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Use hassle in a sentence

Definition of hassle:

  • (noun) an angry disturbance;
  • (noun) disorderly fighting
  • (verb) annoy continually or chronically;

Sentence Examples:

There will be "street hassle."

The corporation doesn't like hassles.

Zero hassles and red tape.

You two get in a hassle?

It was not a big hassle...

It rises above their routine bustling hassle.

The panel hassled her for specifics.

Covered a hassle he got into some years ago.

Both of these involve little hassle or cost.

More hassling; everybody wanted to be on all the committees.

A hassle started, and the editor called the Honolulu police.

"That's enough," Muller cut through the beginnings of the hassle.

With this, people can make files publicly available with little hassle.

Audrey's on a trip for a week; it wouldn't be any hassle.

This fellow I had the hassle with was smaller, I think.

Every time they called hassling him for an interview, he said he was busy.

When Scarf began to hassle you, I had no idea of his identity or position.

Others do, but want to avoid the hassle, the threats, the nasty letters.

I realized that he was leading me away from the main subject gently, but I couldn't see how to lead him back without starting another verbal hassle.

He used to hassle me all the time, telling me I was too young to drink the stuff, and he still refused to serve me at all during school hours, convinced that I was skipping class.

She found herself faced with the twin problems of first, the expense of feeding so many birds, and second, the hassle of trying to sell more eggs than the market in Sussex County could possibly absorb.

We got into a hassle in a nightspot last night.

Often used to indicate that the speaker has relinquished a demand for resources until some (possibly unspecified) external event: "They can't get the fix I've been asking for into the next release, so I'm going to sleep on it until the release, then start hassling them again."