went forth to woo the freckled woman.

Between the penknife and an improvised blade of bamboo, they had flayed the two cubs and haggled off the flesh.

And Eliza bought one, too, though she was a little disposed to haggle with the old woman and accuse her of overcharging.

The owners of this additional ground wanted extortionate prices for its use, but after much haggling we closed a deal with them.

Built by Germans perhaps, with secrets stolen from the Americans while they haggled about peace; nevertheless, there the thing was.

Lovell had not enough experience and Rose was quite capable of giving a bunch of daffodils away rather than haggle over the price.

He had often heard his Patron use these same words when holding somebody up to ridicule, or haggling with certain cattle drovers.

There, the sublime, unreachable mysteries of the Universe are haggled over by poor finite minds who cannot call their lives their own.

I could hear her teeth chatter, while Frenchy haggled with the pastor, and the trader went on with his endless gabble.

Were Charles's lieutenants actually going to sit on their motionless horses and haggle with him until these infuriated Romans fell upon them?

The style and habits of these creatures it is easy to understand, however much haggling the comparative anatomists may make over their bones.

No one seemed over-anxious to sell; no one cried his wares: it was the purchasers who appeared to do most of the talking and haggling.

I could not exactly saw with it, but I could haggle the edges and corners of wood, producing a gnawed, frazzled effect.

The girl would haggle for half an hour over a penny, and her powers of vituperation always rose to the level of the occasion.

There had been a few minutes of haggling over terms, then a handshake and a drink from a thin-necked flagon of pale-yellow liquid fire.

They are niggardly as to their tables, though they make great show in other respects, and they will haggle over the last penny.

And now I marvel how I talked at all to the man in gilt knickerbockers who arrived and haggled over the whole matter.

In spite of much haggling by the Council, the vandals of Parliament succeeded in two or three years in obtaining their own way.

In the swinging green doors of saloons stood bartenders; and everywhere groups of men and women, laughing, joking, haggling, scuffling and quarreling.

They had not come to the council to haggle over compromises, but to cast out the blasphemer, and they were resolved to do it effectually.

Even the entrance bespoke the lavish millionaire, eager to conquer difficulties, jealous of achieving the impossible, and never haggling when his fancies were concerned.

This was the Turkish answer to a warning against renewed haggling that had been put in the form of an ultimatum to the Turks.

Crowds of boys surrounded him, pulled at his already disordered queue, snatched pies from him, haggled over the prices, and committed a thousand deviltries.

They haggled as usual over the price, but to-night Maria was too excited over other matters to spend much time in bickering over a few cents.

The latter produced the key, but only after some haggling, for her idea of books was to keep the gilt on their covers untarnished.

She might shave prices, and cut, and skimp, and haggle to buy material, and put up her building at the least possible expense.

Here we found our embarrassed host haggling and swearing with a bearer of provisions who refused to leave the goods until he received his payment therefor.

The officials were getting bad-tempered with that snarling, loud-talking mob of harpies who wore them out every morning with their quarrelsomeness and unreasonable haggling.

Terry saw a tentacle as thick as a barrel which had been haggled half through and dangled futilely as its stump still tried to fight.

The merchants pass along among them, examine the color, texture, evenness, and other qualities of the beautiful fleece, haggle for a sou, and finally buy.

As the gloaming fell, Wolf returned, and whispered to his mother that the Hebrew would set forth at dawn, and would be glad to haggle.

It is worthy of the huckster who sought to haggle with us about our share, and to beat us down after the articles pledging you were already signed.

He had complete control of my privy purse, did all my shopping, and haggled over my every halfpenny as carefully as though it were his own.

A mean lot, that he was; paid me two Kroner a day and find my own food, and always niggling and haggling over every little thing.

The skipper and four men dealt with the Malay boat-builder by night chiefly; it was no time to haggle over the price of sago and dried fish.

To this end, and with a view to gaining time, he engaged the latter in a protracted haggle, and mixed some gin and water for his refreshment.

These southerners all named several times the price they expected to get, but he had never haggled one down as far as this fellow's asking price.

The two monarchs haggled like two hucksters, and neither of them had any care of the happiness or reputation of the young girl round whom they bickered.

There would this same man, forgetful of the scenes he had just left, stand in the cold or rain, haggling with a carcass butcher for a shilling.

They did not dicker over details nor haggle about terms, but consented to put up the phonograph again, and all the money at their disposal as well.

Together they discussed each department into which they went, its advantages and disadvantages, and with unconcealed joy, they haggled with persons who dealt in these things.

Later he came with a number of tribesmen and haggled noisily for two hours about the payment of an escort, and the sheep a day which it would require.

I think there is no need to prove that while this haggling continued, the occupied territories were looted in feverish haste by the German authorities, both military and civil.

When a hunter brings in his bales of fur, he takes them to the warehouse, where they are assorted and appraised by the chief trader, after much haggling.

He drifted from one paper to another, lived in prosperity one week and in poverty the next; haggled with pawnbrokers and landladies, and borrowed money and lent it.

They declared that they had no intention of haggling with so generous a benefactor as the French King, and that they were willing to trust entirely to his munificence.

As yet, her daughter had never had to haggle and barter among fish wives, and house-wives; and she would not have her do it for a passing necessity.

Partridge, the demonstrator in anatomy, and after some haggling they agreed on a price, and in the afternoon the snatchers brought a hamper which contained a body in a sack.

The Colombian Government, to whom it belonged, haggled long over terms, as usual with the Spanish peoples trying to get as much out of the rich Yankees as they could.

She was not a workingman's wife, or she would have been more particular as to price, and might have haggled a bit, though all our clothes are marked in plain figures.

It is impossible to reason from the larger plates, in which half the chiaroscuro is totally destroyed by the haggling, blackening, and "making out" of the engravers. Compare Sect.

He was not brought to this without much haggling and misgiving on his part, and was very cautiously treated with regard to Philip's intention to claim the English crown.

Fawcett opposed the motion in a spirited and sensible speech, and denounced the mixing up the question of Republicanism with "huckstering and haggling over the cost of the Queen's household."

The fat huckster-women drowsing beside their wares, scarce send their voices beyond the borders of their broad-brimmed straw hats, as they softly haggle with purchasers, or tranquilly gossip together.

The people here are very suspicious, and will do nothing but with a haggle for prepayment; we could get no grain, nor even native herbs, though we rested a day to try.

It took fully two months haggling over the plans with Stoddard and my own draftsmen before we were able to start work on the nightmare my clients called their dream castle.

How often have I stood haggling on a halfpenny, lest, by a too ready acquiescence in the dealer's first price, he should be led to suspect the value I set upon the article!

I would not be so sordid as to haggle with you for a hundred or few more florins; but my poor health and many other unpleasant circumstances compel me to insist upon it.

The relatives who bring down the body haggle over the price of the wood and try to cheapen the sum demanded by the low-caste man for fire for the burning.

I considered it also a necessary consequence of this unfortunate policy that he inaugurated, was forced to inaugurate, by means of these nefarious millions, the new era of haggling and immoderate lust for gain.

He hunted out a stall where lamps were sold, and after the usual considerable haggling and dickering, bought twenty of the most powerful of the peculiar carbide lamps at a fairly reasonable price.

After a good deal of haggling she selected several yards, and paid for them in gold pieces taken from a silken netted purse through whose interstices gleamed many more pieces of the same kind.